Hello! I was looking at some 'Two-Sentence-Horror-Stories' on Google, when I decided to write some up again, only with my own characters. I have written some for fandoms (which did contain a couple of OCs), but this is just mainly original characters. *chuckles*


Below are clearly my characters' names with their stories, and the numbers by their names are their ages. ;)



Hank Schmidt (20.)

I walked into my college dorm that afternoon, so I can take a nap after such a long day. It didn't take me long to figure that thing that looked at me at night was already inside.

Rocky Waters (17.)

I set my legs into my bathtub, feeling the warm water make contact with my body. Only, blood emerged from the water, as there was blood coming from the drain.

Alexander Lockefort (17.)

I walked up to my house after such a hard day of school to see a charred up body there. I didn't know what was worse, that fact someone dropped this off or I that I only spoke to this person once in my English class just yesterday.

John Lockefort (15.)

I walked into my room after doing errands with my brothers. I sighed, as I figured that the body I kept in my room closet was still decomposing.

Damien and Sean Lockefort (19.)

Okay, we might've gone overboard with our project for science class. Our next door neighbor was a good test monkey for dissecting live people, you know?

Casey, Oscar, and Ian Wolfgrick (16.)

We were sorry for what happened to that girl. If we only knew how much she was an asset to the world, we wouldn't have tortured her in the attic.

Todd Nickel (21.)

I was walking through the university main plaza when I saw my boyfriend cheating on me with a girl. The next thing I knew, they were both dead and gunned down, and the gun was in my right hand.

Ellen Rayes (21.)

I was showering when I poured shampoo over my head and rinsed after. When I opened my eyes, I saw a green face with dead black eyes looking at me, right in the eye.

Harold Rayes (19.)

"Dude," I hear my friend call as he comes to my bed, "there's someone knocking." he tells me. I realized, my friend went missing two years ago for unknown reasons to this day.

Bella Rayes (17.)

I was sleeping peacefully, when something sat right on my bed. When I woke up, I could barely hear the muffling sound of spider silk wrap over my mouth over my own screams.

Liam Beck (17.)

I was diagnosed as a sociopath by my classmates. It wasn't so bad and at least I had a burning fire, with my classmates in it.

Aurora Lolita Figueroa (16.)

I was hacking into my teacher's computer while she and my classmates were at lunch, when something grabbed my ankle. I became that thing's lunch after.

*dark chuckles* Looking at some of these again, and I figured that I am such a bad girl. I enjoy putting some of my characters in dark situations, or rather them being the perpetrators instead. Oh, wouldn't you do the same?

Anyways, how was that? Any favorites? Tell me in the reviews and what you think!

Later, Space Cowboys!