Authors note, the actual story first starts in next chapter:

Before I start posting this story, I want to tell where this story is coming from and what it basically is. I will not beat around the bush, this is basically a Zorro story but with a female lead as the Zorro character.

I always adored Zorro.

Ever since I was ten years old and saw the Antonio Banderas movie for the first time.
After that I tracked down every single piece of Zorro movie and book literature I could find and actually liked the original Zorro story with Diego De La Vega better than the Banderas version, which in retrospect is obviously meant as a sequel, even the title.

"Mark of Zorro." "Mask of Zorro." "Legend of Zorro." I see what you did there.

I have no idea why they decided to make it a sequel instead of a remake, don't ask me that.

Also since I was a little kid, I always wanted to make a female Zorro. This has been a fantasy of mine for many years and I have made several attempts throughout the years.

I made an outright Zorro story just with a gender bend, I believe my first attempt at this was when I was sixteen, that's over a decade ago now.
I tried to be inspired by a more cartoonish world like "Ducktales." thusly making the characters anthropomorphic. Which might would have worked if it was a comic book but did not work in written form.

Many of my attempts has previously been posted on various sites but was all deleted, simply because they weren't very good. I was not personally satiesfied.

Finally though, after over a decade of trying I think I finally found a formula that mostly works.

To allow myself freedom I have changed names and settings as well as made minor changes to the Zorro mythos.
I made the world fictional, ones again to allow myself a lot more freedom. I gave cities and cultures fictional names, so while these places can be inspired by real world places and pieces of history, they are indeed entirely fictional.

But still this is basically just classic Zorro just with a female character in the role as Zorro.

And, it may be a fair question to ask which Zorro is this based on?

The honest answer… All of them! This story draws inspiration from every single Zorro movie and tely show I have ever watched which is a lot. We are talking

Douglas Fairbanks "Mark of Zorro" 1920

"Mark of Zorro" remake from 1940

Disneys World of Zorro

New world of Zorro

Animated adventures of Zorro

Kaiketzu Zorro

The original book from 1919 "The Curse of Capistrano" which yes I hunted down and read! The Douglas Fairbanks adaptation is remarkable faithful to be honest.

I also drew inspiration from stuff like "Zorro the gay blade." The zorro film from 1975 simply titled "Zorro." and so forth. And yes before you ask, I am aware of the show called. "The Black whip." as well as "The Queens blade." which are also basically a female Zorro in all but name. To be quite honest with you though… I didn't like these shows. That's my problem with many of these female action heroes, they are just no fun! And Zorro is supposed to be fun.

Aside from Zorro I also draw inspiration from "The Scarlet Pimpernel." "The Count of Monte Cristo." and "Robin Hood." as well as other classic adventure works, I am a huge fan of the genre after all.

As you can probably see dear reader, this for me is a huge passion project. I simply adore this genre.
I love Zorro! I adore this mythos to bits and want to make my own version of it, still though this is a work in progress and any feedback would be deeply appreciated.

Reviews and feedback is always what gives any writer motivation to go on myself included.

I will apologize in advance for any grammatical errors and miss spellings. English is not my first langue as I am in fact Danish.

Still though, this is basically my love letter to Zorro and the entire swashbuckler genre, I have thus far highly enjoyed writing this. I hope at least some people will one day enjoy reading it.