Chapter 7

With the sun out after the ferocious yet memorable storm, it became steamy sticky outside. Starlene put on her bathing suit and I my cut offs and we walked to the lake shore to take a dip, washing the sex and sweat off our bodies, but still smiling from the memory of what had finally taken place between us.

"When did you know?" I asked as we tread water a good twenty feet from the dock.

"The moment I saw you were here," Starlene grinned, once again wrapping her arms around my neck and allowing me to keep her a float as I was now the only one treading water. "But I really knew a long time ago," she whispered. "I just knew you weren't ready."

"You did?" I asked with wonderment.

"You shy boy," she smiled, kissing the tip of my nose.

"I should have come to camp a long time ago," I realized.

"I wasn't ready then," she told me. "You've always been a very special friend and I've always found myself sexually attracted to you and now that I'm out of a relationship I see it much more clearly."

"So, you're ready now?" I needed to know.

"I am," she confirmed. "We're teammates."

I knew she meant that in a whole new context now.

"I'm peeing," she teased as she broke from me and floated on her back for a moment.

"You're not supposed to tell me!" I laughed.

We swam ashore and got a canoe which we took out for a ride around the fair sized lake, not really talking much but enjoying the serenity of the peaceful surroundings and basking in the contentment of our newfound romance.

When we beached the canoe, we went to the shower facility but when I started for the men's side, Starlene grabbed me by the arm and pulled me toward the woman's side.

"Someone might come in," I said with worry as we stood in the empty dressing area section.

"So what?" She laughed as she stripped out of her bathing suit and pranced naked into the community shower.

I got naked and followed, helping Starlene soap up and we made out under the spray for a while but I didn't want to risk sex in case someone came in.

"Still the shy prude?" Starlene teased as she rubbed my stomach.

We turned off the water and started to leave when I almost bumped into a stark naked Ginny Gleason (married to the Giants' Jambo Gleason) and an equally as bare Rosie Hancock, girlfriend of the White Sox' J-Rod Rodriquez. They seemed amused to see me in the woman's shower.

"Can't read, Shotgun?" Ginny asked with a laugh as she walked pass me to the showerheads.

"I bet you wish the Beano Field shower was co-ed," Rosie teased as she followed Ginny.

"What happens at camp stays at camp," Starlene announced.

The two women gave thumbs up as they stood with their backs to us showering and that last sight – of Jambo Gleason's wife's and J-Rod Rodriquez' girlfriend's naked asses - stayed with me for quite a while.

"I've seen more naked women in the past two days than I have in the past ten years!" I told Starlene as we dried and dressed.

"Don't worry, we'll be coming to Camp Sunset together every year from now on," Starlene said. There's always plenty to see and do!"

Supper had a more laid back feel to it as the guests recognized that this was the last night at Camp Sunset. Tuck brought in about 40 lobsters to be boiled along with chicken for those who weren't big on lobster. We followed the same routine of eating and drinking before moving to the beach bonfire, watching the sun set on Camp Sunset. Starlene hadn't drank all that much since Friday night which was fine with me. Tonight she was mellow simply by the circumstances of camp ending and not because of the downer of booze.

The sun disappeared and we talked with our baseball friends for a few hours around the camp fire, offering Tuck a toast of gratitude and thanks before the couples started heading for their cabins. If people had picked up on the fact that Starlene and I were now officially a couple they didn't say anything directly – they had pretty much been treating us a couple all weekend anyway.

Back in our cabin, I pushed two of the bunks together for our last night at camp. Starlene and I got naked and cuddled underneath our sleeping bags. We made love in various positions and afterward we cuddled and kissed and talked in whispers while listening to the sounds of the night.

In the morning, Starlene woke me by rolling on top of me and we had quiet morning sex, the sleeping bags tossed to the floor as the morning sun shined through the cabin window.

"How are you feeling?" I asked when we finished with our morning wake up call.

"Happy," Starlene insisted.

We dressed, stopped at the bathroom facilities, and then joined the others for a quick breakfast. Then we followed Tuck's orders in closing down the camp – cleaning the various buildings, storing the canoes and other outdoor supplies, closing down the buildings, turning off the power and electricity. It didn't take long with 50 people working together as a team and there was a real sense of mission accomplished when we all stood in the parking lot with our luggage ready to somberly say goodbye to Camp Sunset for another year.

Guests shook hands and hugged during the farewells. Ginny Gleason and Rosie Rodriquez were both smirking at me and I couldn't help but give Karen a second look when she and T-Rex extended their farewells.

I walked Starlene to her car.

"Do you think Camp Sunset recaptured our youth, giving us a slice of something we lost as we grew older?" She asked.

"I think Camp Sunshine allowed me to find my soul," I answered, giving her a hug. "I'll follow you back to Hillsboro," I said. "Drive safe."

"You too," she said, climbing into her car.

I started walking toward my car. Tuck was standing by the sidewalk with his arms folded across his chest.

"See you next year, Shotgun," he said with a grin.

"You know it," I smiled in return.