By The Sword

By Sheylenna

In to the Darkness

Out of the light

She looks for her

Sword dark as the night.

She climbs up the path

And fights through the growth

She looks for her triumph

To bring home them both.

She walks towards the castle

Shining sword in hand

The keep must be taken

For the people of the land.

The end draws near

She musters her love

She battles the fear

And triumphs, from above.

Authors Plea: Fiction Press /Fanfiction net MUST YOU STRIP EVEN LINE BREAKS FROM MY STUFFF?! I have it how I want it and then I have to EDIT IT AGAIN in the document manager?! WHY?! Wait I also have to put Horizontal lines in it your EDITOR just to break my PARAGRAPHS?! its an effing poem WTF!?