This is just a haiku about friendship. Please comment nicely!

Big eyes full of tears,

Clutching a full coffee cup,

She pours out her heart.

"I can't give him up,"

She stammers between her sobs,

Knowing he's no good.

I let her tell it,

Every last filthy detail,

Puncturing my heart.

I want to have her,

I want to hold her all night,

But I'm just a friend.

"Can I sleep over?"

She asks in a scratchy voice.

"I'm ready to crash."

I take her coffee,

(Since she hasn't touched a drop,)

And I take her hand.

Showing her the bed,

I make some stupid wisecrack,

And we both crack up.

"Thanks for listening,"

She says, stretching out to rest.

Trusting her true friend.

She'll sleep like a log,

But I'll be awake all night,

Drinking her coffee.