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It was an ordinary warehouse to ordinary eyes, but to the highly trained eyes of the vigilante known as the Shadow, it was far much more.

"Are we going raid it?"

The Shadow exhaled and turned to his partner, this was all going down in his city, so it made sense to invite the Streak. This was Aster city, named after some rich guy or other who had founded it, and he was only here pursuing some stolen technology which had been taken from his home city.

"Not yet Streak, we still need to keep watch, just a bit longer."

"I could be in and out in less than a second with all the watching we need!" The red suited speedster huffed, rubbing his eyes. "Come on Shadow."

"No, try as you might… you aren't the Flash." He chuckled and turned away from looking down at the building "Despite your attempts to act like it with your costume."

Streak rolled his eyes "Listen Flash has a lightning bolt for an insignia and I have a thundercloud, his costume is maroon and mine is red, he was struck by lightning and fell into chemicals and I was given my powers by an alternate version of myself… we couldn't be more different. Besides, sitting on a rooftop in the dark and being a creature of the night isn't exactly your own idea… Batman."

"I am the Shadow!" Shadow growled, shifting his posture to attempt to be less brooding. "Besides I'm living on a middle-class salary, my family is alive, and instead of being adopted into the night… I'm creating it myself."

His eyes glared down at the roof of the building, seeing two guards walking around the perimeter, and he took a breath… knowing the endless waiting was killing his partner.

"Two sentries on the roof… take them down then report back."

The wind kicked up for a second as the Streak rushed off, and Shadow's eyes followed his form, silently assessing every move he made.

Watching the Streak run from far away was like watching energy travel around a cable, the energy circling his body like a million lightning bolts crackled and fizzled as he ran up the side of the warehouse and straight into the two thugs. The stream of red lightning began to glow brighter as he watched the Streak run around the two men, wondering what his friend was doing until another blast of wind signaled the speedster's return.

Two submachine guns clattered at his feet as the Shadow peered closer at the roof, seeing the two thugs lying unconscious. "Good job."

"I found these in their pockets… passports and ID's." The Streak added, handing them over as the Shadow furrowed his brow.

"Russian mob? Why would the Russian underworld be in Aster city? They haven't seemed to care before." He muttered. "The stolen goods were from a dozen science labs across my city, and this doesn't seem like typical mob behavior. Something else is going on, but what?"

"I say we find out" The Streak smiled, his feet tapping as he prepared to run again. "You take the left side and I'll take the right?"

In the second it took for Shadow to nod, the Streak was already off, and the vigilante chuckled. "I agree' He muttered to empty air before withdrawing a bolas from his belt, flinging it at the building and waiting until it caught, before leaping off into open air.

Swinging across the open space was easy for him, the soles of his boots landing first as he pressed himself against the building, letting his black outfit conceal his approach.

His outfit was mostly skin tight stealth gear, designed to be light and fitting, but it was also resistant to fire and chemicals, as well as being able to take a punch from a typical thug or a slash from an animal. His black hood was attached to the suit, providing an extra layer of protection as well as helping to keep his mask in place.

Rappelling down to the nearest window, he reached into his belt for the ultimate weapon in his arsenal. The weapon that made him who he was.

A darkness bomb.

The Shadow peered through the window, only seeing two mobsters armed with machine guns. The fools had their backs to the window, and to him… easy prey.

Pushing off the building and turning his body so he was aiming towards the window, he crashed right through it, hurling the bomb in front of him as the thugs turned in alarm.

A light bang went off before thick black smoke poured out, quickly filling the room and overpowering any sources of light as his mask instantly switched to night vision.

Panicked shouts between the two men filled his ears as he lunged forward, kicking the gun out of the first thug's hand before flooring him with a hard roundhouse punch. Before his unconscious foe had hit the ground the Shadow was already disarming the second one, slamming him into a wall.

He'd taken them down in less than five seconds, and yet somehow footsteps were coming down the hall towards him, along with angry shouts in Russian.

The Shadow smiled as the effect from his bomb began to fade… now his foes could really feel fear, the fear of seeing the one man who would take them all down.

About six more men were running towards him, their shouts growing angrier as they saw their fallen comrades.

Reaching into another pouch on his belt, he hurled six throwing stars at their gun hands, smiling at the six cries of pain and the sounds of weapons hitting the ground. Then he lunged forward into their midst.

The Russians were good hand to hand fighters… but he was better, much better.

As his feet rammed into stomachs and his fists cracked bone, the Shadow smirked, glad the Streak had given them the opportunity to split up. While his friend was a good person to have in a fight, everything was fast for him… he didn't ever take the time to savor the feel of combat.

The sounds of criminals falling after a hard leather punch, the groans of pain, the sensation of dodging a blow that was meant to turn your face into a pulp… it was a rush, and he loved it. All the 'thank you's' and parades and adoration from a grateful city meant nothing compared to this prize.

Besides, the danger of having powers was becoming reliant on them, and the Streak was rushing into things lately, counting on his speed to get him out, a different attitude than the slow paced and thoughtful person he had known before he'd gotten his powers…he'd have to talk to him about that later.

One final punch to the jaw and the last mobster was down, and he hadn't even broken a sweat. Reaching down to pick up the only one of his foes who was still semi-conscious, he pulled his face close and growled. "Why are you in Aster city? Who's been stealing all the tech from my city? Answer me!"

The glint in the man's eye told him that the thug knew what he had said, and more importantly knew the information, but he shook his head. "Nyet"

The Shadow pulled back, smiling inwardly… it was time to resort to more, persuasive means of communication.

And he would enjoy making the man talk.


The Streak rushed towards the door, vibrating the lock off with one hand as he slowly eased it open, forcing himself to stay calm and still as he peered inside.

Five guards were in the front, three sitting and chatting at the table, while the other two patrolled a catwalk high above the warehouse floor. All had guns, either in their hands or at their hips

Instantly he had a plan, his body ready to run as he zipped inside.

Moving so fast he was invisible to the already distracted guards, he ran up the wall like it was solid ground, pushing off it and onto the catwalk before running forward.

Time slowed down around him, everything in flux as he moved past the first guard, punching him in the face as he passed by, before grabbing the second guard and hurling him out above the table.

Then he reached the end of the catwalk and ran back down the wall, all before the first guard hit the ground.

Time resumed as the body of the second guard broke the table, scattering the men as they turned, drawing their guns and opening fire at the red-suited figure, unsure how he had snuck past them.

The Streak smiled and seized a nearby metal board, running into the path of each bullet and intercepting it as he moved closer and closer to the mobsters. As the sound of bullets hitting metal mingled with confused shouts in Russian, the Streak catapulted himself forward, shoving the board into the men like it was a battering ram.

As they slammed into the wall and into unconsciousness, he turned on his heel and began to explore the rest of the warehouse.

He was glad Shadow had agreed to his plan to split up because his friend was just a bit too thoughtful in analyzing situations when he could do it in half the time, or even less. He was running through the warehouse, opening doors, disposing of their occupants before they could fire a shot, and even had time to enjoy the feeling of running.

That was another thing the Shadow would never get, how it felt to run. Really run, to feel the world and time itself slow down around you as you moved faster than light itself… now that was a rush. All the 'thank you's' and parades and adoration from a grateful city meant nothing when compared to this prize.

Until finally he found the stairs and noticed an unnatural light glowing at the end of them. Light from stolen tech, similar to the descriptions Shadow had given him… whatever the tech was being used for, it was down there.


Two broken fingers and a couple threats later, the mobster had directed the Shadow to the floor below them, and he felt a familiar wind spring up in front of him as he opened the stairway door.

"Darn it Streak, the least you could do was wait for me!" He muttered, breaking out into a run himself as he took the stairs two by two. As he entered the room, he saw the Streak standing still, his eyes fixed on the back of a hunchbacked man wearing a lab coat.

"Ah, the Shadow and the Streak, two of the world's finest crime fighters" The figure added as he turned, revealing that he was not human, far from it.

"You're a giant snail?" The Streak muttered

The figure's yellow skin glistened with slime as its eyes moved on their stalks to glare at the heroes, looking very much like a gigantic yellow snail. "You ignorant buffoon, I am an alien from the planet Sileas! I am a thousand times smarter than your average human and much stronger than one of your Earth snails! I am Thorag!"

"Enough! Give us back the technology you stole" Shadow demanded, already drawing his throwing stars.

"I'm afraid I can't do that… you see I was once a soldier in a war on my home planet, during the course of the fighting I was driven into a wormhole created by my planet's government. I landed on Earth in the place you call Russia, and after using my powers to fight the powers of law… I found that the criminals of your home were more than willing to help me." Thorag smiled "They taught me about a system where the people rule and all men are created equal and treated equally. So with that knowledge, I will return to my home and resume the rebellion against the government of Sileas… then my people shall rule themselves!"

He slid over to a computer console and began typing "Your technology, while primitive, is effective in replicating the wormhole that drove me to this planet, and it will take me home!"

The Shadow growled "I don't know anything about wormholes or communist snails or other planets, but I do know you stole my tech and used your powers to fight the law… That's all I need!" He then let two throwing stars fly towards Thorag, grunting as the creature turned to intercept them with his shell, letting them rip his lab coat as they bounced off.

The Streak raised both his arms, making massive circles as he began moving faster and faster, whipping up two cyclones and sending them straight at Thorag. The snail laughed as he remained still, held in place by his own slime as the technology clattered and shook with the force of the winds.

"Streak… he's not moving, we need a new plan!"

Stopping the spinning of his arms at the Shadow's yell, the Streak turned to his friend, grunting suddenly as green energy hit him on the side.

As the Streak fell against the wall and struggled to stand, Thorag smiled and his eyes glowed a faint green. "My race is quite slow, so we've developed ways to keep creatures from attacking us… most notably our biological stun rays. They'll keep you both down while I complete my work."

The Shadow hurled his body into a backflip as green blast impacted the ground where he had just been, before drawing his bola, hurling it at a light fixture and swinging above Thorag's head, tossing more throwing stars at him.

This was insane, he barely knew anything about this creature and yet he was fighting it. The Streak was the one with powers, the one who had interacted with monsters and time travel and space adventures before… he just wanted to fight human enemies, that type of monster he understood.

Another stun blast sent him flying as it exploded near him, and he cursed as he lost his grip on his rope, tucking his body into a roll as he stood to face Thorag, hurling down a darkness bomb.

As the smoke filled the air, the Shadow was on the move, darting forward to swing punches at Thorag's chest. His gloves only came away covered in slime as he leapt backward, tossing another throwing star in vain as it once again bounced off the shell.

The darkness was starting to fade as Shadow lunged forward towards the Streak "Buddy, can you get up? Come on Streak… this is out of my league but I've got an idea, and I need your help"

As the Speedster began to climb to his feet, he hurled a throwing star at the sprinkler system causing it to shatter. "Direct the water at our visitor, now!"

The Streak began to windmill his arms again, this time letting the cyclone turn into a water spout and ram into Thorag, who slid backward and grunted in shock as the fading darkness was replaced by a torrent of water. "Got it!"

A capsule from his belt was all the Shadow needed as he hurled it, letting the ice pellet explode and instantly freeze the water solid, cutting off the alien snail's scream as he became as solid as a statue.

"We beat it, whatever it was, and all my tech is waterproof," Shadow remarked. "The police will deal with the mobsters, and can your team keep our friend here on ice?"

The Streak nodded "Of course… still, I wonder how exactly he came to our world in the first place? And how he knew about all your technology to build these machines."

"That's a mystery you'll have to solve on your own Streak, but I'm glad you helped me out with mine." The Shadow smiled, staring not only into the eyes of a fellow hero but also his best friend… in and out of costume.

"Anything for you." The Streak smiled back, locking the gaze for a second before clapping his hands. "Good luck back home, and if you need me, I'll be there for you in a Flash."

The Shadow nodded, already hearing police sirens getting closer as he ran outside, hurling his bola at a nearby flagpole and swinging off to a nearby rooftop, disappearing from sight.

"Cool." The Streak muttered, wondering how his friend could do anything of the things he did without powers.

Then he zoomed off, the speed in his veins unable to keep him still any longer. His allies in the police department would deliver the new ice sculpture to a secure facility, so he was free to restart his nightly run.

As the Shadow turned to leap to another rooftop, he saw the gold lightening that signaled the Streak's running, watching it zigzag down the streets until it was gone.

"Cool" He mumbled, almost wishing for a split second he had those powers… it beat going home by rooftop anyways because he had a long journey back home.


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