Classroom Soundtrack

Knuckles crack from the desk behind. The pop-pop-pop that follows would be disturbing

If it weren't so familiar.

Shoes scuff against the tiled floor— squeaking and sliding, sighing and screeching.

Paper ruffles and crunches in the hands of the girl next to you like popcorn in a child's mouth.

Cold fingers meet cold table tops and

Tap-Tap-Tap against the plastic laminated wood,

And they click-click-click pressing against QWERTY keys.

Psst-Pss-Psst slithers from the back of the room.

Your head turns, blue eyes searching for the whisper's origin.

The blonde at the end of the row swivels in her chair, book falling as she does so.

A thud resonates around the room.

Giggles break out.

The teacher sighs and picks up the Economics textbook,

Handing it over to the short blonde.

Another whisper. This time a soft "thank you."

And the noises go on and on…