Special Services

Tim Purdy balanced on his right (and only) leg and fished a pair of crutches out of the back seat of the Veteran's Administration transport van. The sun was scorching on this late July morning just outside Atlanta. "Thanks for the ride, Mike," he called.

"No problem, Tim. Same time tomorrow, right?"

"I'll be ready."

Tim slid the van's door closed and checked the area. Since coming back from Afghanistan, he was much more aware of his physical surroundings than the ordinary American. He knew the hyper-awareness was unnecessary, but it was a part of the moderate PTSD he was learning to deal with. Tim almost never spotted anything worth his attention, but this time he noticed a young woman sitting behind the wheel of a car, idling across the street from his house. Not only was she watching him, she was talking on a cell phone and to his somewhat paranoid eye it sure looked as if she was talking about him. Tim kept an eye on her as he hobbled up the walk to his front door.

Once inside, Tim immediately made his way to a small wall safe. He punched a combination into the digital lock and the door swung open. Tim reached in and pulled out a compact 9mm pistol. He checked to be sure it was loaded and tucked it into the waistband of his sweat pants. When he peeked out a front window, he saw that the woman was no longer in the car. Just then his doorbell rang. Through the peephole, Tim could see the woman from the car. She was small, maybe 5' 3" and was wearing a flower-print sundress. She was holding a leather binder and had a purse slung over her shoulder. Tim covered the gun with his shirt tail, opened the door a foot and looked out. "Can I help you?"

"Corporal Purdy?"

"That's me."

"I'm Ivy, from Special Services. Could I come in and talk to you?" Now that Tim had a chance to get a better look, he could see that this was a very attractive woman. She had a vaguely Hawaiian or possibly Japanese look, with long black hair and a slim body. If he had to guess, he'd say she was in her middle to late twenties.

"Are you from the VA?"

"No, I'm not from any government agency and I'm not here to sell you anything. I represent a private agency that provides certain services to wounded veterans."

Tim was suspicious. "What kind of services?"

"Could I explain inside? It's awfully hot out here."

Tim didn't detect any threat from … what was her name? Ivy? He didn't have any real plans for the rest of the day, other than watching some TV and taking a nap. Talking to a pretty girl would at least give him something to do. "Sure, come on in."

Ivy stood in the entryway for a moment, letting her eyes adjust to the dim light. "Have a seat in the living room," Tim said politely. "I'll be right with you." As Ivy walked away, Tim noticed that there was no telltale line across her back where a bra strap would show. Tim smiled. Maybe hyper-awareness has its place, he thought. He stowed his pistol in the drawer of a table just inside the front door and followed Ivy, using his crutches.

Tim sat on his sofa across from Ivy, who had seated herself in a chair on the opposite side of the coffee table. The binder and her purse were on the table in front of her. "Let me explain the services we provide," she said. "First, we only service male veterans who have been seriously injured, usually amputees like you or men with certain kinds of traumatic brain injuries. Second we only service those men who aren't married or in a serious relationship."

Tim raised an eyebrow, looking confused. "You lost me. Totally."

Ivy smiled. "Sorry, let me finish and I'm sure you'll understand. We know that many wounded vets have problems dealing with mainstream society when they return from combat. In addition to their wounds and the issues they face recovering, they often feel cut off from society. Specifically, they feel they aren't up to dating, much less pursuing a romantic, sexual relationship. They are sexually frustrated and that hinders their recovery. The goal of the organization I represent is to provide a sexual outlet for these men by making a variety of attractive women available." Ivy tapped the binder in front of her. "There are currently 42 women in the program here in the Atlanta area. We are available for two visits per week to veterans who wish to avail themselves of our services."

Tim's jaw dropped. "You mean prostitutes? Seriously?"

Ivy frowned. "That's a word we don't much care for. Some of us used to be escorts or call girls, but most of us lost loved ones in Iraq or Afghanistan. We all do it out of respect and gratitude for the service and sacrifice made by our wounded vets. We do get paid, but that's not the reason we do this."

Tim leaned back. "You keep saying 'we'. Are you one of the women who 'service' veterans?"

Ivy nodded and smiled. "Yes, I am. Part of the reason for my visit today is to find out whether you want to accept our services and, if you do, to show you exactly what we offer. In other words, I'm here to have sex with you, if you want me."

Tim didn't know what to say. He considered several responses and rejected them all.

Ivy laughed. "That's a typical reaction." She began unbuttoning her dress, starting with the top button. While doing initial interviews like this one, Ivy had discovered an unexpected exhibitionist streak in herself. Showing her body to a soldier she'd just met excited her. She quickly worked her way down to the last button. "Maybe if you see what I'm offering, it'll help you decide." Ivy opened her dress. She was nude underneath. The look on Tim's face thrilled her. Ivy shrugged out of her dress and sat facing Tim with her thighs partly open. As Tim's eyes traveled over her exposed body, her excitement grew. She had small, round breasts with prominent, dark, puffy nipples, a tiny waist and a hairless vagina. Tim gulped and felt his penis stir. Ivy's voice took on a husky tone. "The services we provide include conventional and oral sex. 'Conventional' is open to pretty broad interpretation, but it doesn't include bondage or S&M activities. Anal is available, but not from every woman." Ivy grinned. "In plain language, I'll suck your cock and you can fuck me, but you can't fuck my ass." She kicked off her shoes and moved around the coffee table to sit next to Tim. "A few other rules; services will be completely non-romantic. No kissing. No asking any of the women about any aspect of their personal lives or personal histories. We aren't here to be your lovers, just your sex partners. We must be treated with respect. If any of us feel that we're being treated like whores, that's the end of the visits." Tim had a raging erection and Ivy stroked him through his sweat pants. "I'll be here for the next hour or so if you want me." She untied the drawstring of Tim's sweats and reached inside. She grasped his cock. "Would you like me to blow you now?"

"Oh, shit yes!" Tim hurriedly pushed his sweats down and Ivy pulled them off. She got on her knees and stroked Tim's erection with both hands.

"For your information," she said, "we all have monthly lab tests done to insure that we haven't picked up any diseases in our private lives." Ivy licked the head of Tim's cock. "I know you don't have any STDs. We have access to your medical records." She slid her lips over Tim's cock and down his shaft.

"I should warn you," Tim rasped in a horse voice, "I haven't had sex in over a year. I probably won't last too long."

Ivy raised her head. "That's fine. Do you want to cum in my mouth or would you rather cum on my face or my tits or my body?" Ivy lowered her head and felt Tim's cock head enter her throat.

"Your mouth," Tim gasped. "In your mouth. Oh, fuck, I'm gonna cum! Ahhh, fuck!"

Ivy clamped her lips on Tim's cock and sucked hard as his orgasm roared through him. She pumped his shaft and swirled her tongue around the head of his cock, exulting in the force of Tim's semen spurting over her tongue. Ivy loved blowing these young vets on a first visit. They always came very quickly and their pleasure was so profound! Their hard cocks throbbed and jerked in her mouth and their cum poured out. Ivy always swallowed, just as she had for her fiancée, killed by a roadside bomb two years earlier.

The intensity of Tim's orgasm took him by surprise. He had told Ivy that he hadn't had sex in over a year and that was true. In fact, he had never had sex at all. He'd graduated from high school the week of his 18th birthday and had immediately enlisted in the Marines. During his training and deployment, there hadn't been a chance to do any dating and Tim didn't want to lose his virginity to a hooker. He was a month short of his 21st birthday and still a virgin.

Ivy cupped Tim's balls and bobbed her head slowly. As she had expected, Tim had lost none of his erection. She looked up at him. "Do you want to fuck me now? I'm ready for you and you're definitely ready for me!" She pulled Tim's shirt over his head, laid his crutches on the floor and reclined on the sofa with her legs open. "Come into me, Tim. Fuck me!"

Tim's left leg ended just above where his knee had been. It didn't hamper his movements as he positioned himself over Ivy's open, waiting body. Ivy guided him to her pussy and Tim felt his cock enter a woman for the first time. Ivy could tell right away that the young man was a virgin. She'd had this experience before and had a good idea what was about to happen. Tim thrust his erection into her and immediately began fucking her, first tentatively, and then harder. In a moment, he had his face buried against the side of her neck and was pumping frantically. Ivy kept her legs wide, not trying to keep up with the out of control young man. Even though Tim had just had an orgasm, Ivy knew he would cum again soon. The sensation of a wood-hard cock pounding her this way was one of Ivy's favorite things in life. Her experience with Special Services had taught her that nothing made her climax faster than a sex-starved soldier's first fuck. Her orgasm swelled rapidly as she listened to Tim's grunts and the slapping sounds of their bodies. She wrapped her arms around her new inductee, held him tightly to her and came. Tim was oblivious and, if anything, increased the ferocity of his thrusts. Ivy came again and again. Tim's thrusts became shorter and more intense. He came, gasping and moaning against Ivy's neck and she came with him. She used her heels to hold him inside her, feeling his warm semen flow into her body. Ivy never became emotionally attached to any of the men in the program, but she loved having sex with them. They were all brothers in arms of the man she'd loved and she felt a strong bond with them. When she gave them pleasure, it was an act of love, impersonal though it had to be.

Tim straightened his arms, pushing himself up. He focused on the face of the woman who had just taken his virginity. "Holy shit! That was unbelievable! Thank you! Thank you so much!"

"It was my pleasure, Tim. I mean that literally. I came too, you know." She gave Tim a warm smile. "Remember, I said that the women in our program are your sexual partners. We all enjoy having sex. If we didn't, we wouldn't be doing this!"

Tim hadn't lost more than half of his erection. He pumped slowly inside Ivy. "You still feel so good! I think I need a rest, though."

"That's fine. We can take a break. We'll have time to go again, if you what to."

"Oh, I'll want to, all right!" Tim pulled out and a stream of fluid ran out onto the sofa cushion. He blotted it with his sweat pants and wiped his penis. Ivy got a packet of tissues out of her purse and held a wad of them against her vagina.

"You came a lot," she said. "Both times. I like the way you taste. I loved the way you fucked me. So hard! I get off on hard fucking." She grinned. "I get off on slow fucking, too. But," she said forcefully, "I'm not here for my pleasure. That's a side benefit. It's your pleasure that's important. You decide how we fuck; what positions, how fast or slow, whether we fuck with you or suck you. As I said earlier, all the women in the program will have sex with you or perform oral sex. Some of them will do anal." She picked up her binder and opened it. "As you can see, each of our women has her own page, with photos and a list of limits on what she'll do." She handed the binder to Tim. "Staci, on the first page, is a redhead with big boobs and an ass to match. She'll do just about any damn thing!" Ivy laughed. "I haven't met her, but the word is, she's kind of wild."

Tim paged through the binder. The variety of women was astonishing; blonde, brunette, redhead, brown, white, black, Latino and Asian. The accompanying photos were quite explicit. There was no question about the physical attributes of each woman, right down to the most intimate details. The photos left nothing to the imagination and stimulated new imaginings. Tim looked up. "So, how does this work? Do I keep one of these books and use it to pick women?"

"No," said Ivy. "Women come and go in the program. Each woman brings an up-to-date binder with her and you choose your next visitor and specify when you want her. Actually, you'll choose three, a first, second and third choice and one of them will visit you at the appointed time. We're often busy, you see. Your first choice might not be available when you want her."

Tim paused, fascinated by a photo of a lovely, naked 40-ish Latino woman sitting against a light yellow wall with her legs spread. "Do I have to choose? I'd be happy as hell to have sex with any of these women. Can I just say 'surprise me'? That would be so cool!"

Ivy chuckled. "Lots of men do exactly that. We try to avoid sending the same woman more than once if we can manage it. After a while, it's necessary, but we want to avoid any personal relationships. The sex is for your gratification and to give you confidence. It's also an expression of thanks for your service. We want to give you something significant that you won't get from any other agency."

"Well, 'significant' is the right word. There's nothing I could ask for that's more significant than this, except for getting my leg back." Tim leafed through the binder until he came to Ivy's page. One of the photos showed her on her hands and knees with her butt toward the camera. Her vagina glistened and she was looking back with a mischievous grin. "That's a great picture. I'd love to do it that way, if it's all right."

"Of course! But first we should work on another important aspect of the program; teaching you to be a great lover. Special Services women won't be available forever and you need to be confident in your ability to please women you'll meet in the future." She slumped against the arm of the sofa and opened her legs. "Let's start here. Touch my pussy, Tim. Put your fingers in me." For the next half hour, Ivy gave Tim a crash course in stimulating a woman and bringing her to climax. Tim was an eager student and Ivy had several strong and sometimes loud orgasms.

And I was gonna watch TV and take a nap, thought Tim. Instead, I'm finger-fucking this fantastic girl and sucking her nipples. Ivy came with a long ahhh-mmmm. Tim was working her G-spot perfectly. She pushed his hand away. "That's enough for now. Let's get you off one more time and then I have to leave." She pushed Tim onto his back and began sucking him. He was rock hard. "You said you wanted to try the doggie position?" she mumbled around his dick.

"Yeah. That feels so damn good, though. Can you do that a little more before we fuck?"

Ivy hummed a sexy "umm humm" and slid her lips to the base of Tim's cock. She knew he would cum quickly if she kept that up, so she used her lips and tongue on his scrotum while using her fingers on his shaft. In her experience, there was no such thing as too slow or too light a touch to give maximum pleasure while delaying a man's orgasm. When Tim started thrusting in her hand, Ivy rolled off the sofa and knelt on the carpet on her knees and elbows with her butt in the air. She grinned at him and wiggled her ass. Tim scrambled down behind her and she helped him get lined up with her pussy. "Easy now", she said soothingly. "Just hold still inside me. Take it slow. Savor the feeling."

Tim controlled his urge to plunge into Ivy and did as she told him. The feel of her pussy surrounding him, so warm and wet and slippery, was exquisite. She was right to have him go slow. He would miss this with a quick, hard fuck. He pulled out slowly and pushed back in. Pressing all the way in and holding there, pressing hard, felt fantastic. He moved one hand from her hip to the side of her body and then to her breast. He flicked and pulled her nipple the way she'd taught him. Ivy moaned and contracted her vaginal muscles. Tim stayed where he was, basking in the sensation of Ivy's pussy squeezing him. Slowly, he became aware of a problem. Since he didn't have a left knee, his left thigh was too short to reach the floor. Virtually all his weight was on his right knee. This position, as pleasurable as it might be, was becoming uncomfortable.

"Ivy, I can't balance like this much longer. My knee hurts and it's distracting." He pulled out and lowered himself to the carpet. "Crap! I really wanted to do it that way!"

Ivy swung one leg over Tim's hips and sat on him, his erection gliding up inside her. "How about if I ride you?" She got her feet under her and assumed the classic "cowgirl" position. "Is this alright?"

"Amazing. Just fucking amazing!" Tim played with Ivy's tits, mesmerized by the sight of her gliding up and down on his cock.

Ivy often wondered why she got such pleasure out of fucking a new man, feeling him inside her, seeing the expressions of lust and joy on his face. Was she some kind of nymphomaniac? If so, she couldn't be happier. She badly missed her fiancée, but with this job she had the opportunity to screw so many men! She'd been doing this for eight months and hadn't even tried to keep track of the number of men she'd had sex with. Every man was a new thrill, especially the ones like Tim who were so delighted to have an unexpected chance to get laid. This was the job she'd been born for and she intended to keep it as long as possible.

Tim studied the satisfied smile on the woman who was riding him. What was she thinking? Well, time for that later. For now, he was primarily aware of the tingle creeping up the backs of his thighs. Both his hands were on her breasts. Her long hair hung across her shoulders and down to his chest. She was beautiful and, holy shit!, she was riding his cock! When he woke up this morning, he could never have imagined something this fantastic might happen. "Pretty soon now, Ivy. Gonna cum pretty soon."

"Cum for me, Tim. Let me feel you cum!" Tim closed his eyes and once again, Ivy felt him throb inside her.

She loved it.


Tim sat on the park bench and thought, well, I'm really fucked now! His prosthetic left leg was giving him fits. You pushed too hard, asshole. Too far from home and too sore to get there.

"You doing okay?" said a voice. Tim looked up to see a woman in running shorts and a wide halter top. "Trouble with the pross?" she asked.

"Pross" was a slang expression used by amputees, doctors and nurses to refer to a prosthetic leg like the one Tim was wearing. The main section, where a normal lower leg would be, was a metal and carbon-fiber rod, connecting the artificial knee joint to the ankle joint. Many amputees wore long pants to hide the prosthesis, but Tim didn't bother. He wasn't ashamed of the thing and didn't give a damn whether people saw it.

"Yeah," said Tim. "I'm getting a pretty good blister and making it home might be a problem. How do you know about there things?"

The woman smiled. "I'm a first year orthopedic resident. I have a lot of experience with prosthetic limbs. Can I give you a ride?"

"Could you? That would be great! I've had this damn thing for three weeks and I thought I could get in a five mile walk. I started to feel a hot spot at the turnaround point and I'm still two miles from home. If I keep going, I'm afraid I'll have a popped blister and I sure don't need an infection in my stump." Now that Tim had a better chance to check her out, he saw a good-looking, slightly chunky woman with short blonde hair. She had a nice figure, despite the extra pounds. Tim estimated her age in the late 20s to early 30s.

"No problem. My scooter is a half mile from here. Sit tight and I'll be back." She took off at a good clip. In a surprisingly short time, she was back, riding a red Honda scooter. She handed Tim a spare helmet. "I'm Lynn, by the way. Which way to your place?"

"I'm Tim. Just go straight. In a couple of miles, make a right on Woodward." Tim settled himself on the rear seat and Lynn started off. The trip took just a few minutes and soon they were in Tim's driveway.

"There you go," said Lynn. "Would it be okay if I checked you out? It'll probably be the only house call you get from a doctor in your whole life."

"Sure, come on in." Tim walked carefully to the door and unlocked it. He sat on the sofa and started removing his leg. "They told me it was supposed to fit pretty tightly, but I think it's cutting off my blood flow. The stump gets numb after I've been walking for more than ten minutes."

"That's normal at first," said Lynn reassuringly. "You'll generate more small blood vessels as your body adjusts to the socket." She set the leg aside and helped Tim remove the synthetic stocking that absorbed sweat and cushioned his stump. She knelt in front of him and examined him. "Your surgeons did a terrific job." She traced the lines of scar tissue with her fingers. "There's a small blister starting here," she said. "Put some hydrocortisone cream on it and cover it with a band-aid. It should heal with no problem."

After two months of visits from Special Services women, Tim's automatic reaction to an attractive woman on her knees was to get an erection. He was wearing running shorts over a pair of boxers. There was no hiding his embarrassing condition. Lynn noticed immediately.

Tim cleared his throat. "Sorry about that. It's just that, well ….."

Lynn laughed. "Don't apologize. It's pretty flattering, really." She licked her lips nervously. "To tell you the truth, I kind of like seeing that." She rested her right hand on Tim's thigh. "Do you mind if I touch it?"

"No, of course not."

Lynn gently ran her fingers over Tim's erection. "You're really hard." She gripped the outline of Tim's cock and squeezed. "You got hard really fast." Her left hand moved to join her right. Tim gave a low "humm" and leaned back on the sofa. Without asking, Lynn tugged Tim's shorts down and he raised his butt so that she could pull them off.

Lynn was amazed at herself. Here she was on her knees, undressing a man she didn't know and holding his erect penis in her hands. Her sex life for the last year had consisted of two short encounters with a married man who lived in her apartment building and many more encounters with her vibrator. She hadn't gotten laid in months. Was she really this horny? There was a drop of clear liquid on the tip of Tim's cock and Lynn spread it around with her thumb. Looking up at Tim, she smiled uncertainly. "I'm not sure how we got here, but I'd like to keep going, if you want to."

Tim's answer was to grab the bottom of Lynn's top and pull it over her head. Her sports bra followed. Tim had seen a lot of breasts in the last few months and Lynn's were among the most beautiful. They were fairly large, but what got Tim's attention was their shape. They were somewhat teardrop shaped with perfect nipples that seemed to point slightly upwards. He fondled them admiringly.

"Would you like to go to the bedroom?" he asked.

"Yeah, I would." Lynn handed Tim his crutches and they started down the hall. "Do you have a condom?"

"Uhh, no. All the women I've had sex with recently have regular lab tests. I haven't needed condoms."

"'All the women'? You mean hookers?" Lynn stopped walking. "Maybe this was a bad idea!"

"No, no! Not prostitutes! I'm in a special program for wounded vets. Guys like me have a tough time meeting women, especially women who are interested in having sex with us. Amputation freaks them out. They think we're going to need all kinds of complicated care and exotic treatments. More trouble than we're worth, you know? The program provides women to help us out. They've been fantastic, but they're not hookers! Anyway, the VA takes blood every time I go in and I know they check for STDs."

Lynn thought about it. Tim seemed like a sincere, honest guy. "Well, I guess you're taking a chance with me, too. I'm a doctor, though. I can certify I'm healthy. How many women are there in this program?"

"There were forty-two when I started. Now there are forty-nine."

Lynn was astonished. "Forty-nine women? How many have you, uhhh …"

"Fucked? You can say fuck, Lynn. I'm a former member of the Marine Corps. You aren't going to offend me."

Lynn giggled. "Yeah, fucked. How many have you fucked?"

"As of last night, twenty-eight. I think three of them have been here twice."

Again, Lynn was astonished. This college age kid had fucked almost thirty women? Some of them twice?

Tim's bedroom was astonishingly neat for a bachelor. In fact, the whole house was extremely well-kept. Maybe it was the Marine discipline at work. Lynn dropped her shorts and stripped off Tim's shirt. "This isn't like me at all," she whispered. "And I must smell like a horse on a hot day."

"You smell just fine. In fact, I'd love to go down on you, if that's all right."

Tim steered his new friend to the side of the bed and Lynn sat down. She scooted up to the middle while Tim set his crutches on the floor and crawled into position. Lynn was considerably hairier than the Special Services women he was used to and her odor was strong. Tim liked the purely female smell.

Lynn was seriously worried that Tim wouldn't go through with it. She was far from a virgin and had experimented with both men and women during her college and med school years. The majority of men she'd had sex with didn't seem all that anxious to eat her, and certainly not after she'd been running. Her doubts evaporated quickly. Tim obviously knew exactly what he was doing and didn't hesitate to do it. Lynn thought she was prepared for this, but Tim did things to her that she'd never experienced. In what seemed like no time at all, she felt her first orgasm starting. She tried to look to see how Tim was doing it, but then her orgasm hit. She threw her head back and cried out as the most powerful orgasm she could remember shook her.

Tim was enjoying himself immensely. He'd wondered if the Special Services women had exaggerated their praise of his oral skills to make him more confident. Apparently not. Lynn had another orgasm and another and another. He loved the musky smell and taste of Lynn. Wetness poured out of her pussy and Tim lapped happily. As Lynn showed signs of tiring, Tim eased off.

"Fuck me Tim," whispered Lynn in a soft, breathy voice. "Come up here and fuck me. Come up. Come up here and fuck me. Tim, fuck me."

Tim crawled into position over Lynn. She was so open and ready that he didn't need to use his hand to slide into her. Lynn held his face and kissed him. Tim found the act of kissing very erotic. He'd made out with quite a few girls in high school, but that had been so long ago! Kissing Lynn while fucking her was so much more intimate and personal than sex with Special Services women. The last one, a gorgeous, rail-thin black woman with breast implants and phenomenal oral skills, had left at 8:45 the night before, after giving Tim two orgasms. Tim wasn't worried about cumming prematurely, but Lynn was proving to be a big change from what he was used to. Lynn moaned into his mouth, then arched her back and came. Tim hadn't considered the feedback that kissing a woman would give him. Lynn sucked his tongue and came again.

How many times have I cum? Lynn wondered. This kid is fantastic! Jesus Christ! So fucking good! She came again. Her pulse thundered in her ears. Gotta stop for a while. Tired. He didn't cum yet, though.

Tim could tell Lynn was getting tired. "Do you want to take a break? It's no problem if you do."

"Don't you want to finish? I can wait a little longer."

"No, that wouldn't be right. I can wait." Tim rolled off her and lay on his right side. "You just relax." He lightly caressed Lynn's breasts. "I'll find something to amuse me."

Lynn turned on her side to face him. "You like my tits?"

"Ahh, Lynn! Fishing for complements, are we?" Tim squeezed her breasts with both hands and flicked her nipples. "These are no-shit amazing tits! Don't try to tell me I'm the first one to tell you that!"

Lynn grinned proudly. "Yeah, I guess they're my best feature." She kissed him and stroked his cock. "Want to fuck them? I like having them fucked."

"Sure! We'll have to do it this way, though. I can't balance worth a crap if I'm on top of you."

Lynn moved down a bit and Tim moved up. She trapped his erection between her breasts and smiled, enjoying the feel of Tim's smooth, hard cock, slick from her juices, sliding against her skin. Tim was no stranger to titty-fucking, but he was never sure whether the woman actually liked it. Lynn was another story. She was definitely getting a charge out of it. Tim liked it well enough, but he wasn't going to cum this way. He kept going for five minutes or so.

Lynn could tell that Tim was going along with the titty-fucking just to be polite and that was alright; it showed that he was a gentleman. But he'd given her all those fantastic orgasms and she owed him.

"Tim, it's your turn to get off. How do you want to do it?"

"Well, since you asked, I think it would be cool if you blew me until I was close and then jerked me off. How's that sound?"

"Sounds like a plan."

Lynn's blowjob skills weren't as polished as the Special Services women, but there was something different, something better. "Well, duh, asshole! She wants to come back. She wants to do this again. It's not a job, not a teaching moment, not therapy. It's personal for a change. She likes you, dickhead! You like her, too. Nice girl, sexy, not turned off by your fucking stump. There might be something good here. Don't fuck it up!

And, Tim had to admit, Lynn was doing a nice job. There was a lot more eye contact than with the Special Services women. Lynn wasn't just trying to get him off, she was showing him affection. She looked into his eyes as she licked his cock and nibbled at the head. Tim was surprised that he found this woman so damned sexy. Much sooner than he'd expected, he felt an orgasm approaching.

"Almost there, Lynn. Use your hand now. Kinda slow. Just like that. Yeah, perfect. Here we go!"

Lynn laid her head on Tim's hip, just inches from his cock and stroked him. Tim's stomach muscles jumped and his cock throbbed in Lynn's hand. Thick white fluid jetted onto his stomach. Lynn had given handjobs before, but never when she could see the man ejaculate at such close range. It was tremendously sexy. Lynn and Tim locked eyes and Lynn could see the intense pleasure on the young man's face. Without looking away, she slipped his cock into her mouth and was rewarded with his last few spurts. Ordinarily, Lynn was a spitter, but not this time. She swallowed what little cum there was and sucked out the last traces. Tim's expression made her smile. She bobbed her head slowly, enjoying the feeling as his cock twitched against her tongue.

Wow, thought Tim. That was outstanding! He'd had harder orgasms with Service women, but none that was so satisfying. Lynn sucked him for a few more moments and then crawled up to lay beside him. They kissed and then lay still, holding each other.

"So tell me about these women you've been screwing. What are they like? How did you get into this? You said it's free?"

"Yeah, it's free. I haven't got a clue who runs it or where the money comes from. I know the women get paid, but not how much or whether they're on salary. For all I know, they get paid by the visit. All I know are their first names and, come to think of it, they might not be telling me their real names."

"It can't be a government program", said Lynn. "Must be some rich vets footing the bill. Or someone who lost a loved one in the war."

"That's as good a guess as any. One day last July, I got home from physical therapy and there was a woman sitting in a car out front. She came in, told me a little about the program, undressed, gave me a blowjob and invited me to fuck her. Then she explained how the process worked and we fucked again. Two days later, another woman showed up and we had sex. The 'visits' last roughly an hour to an hour and a half."

"When was the last one?"

"Last night after dinner. She got here about 7:30 and left at a quarter to nine. We sixty-nined and fucked on a blanket in the back yard, then we took a shower and came in here. We fucked again, trying different positions and I finished in her mouth." Tim smiled at the memory. "She's been here once before. Excellent oral technique!"

"So, this is nothing new to you. Fucking women you've never met before, I mean."

"Funny you should mention that. I was thinking about how this is so much different and trying to understand why. I think it's because sex with the Service women is totally impersonal. I was warned right at the start that I couldn't ask them about their personal lives. I know more about you already than I know about all those women put together. I know you're a doctor, an orthopedist, a runner and you ride a scooter. I'm pretty sure your first name actually is Lynn." Tim tilted his head and grinned. "But the biggest difference is kissing. I was specifically told that the Service women were to be my sex partners, not my lovers. Kissing isn't allowed." Tim pulled Lynn close and kissed her. "I had no idea how much difference kissing makes. Kissing makes it personal. There's a connection there that I wasn't getting with them." He kissed her again.

Oh shit oh dear, I'm going to have to watch it with this guy, Lynn thought. He's just too fucking perfect! Great lover, seriously nice guy, romantic as hell. Maybe too young, though. The kiss went on and Lynn felt herself wanting Tim again. Too young my ass! Wake up, girl! Remember that hard dick inside you? Remember the way his lips and tongue felt on your pussy? Screw how old he is! Who gives a shit!

Lynn reached between their bodies and grabbed Tim's cock. He was hard and Lynn didn't hesitate. She rolled him onto his back and straddled him. In a moment, she had him inside her. "I forgot to ask," she said playfully, "do you want to fuck?"

"Hummm, I don't know. Let me think about it." Tim squeezed and caressed Lynn's tits as she rode him. "I guess it's all right, just this once." Tim had been taught about "direct clitoral stimulation" and he put his knowledge to good use. He found Lynn's clit with his fingers and rubbed it with a circular motion. Lynn leaned into his fingers and fucked him faster.

Man, that feels good, Tim thought. Feels good to her, too! Looks like she's gonna cum. Yep, there she goes! Fucking beautiful when she does that. Tim increased the pressure on Lynn's clit and watched her cum, hard. Okay, my turn! He pulled Lynn's face to his and they kissed. Tim thrust into her and came.

Lynn sat up straight and slid up and down on Tim's softening dick. She laughed. "Just this once? Are you sure?"

"Somebody told me once that if two people had sex and it didn't suck, they'd both want to do it again." He raised his head to lick her left nipple. "I'm pretty sure this didn't suck."

"Goddamn right it didn't suck! If you're saying you want to see me again, I say yeah!" Lynn flopped next to Tim. "I only get one day a week off, and lately that's been Saturday. Normal office hours are 7:30 to 5:00, but I'm on call for the ER when there's an ortho injury. Sundays are hospital rounds and teaching the interns. That usually finishes up in the late afternoon. What's your schedule like?"

"Monday, Wednesday and Friday I have PT at the VA, followed by amputee group yack-yack therapy. That's in the morning. Now that I have a left leg and can drive, I hit the gym at Fort McPherson for upper body work and swimming." Tim slapped his left thigh. "I use a fin on my right foot to compensate for the missing parts and do the dolphin kick." Tim shrugged. "I may not be Force Recon anymore, but I still want to keep in shape."

"So, that leaves Saturday and evenings, unless you have an appointment with one of your women. My social life is shit, so any of those times is fine with me." Lynn caressed Tim's face. "I don't know what kind of future we have, if any, but if you have any energy left over from your 'visits', I'd like to be on the receiving end."

Tim reached between her legs and stuffed two fingers into her. Lynn jumped, then smiled. "That all you have, Marine? Just a couple of fingers?"

"Give me a little time. And while we're waiting, I think a shower wouldn't hurt either of us."

"Especially me. Let's go."

Lynn helped Tim hobble to the shower and got him seated on a plastic chair. With much laughter and horseplay, they got clean. By the time they were finished, Tim had an erection. Lynn shut off the shower and knelt in front of him. Without a word, she began blowing him.

"Ummm, that's really nice, Lynn, but I thought you wanted it inside you."

Lynn grinned crookedly at Tim. "I do, but it looked so sexy, so hard and wet, that I wanted it in my mouth, just for a minute." She gave Tim a strong suck and got to her feet. "Let's get dried off."

Back in bed, Lynn dropped onto her back and spread her legs. Not wasting any time, Tim thought. Damn that's sexy! He rubbed his dick on Lynn's pussy and she raised her butt. Tim slid into her. Lynn locked her ankles behind his lower back and he fucked her hard.

Yeah, not wasting any time at all! Tim focused on Lynn's face, an inch away. Wow! She lights off fast! Shit, she's cumming already! Tim slammed her without mercy and Lynn came in a long string of intense orgasms. As her energy flagged, Tim slowed until her was fucking her with long, gentle strokes.

Lynn opened her eyes. "Holy …." Her voice broke and she cleared her throat. "Shit, that was …. I don't know what that was except fantastic."

"I'm almost certain it didn't suck," Tim said and they both laughed. Lynn unlocked her ankles and lowered her legs to the mattress. Tim shifted his weight slightly and continued stroking at the same slow pace.

"I don't think I can cum again," said Lynn, "but you go ahead. Unless you want to do it on my tits or in my mouth."

"Right here is good, if that's okay."

"Sure. Anything I can do to make it better for you?"

"Just looking at you is all I need." Tim pushed himself up and admired Lynn's body. Her breasts undulated in time to his cock moving in her pussy. "Getting close. Shit, you look good! Here it comes, ahhh, fuck that's perfect!" He held himself tight against his new friend and kissed her hard.

On Wednesday, Tim fixed himself a turkey sandwich for lunch and watched two episodes of Pawn Stars. He was distracted by memories of his last Special Services visit. It was Staci, the woman Ivy had described as "pretty wild". She was all that and more. Staci was seriously disappointed that Tim had zero interest in anyone fucking, licking, poking or shoving foreign objects into anyone else's rectum. She did get him to fuck her in a modified standing position with one of her ankles on his shoulder and her hands braced on a bookcase. For round two, Tim insisted on a fairly conventional blowjob. Staci, as the old saying goes, could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. It was a terrific blowjob, but Tim was left with the distinct impression that Staci was about a third of a turd short of totally batshit crazy.

At 2:00 the doorbell rang.

"Tim? I'm Carol, from Special Services."

"Right on time." Carol was older than any of the other women who had visited Tim. He guessed her age at the late 40s, maybe older. She also seemed less at ease than the others. "The living room is right this way."

Carol sat next to Tim on the sofa. "So, how would you like to start?" she asked.

She looks nervous, Tim thought. I wonder why?

"I haven't seen you before. You weren't in the binder last week. Are you new to the program? Or is that one of the things I'm not supposed to ask about?"

"Yes, I'm very new. Actually, you're my first."

"Well, we can take it slow. It's not like I'm desperate for sex these days. Would you like something to drink?"

"Water would be nice."

Tim brought a glass of water and couldn't miss Carol's hand shaking as she sipped.

"Look, Carol, if you aren't ready for this, just say so. I won't be pissed or anything. If you just want to talk or hang out, that's fine."

Carol sat with her head down. "I thought I was up for it," she said quietly. "It's a good thing to be doing. My husband would want me to follow through on my commitment." Carol seemed ready to cry. "He always did what he said he'd do. He was so strong!"

"Maybe I shouldn't ask and you might not want to answer, but did your husband die recently?"

"Yeah. He was Force Recon. Thirty-one years in the Marines."

Tim sat bolt upright. "Holy shit! You mean Command Sergeant Major Greenblatt? I heard he died last spring. You're Sergeant Major Greenblatt's widow? Damn, he was a legend in Recon!"

"Did you know him?"

"Only by reputation. Force Recon has grown in the last ten years, but it's still a pretty small family. Men like your husband are an inspiration to all us young studs."

Carol smiled. "Family. Yes, such a wonderful family. I miss them every day." She looked heartbroken. "I had to move here after he died to be with my sister. She's not doing well."

"Mrs. Greenblatt, I'm honored to know you. I can understand why you'd want to be part of Special Services, but that doesn't mean it's the right fit for you, especially with a guy my age. No offense, but sending you out to suck off some 21 year old doesn't sound right at all!"

"It's something I want to do, though. I don't need the money and I'm donating it to charities that support families of Marines who were killed in combat. I seem jumpy because this is so far out of my usual way of life." She stood up and slid the spaghetti straps of her dress off her shoulders. "I'm glad you're my first. It's been a long time since I had a Force Recon dick inside me." She dropped the dress and stooped to pick it up. As with all Special Services women, she wasn't wearing any underwear. She tossed her dress over the back of the sofa and turned to face Tim. "Whadda ya say, Marine? Wanna fuck an old lady?"

"I'd be honored. How do you want it?"

"I should be asking you that." She dug a bottle of lube out of her purse. "Sorry, I don't get as wet as I did when I was your age. Where's the bedroom?"

As they walked down the hall, Tim took the opportunity to scope Carol out. Not bad, not bad. Boobs and butt getting a shade saggy, but all in all very fuckable. Her tits must have been something to see when she was his age. Tim hung his shorts and shirt on his desk chair and hopped on the bed next to Carol.

"I'll leave my leg on," he said, referring to his prosthetic leg. "On the whole, it's an advantage having it on and I need the practice."

Carol squirted a dollop of lube on her fingers and applied it to her vagina. Her pubic hair was short and nicely trimmed. "Okay, I'm ready if you are."

"Could you blow me a little first? I'd like to be good and hard for you." He lay back and Carol took her place between his legs. She stroked him a few times and slurped his dick into her mouth.

Oh, that's really nice, thought Tim. She isn't rushing things. Good tongue action. Whoa, excellent deep throat technique! That's outstanding!

Carol held her lips tight against Tim's belly and thought, this is easier than I expected. He's good size, but not too long or too thick. Nice manly taste. Getting nice and hard. She ran her lips up and down the underside of Tim's cock and then deep throated him. He'll be wanting to fuck me pretty damn soon or I don't know men!

Tim was thinking the same thing. I'm going to get a blowjob from this woman later. But now it's time to fuck her!

Tim nudged Carol onto her back and climbed aboard. The lube made her pussy slippery and Tim was firmly inside her in three strokes. Never thought I'd be fucking Greenblatt's old lady! It might be sacrilege, but it sure feels good!

Carol hooked her heels behind Tim's butt and pulled him into her in time with his thrusts. Excellent cock! Glad he knows who I am. Glad he's my first. Damn, that feels good! I might even be able to cum!

Tim felt Carol respond and fucked her hard. Before long, he saw that beautiful grimace as Carol came. Tim slid his hand between them and rubbed her clit. Carol came again and again.

Well, that's fun, thought Tim. Let's try another position.

"Carol, flip over and I'll do you from behind." Carol turned face down, stuffed a pair of pillows under her waist and spread her legs. Tim slid into her. "All comfy?" he asked.

"Yeah, feels great. Fuck me!"

Tim and Carol screwed in doggie, and standing with Carol bent over the side of the bed. Carol came repeatedly. Finally, Tim pulled out. "I want to finish in missionary, but first I want to explore your body, if you don't mind."

"Not at all. You have a nice touch."

Tim caressed and kneaded Carol's breasts, sucked her nipples and fingered her. Without asking, he moved into 69 position and ate her while she sucked and stroked his cock. Carol came, groaning around his erection. Tim swapped ends and pushed into her. "I'm ready to cum now, Carol. Are you ready for me?"

"Oh shit, I'm so ready! It's been too long since I felt a man cum in me. Let me feel it!"

Carol's words pushed Tim over the edge and he came, shooting gouts of cum into the older woman.

Tim and Carol spent the next half hour in his living room, talking like old friends. They knew or knew of many of the same people. Carol had decades of stories she'd picked up from Recon wives and their adventurous husbands. They stayed naked and casually explored each other's bodies as they talked. Eventually, they realized she'd have to be going soon. "Would you like to fuck again?" Carol asked. "Or would you like one of my famous blowjobs?"

"I'd love one of your famous blowjobs! What's your best position?"

"Just slouch back in that chair and I'll get on my knees. You're gonna like this!"

Carol's blowjob was all Tim could ask for. She was an expert at bringing him close to climax and then backing him down again. She did this repeatedly, until Tim couldn't stand it anymore and begged for his release. His orgasm, when it came, was a prolonged, intense joy. As Tim's cock swelled and jerked in her mouth, Carol felt a wonderful, peaceful contentment wash over her. Joel would be so proud of me, she thought. If he can see me right now, I know he's laughing his ass off! Carol swallowed every drop, relishing the salty taste and the warmth of the fluid bathing her tongue. She stayed on Tim, extending his pleasure until she was satisfied that it was complete.

"Wow! That was totally amazing! I've been getting a shitload of blowjobs lately, as you can imagine, but that was the best ever!" He lifted Carol's head away from his wilting cock and smiled. "I know kissing is forbidden, but I'd really like to kiss you now."

Carol tilted her head up and they exchanged a brief, friendly kiss. "This has been so nice," she said. "I know they won't all be this good, but I know I can do this now." She kissed Tim again, with just a hint of tongue this time. "Maybe we'll see each other again."

In early December, Tim got a call from an old high school friend. Henry was one of the few friends that Tim stayed in touch with. He didn't make a big deal out of Tim's leg. If Tim wanted to talk about his military experiences, fine. Otherwise, Henry was happy to hang out with an old friend. They made arrangements to meet at a local bar on a Thursday night. Tim walked in to find Henry sitting at a table with two girls.

"Tim, this is Michelle and Gail. Girls, meet Tim." They shook hands all around. The girls looked enough alike to be sisters. They were both medium height, nicely built, with brown hair. Michelle's hair was fairly long and Gail's was short, what Tim's mom used to call a "pixy cut". They had a pitcher of beer and Tim poured himself a glass. The talk was lively and interesting and Tim was able to forget about his problems for a while. Gail was vivacious and had a great smile. She laughed a lot. She and Tim hit it off right away. By 11:00, they had finished off two pitchers of beer. Henry and Michelle obviously had somewhere they wanted to be and they said their goodbyes.

"It's about time I hit the road, too," said Gail. "Can you give me a ride?"

"At your service, milady!"

Tim stopped in front of Gail's apartment building. Before he could say anything, Gail said, "Would you like to come up for a minute"?

"Sure. That would be nice."

"Just so we're clear, though, I'm not inviting you in for sex. I'd like to get to know you better in a place that's quieter than that noisy bar. We can have a drink and talk. Okay?"

Tim laughed. "I accept your proposal. Your apartment, your rules. You set the pace. I'm not a pushy guy."

In Gail's apartment, Tim took a seat on her sofa and accepted a glass of wine. It's about time to let the elephant out into the room, thought Tim.

"Gail, there's something you should know about me." He rapped the plastic socket on his left thigh with his knuckles. "I'm not all here. This leg is partly me and partly prosthetic. It freaks some girls out and I can understand that. If it's a problem for you, say so now and I'll be on my way."

Gail's eyes bugged out when she heard the sharp sound of Tim knocking on his leg. Then her curiosity got the better of her and she sat next to him. She touched his thigh gingerly. It had a hard, smooth feel under the cloth that she found strangely exciting. "Maybe I shouldn't ask," she said, "but can I see it?"

"Yeah, I don't mind." Tim stood up and unbuckled his belt. He slipped off his loafers, unzipped his fly and unsnapped his pants. He sat just long enough to pull his pants off and then stood in front of her. He'd heard stories about women who had a fetish for amputees. Was that what this was?

Gail stared, fascinated. She ran her hand up from Tim's artificial knee to the top of the socket and then onto his thigh. There was only a couple of inches of skin visible below Tim's boxers and Gail slid her hand under the boxers and up the outside of Tim's hip to the waistband. The transition from hard plastic to smooth skin felt amazing.

Gail looked up at Tim. "It doesn't freak me out at all. Really, it's just ….. cool! I don't know why, but it's attractive as hell. Isn't that funny! It's so damned cool!" Her right hand traced the boundary between flesh and plastic, sliding from the outside of Tim's thigh to the inside. Gail's thumb came within an inch of Tim's penis and it responded, swelling enough to make it obvious that he was getting aroused. "I never noticed a thing," Gail mumbled, almost talking to herself. "You move so naturally. This thing is incredible. So damned cool!" She moved her open hand under Tim's shorts until she encountered his cock. "Whoops! Sorry! I didn't mean ….."

"No worries," said Tim softly. "Your apartment, your rules. You set the pace."

Gail stopped moving her hand. She felt Tim's cock stir and stiffen against her thumb. She was unsure about what to do, but her hand had a mind of its own. It moved up across Tim's belly and down onto his cock. Tim was smoothly shaved. The contrast between Tim's cool prosthetic leg and his warm, hard erection excited her in a way she couldn't describe. She tugged Tim's boxers down. "My rules," she whispered.

Tim stepped out of his boxers and began unbuttoning his shirt. Gail's hands gripped Tim's erection and then moved slowly down his thighs, examining the difference between flesh and non-flesh. Tim dropped his shirt on the sofa as Gail's hands glided back up and across his ridged abs to his chest. She stared at Tim's dick for a moment and then into his eyes. "I said I wasn't inviting you up here for sex and I meant it. I won't leave you like this, though. I'm not that mean." She slid her hands down to Tim's erection. "I'll give you a hand job, if that's alright."

"Gail, you don't even have to do that if you don't want to. I don't mind showing you my leg and whatever else you're interested in seeing. You don't owe me anything."

Gail moved her hands slowly on Tim's cock. "Does that mean you don't want this?"

"Oh no, I'd love it! But only if it's something you want to do."

"Yeah, I do want to. Lay down here." Tim reclined on the sofa and Gail knelt next to him. She started to reach for him and then hesitated. She stood up. "Fair's fair," she said. Gail was wearing a lightweight sweater with short sleeves and a tight pair of pants. She pulled the sweater off and pitched it onto the floor. Her bra was a front-clasp type. She unhooked it and bent her arms back to let it fall. Her breasts were medium size with large, dark areolas and wide, flat nipples. When she pulled her pants and panties off, Tim saw that her vagina was hidden behind a thin mat of brown curls. Gail got down on her knees again.

"Just a handjob," she said matter-of-factly. Then she grinned. "Maybe a little lip action. You never know."

Tim lay with one arm dangling on the floor and watched as Gail stroked him. Having sex, even if it was only a handjob, in someone else's home was exciting. Gail seemed like a nice girl. With any luck, he'd get to fuck her someday.

Gail bent and glided her lips and tongue up and down the underside of Tim's cock. His soft "mmmmm" let her know she was on the right track. Gail used her hands, liberally slicked with spit, and Tim responded with appreciative sounds and movements. Tim saw no reason to hold back. Gail's handjob wasn't anything serious, just a way to make up for getting him excited. He kept his hands to himself and let her bring him to an entirely satisfactory climax.

"Almost there, Gail. Very nice. Ahhh, that's so good! Here it comes, ahhh, yessss! Ahhhh!"

Gail watched Tim's semen spurt onto his stomach with some considerable pride. She liked doing handjobs, liked feeling a guy's dick swell and pulse in her hand and loved seeing his cum shoot out. She graded herself on the number of spurts she generated and was pleased to see Tim shoot eleven times.

Tim stayed where he was as Gail used a handful of tissues to mop the wetness off his belly and chest. When he was reasonably clean, he sat up and Gail, still nude, sat beside him.

Gail grinned sheepishly. "I wasn't expecting that tonight! I though we'd talk and maybe make out a little. Second base, at most. I'm pretty sure this was a solid third base date, at least for you." She held up one hand. "And that's enough for tonight. Let's drink our wine and get to know each other better." They clinked glasses and drank. Gail Giggled. "First time I've done the 'getting to know you' thing while naked."

An hour later, Tim declined a third glass of wine. "Gotta drive home, you know." He leaned in to kiss Gail. "This has been one of the best evenings I've had in a very long time. I can't tell you how nice it is to have a quiet conversation with a girl like you." He kissed her again. "The nudity didn't hurt, either." He chuckled. "Or the handjob!"

Gail smiled warmly. "The nudity makes it better, I agree. Funny we've been talking all this time without any sexual touching." She held Tim's face and kissed him softly. "Maybe next time we can go for that home run!" She guided Tim's hand to her breast. "Just a sample of what you might get next time!" Tim gently caressed Gail as they kissed. Gail's nipple stiffened under his thumb. She let him continue for another moment and then pushed his hand away. "Next time, Tim."

Over the next few months, Tim received his usual twice-weekly visits from Special Services women. The sex was impersonal, as always, but highly varied and wonderfully satisfying. He and Gail went on three more dates and had playful, friendly sex each time, but it soon became apparent that the chemistry wasn't really there. Tim and Lynn had sex on a regular basis. When her schedule permitted, she stayed overnight with him. Carol violated the rules by making unauthorized visits and sleeping over, too. They had long, lazy, unhurried sessions in bed, a form of therapy for both of them. Tim particularly loved the feel of a warm female body against him in the night. Sometimes in the darkness, half awake, he would have soft, gentle sex with his bedmate, whether it was Carol or Lynn, and then drift back into a dreamless sleep. Tim's morale soared. He enrolled in college, taking courses that would lead to a Physician's Assistant degree.

On a cool, mid-February afternoon, Tim parked his Miata GT in his driveway and hit the button to open the garage door. The car was equipped with paddle shifters and didn't require a clutch, so Tim's missing lower leg wasn't a handicap. Getting out of such a low-slung car was often a challenge for people with two legs, but Tim had mastered the technique. As he lifted his groceries out of the trunk, he saw Ivy walking toward him. She was wearing a fitted denim dress that zipped up the front and low heels. Her shining black hair was tied back in a ponytail.

"Tim, how are you? You're looking great!"

"Hi, Ivy! You look spectacular, as always." Tim shifted both bags to his left arm and they hugged. This was Ivy's fifth visit. No other Special Services woman had visited him more than twice. But this visit was entirely unscheduled. "I don't have to guess what this is all about, do I?"

Ivy grinned. "Probably not. Let's go inside."

Ivy followed Tim, watching him walk through the garage to the kitchen door. He wasn't the troubled soul she'd met that July morning. Now he walked like a Marine; proud, upright, totally confident in his abilities and afraid of nothing.

Tim put his groceries away and joined Ivy in the living room. "So, you do the closing interviews, too?"

"Usually. I like to do them for the men I've started in the program. It's good to see the progress they've made." Ivy gave him a warm smile. "You're one of our better success stories. You're definitely not the guy I met seven months ago."

Tim nodded. "I know. I remember how low I was back then. Every day was such a struggle, trying to keep my spirits up and not get depressed. When you came in here, sat there, opened your dress and offered to blow me, that was the big turning point. Since then, it's all been uphill. I want to thank the people running the program, but I know I'll never meet them. Can you pass on my thanks?"

"Of course. And now, let's get this done." Ivy took out a small ring binder and a mini-voice recorder. The interview ran ten minutes and covered the most intimate details of Tim's time with Special Services. When it was over, Ivy put her equipment away and sat back. "Officially, that's the end of the program for you. Unofficially, I'd like to spend a bit more time here." She pulled down the zipper on her dress and opened it to reveal her gorgeous body. "A final send-off? How about it?"

Tim came around the coffee table and knelt in front of Ivy. "Just stay right there. Let me thank you this way." He worked carefully, using all the skills he'd learned from dozens of Special Services women. Ivy closed her eyes and lost herself in the wonderful sensations. Tim brought her to three sharp climaxes before she pushed his head away.

"I have to tell you, Ivy, doing this might not be as much fun as getting laid, but it's goddamned close! I just love eating pussy!" He wiped Ivy's wetness off his face with the back of his hand.

"Well, you're fucking good at it, that's for sure! Speaking of fucking …"

"Remember that first time? I saw the photo of you and wanted to try doggie. Without my new leg, I couldn't manage it, but since I got my leg, we do it every time you're here. I can't let you go without doing it one more time."

Ivy slipped out of her dress and Tim shucked his clothes. "Gimme that cock for a minute," she said. "I want you ready for this ride!"

Man, this takes me back, thought Tim as she sucked him. That first blowjob lasted all of ten seconds. Now I can last as long as I want. Damn, she has a great mouth!

Ivy sucked Tim's balls and deep throated him. This kid has such a terrific cock! Perfect size and so hard! He's ready, so let's fuck!

Ivy took her position and grinned back at Tim. "This what you had in mind?"

They fucked in doggie and then moved to the bedroom for missionary and side-by-side, enjoying themselves, laughing and joking and, since Tim was "officially" out of the program, kissing passionately. Ivy came frequently and Tim loved the feel of her moaning into his mouth when she did.

Tim lay on his back on the bed with Ivy riding him. "I'm going to have to cum pretty soon, Ivy. Can you stay for round two?"

"Sorry, Tim. I've been here for over an hour already. I can't hang around much longer and I'm not supposed to see you again." She glided smoothly up and down on Tim's erection. "Tell me how you want to finish."

"Let's go back to the living room, back to the sofa where this all started with that first blowjob. I'll finish in your mouth."

They walked wordlessly down the hall, holding hands. Tim dropped onto the sofa and Ivy sat on his lap, facing him with his cock inside her. They kissed.

"Could I have one last orgasm from you, Tim?" She contracted her vaginal muscles and smiled. "I shouldn't say this, but you remind me so much of my fiancée. He was Army, a Ranger. You have the same spirit, the same tenderness." She moved slowly, almost sadly. "I would love to see you again, someday. That is, if you want to see me."

Tim reached between them and found Ivy's clitoris. "I'd love that too, Ivy. You were my first, you know." Ivy nodded. "It's much more than that, though." He caressed Ivy's clit and she rested her head on his shoulder. "All those other women, all the sucking and fucking, all the orgasms …." He increased pressure and Ivy sighed. "I couldn't help comparing them to you. There's something here that the others can't come close to." Ivy sat, unmoving, allowing Tim's fingers and the feeling of him, so hard inside her, to bring on her orgasm. When she came, it was an almost spiritual experience. She came silently, feeling the depth of her affection for this young man. They kissed for a long time and Tim brought her to another intense and loving orgasm. Finally, Ivy moved down between Tim's legs.

Ivy sucked Tim gently. "I have some things I still need to work out," she said. "I can't quit the program yet and I don't know if you'd be willing to have your lover running all over Metro Atlanta giving blowjobs and screwing dozens of strange men." She licked Tim's scrotum. "I enjoy it, you know. It's exciting as hell. I'll have to stop someday, but there's something driving me to keep going. Can you put up with that?"

"I can. It's not like you'd be cheating. I'm having sex with two other women, too. I think it would be fun to share our experiences. It's just sex, after all. We both know the difference between fucking and making love." Tim held her face in his hands. "Well, maybe I don't just yet, but I'm sure you can teach me."

Ivy's blowjob was a masterpiece and, with the last of Tim's ejaculate coating her tongue, Ivy found that she was reluctant to release him. Tim stroked her cheek. "Come back soon, Ivy. Whenever you can." She lifted her face and they kissed. "Come back soon."

A tip of the hat to Margo Stilley and the oral sex scenes in the film "9 Songs".

I stole part of each scene and some of the dialog to use with Tim and Lynn.