"Hear Me"

You say I am ignoring you

That I choose to be this way

That I choose to require close distance to hear,

choose to wear hearing aids.

I'm tired of being alone,

With everyone against me.

You seem to forget,

I was made this genetically.

I choose not to be this way,

how would you feel if you were forced to feel the same way?

Day in, Day out, not hearing the same as everyone else.

It gets tiring after a while,

to be isolated from the crowd.

Mistaken words and lisped speech.

I seem to be the only one suffering with these;

I know I'm not alone.

I strain my ears all day.

I try so hard to hear everyone.

But no one hears me.

I try to tell,

it hurts a lot.

I confessed I couldn't hear you speak,

and you continue to talk.

I know my friends are whispering, but I don't know what.

I know those kids are gossiping, but I can't tell why.

What's wrong with me?

No one knows I suffer of this disability, except for family.

Is it because I hide it so well?

But my family knows,

And yet they criticize me the most.

Friends repeat what they've said,

while my family says it's annoying.

And then they boast.

About how they can hear,

how they don't need any conversations to be close.

You wonder why I stay away,

hidden in my room away from the pain.

You ask why I talk so low,

it's because I've lost the confidence to talk so.

I've lost the confidence to speak my mind.

I want to hear everyone.

But no one wants to hear me.

My voice is cracking more each day,

it gets lower and pain weights out the pride.

I struggle to understand the pain and confusion I feel inside.

I said that wrong you say?

It's not, "Make front of you",

It's "Make fun of you."

Oh, that makes more sense when my friend said that;

That that was what those kids on the bench were doing.

"Making fun of me."

Now, I understand.

So, you want to know what's wrong?

Just hear me.