Underage Driving

By Shadowgate/Gojirules

Robert Coral said to his nine year old son "you drive."

His nine year old son immediately asked "are you serious?"

Robert answered "I don't know a little voice inside of me is saying 'this is a bad idea' but I can barely hear that little voice because an even louder voice is screaming let the nine year old drive!"

Robert laughs out loud and gives the direct order to his son "now punch it!"

Kevin punches the button and puts his hands on the wheel.

He starts driving and comments "this is pretty awesome."

He steps on the gas and swerves.

He pulls in the wrong lane and sees a car honk at him. He quickly moves back into the right lane.

He then hits the break after running over someone's front lawn and into their backyard. The homeowner called the police.

When the police arrived Kevin told them his dad made him drive.

The homeowner yelled "your dad was stupid enough to let you drive and now my backyard gate has been smashed! There's also a car in my fucking flowerbed!"

Kevin smiled and nodded. The homeowner yelled "Goddamn it!"

Robert Coral was charged with reckless endangerment.

The End