Death By Greed

Written By: Sayome Love

The pounding sound of Adana's heart made her ears bleed. With each breath she drew, Adana winced at the burning sensation as the putrid air burned through her lungs. Terrifying images of the brutal attack flowed over her brain like a waterfall. Adana sucked in a shaky breath at her thoughts. Panic rose like bile in her body.

Adana's mind was so distracted. All she could do at that moment was just stare at the classroom door with a face of horror. Adana was terrified. She was hoping and preying that the monsters that roamed outside the classroom door wouldn't find her. She could hear the blood gurgling cries of her classmates and her teachers.

With every breath she took the putrid smell of rotten flesh and blood seemed to get stronger. The sudden sound of footsteps made her stomach drop to the floor. Adana knew that in a matter of moments she will no longer be part of this world. No matter how much she begged and pleaded to the heavens above. Adana roughly wiped away her salty tears that stained her rosy cheeks. She has accepted her fate.

The fear of death lingered about like the scent of a freshly baked pie. The mood of the room was eerie and silent. She didn't dare make a sound. Adana knew that if she made a sound her death would be quick. This is punishment for playing God.

Adana had a slight hunch that one day her life was going to be brutally taken from her due to the curiosity of the human mind. Some of them knew the danger, but did it anyway. They were warned of the risks, but continued. Adana was not prepared for death. She wasn't prepared to die due to someone's careless attempt to be God. The black door was opening, and it's her turn to enter.

Adana flinched at the sound of splitting wood as those cannibals try to burst through the door. One of those monsters manage to peer through the crack in the door, and made eye contact with a terrified Adana. Saliva oozed out of the monster's mouth as it screamed, and thrash against the door. As the wooden door caved and her infected classmates poured in; she slowly closed her eyes.

They violently ripped through her school uniform, and came in contact with flesh. Adana let of an ear-piercing scream as they shoved their hands into her stomach, and pulled out her intestines. She laid there screaming as those monsters ate her alive. It took one hundred and twenty-two minutes for her world to plunge into chaos. It took an agonizing fifteen minutes to accept her death. This sixteen year old girl lost her life due to the stupidity of humanity.

As humans move up in social status their heads begin to swell with greed. Greed is one of the most common and deadly of the seven sins. A kindhearted sixteen year old girl lost her life, because of someone's greed. So, please remember Adana and this lesson; because one day this could be you.