He Said What To You

By Shadowgate


It was 8:30 AM at the Byron Hedgehog Private School.

Mrs. Deller was in her homeroom with 15 11'Th grade students. Mrs. Dorman was also a teacher in the same homeroom. She stepped out to have a discussion with the higher ups.

All was quiet until one student Mark Jacob said to Mrs. Deller "Miss Deller I want to tell you something. You see I was taking a dump."

Seven other students laughed. One student Jason Winters said "what a thing to say to a teacher right out of the blue."

Mrs. Deller said "I don't want to hear it" and walked out of the room. Mark Jacob called everyone over to his table. He continued telling the story.

"I was taking a dump in the stall when a man came in. He stopped and he was looking at the stalls. He went in the one beside me because I heard that stall door shut. Then I started smelling funny fumes. He was smoking crack."

Shortly after Mark finished telling his story Mrs. Deller returned to the classroom and said "are you aware a tour walked by when you said that?"

Mark answered "uh no" and then Mrs. Deller stated firmly "I am disgusted" and looked at everyone.

A student named Edward Call asked "why are you blaming all of us when only one person said it?"

Mrs. Deller answered back with a question "well how many of you promoted that?"

Edward replied "okay good point."

Then the students started laughing again.

The End