Take the reigns Wetspaghet

Wetspaghet's super stronk, an athlete
Main man, in my life's co-pilot seat
Provide me with ya wisdom, guide me to the promised land
Wetspaghet's dope, lush forests and rolling hills, forget sand
Little wandering aimlessly, straight from point A to point B
But that doesn't mean we've got a boring journey

Our ship wrecked off the coasts round Ogre's Cove
Now we're chopping through the dense jungle floor
Tryna find signs of civilization, the Dryad's grove
She took our High Priest Horril's eyesight, before
Telling us of that which we sought
"Head to the Southeast, prevent the coming onslaught"
We set out, and saved the natives of Troneville
An epic battle between beasts and men, a true thrill
The locals sent us on our way, with their goodwill
Some provisions, and one of their finest longboats
"Onward men" spoke the high priest, slowly regaining his vision
We sailed for days when the wind came to a halt, and a sudden crash
From the ocean rose a great construct, noticing now the collision
A giant metal being held us in his palm, and he lifted his fist as though to smash
Every member of the expedition collapsed with ringing in their ears
Then a voice spoke to each of us telepathically, a foreign tongue unbeknownst to us
He was flipping through our memories, he knew our every aspiration and fear
The ringing came to a stop, this colossus smiled, we awoke on the shores of Kvuss
None of us sure if what we'd all experienced was a collective dream or reality
We began unloading the ship's cargo, and we built a bonfire using the beach's debris
The sky was dark, devoid of all stars, Horril's prayers failed and he spoke of a coming threat
Darkness crept over a hill in the distance, driving out the what light the moon cast
One pale rider galloped atop the hill, raised his sword and rumbled "feed"
Zombies shambled towards our cult, I gulped, and broke into a cold sweat
Horril launched a great fireball at our new foes, the zeds fell to the flame and deafening blast
The rider was unfazed, and undamaged, he rode right into our formation
He slashed Dontwei's throat, I was consumed by anger, and I struck the rider's horse with my spade
The horse buckled from the swing, dead and limp, the rider looked up, and witnessed his decapitation
A small tornado of black smoke rose from his headless neck, and melted was my shovel blade
The stars came back to sight, and we'd rid the world of the false darkness, exhausted, we called it a night
We buried our fallen comrade, packed up anything of worth, and we departed from the makeshift campsite
We ventured forth through the lands Kvuss, once home to men like ourselves, killed off long ago by a great plague
Horril was mumbling to himself, so we pressed for information, he said Wetspaghet's words of wisdom has grown vague
"He said 'Keep your heads to the sky', and I've yet to see even a single cloud"
We pondered this wisdom for a while, but we trudged on through the Summer heat
Hours later a gust of wind and golden scales flew overhead, whose roar was imposing and loud
A gargantuan golden great wyrm brought our trek to an end, he greeted us with queries and referred to us as "meat"
He and Horril exchanged words, speaking of our quest, the dragon, amused, burst into laughter, and repeatedly ran his fist into the ground
The sky cracked open with a bang, something emerged that descended hurriedly towards us, a demon inbound
The demon caught the hysterical dragon off guard and entered the dragon's mind, the laughing stopped, and the controlled dragon spoke
"All aboard", the dragon flew us the rest of the way, dropping us off in the fertile farmland of Wetspaghetia, rolling hills and red oaks
At last, we'd found the promised land

Our first order of business was building the settlement and shrine
We went on to practice in peace for a good number of years, many tales we penned
Each bloodline begat their generations, happily sipping their wine
Our happiness wouldn't last forever though, as all good things must come to an end