Little pig, Little pig, let me in please!" cried the wolf who looked anxiously behind her. Her eyes scanning every little object, every rustle, every cry that echoed in her ears behind her. Rain drops fell upon her, and the brick house the emanated heat from 50 yards away. It was like a bonfire in the middle of an icy terrain, providing warmth and love.

"You'll only kill me like you did the others!" Screamed a voice from inside. A thousand things could be heard crashing on the floor as the wolf saw a beady little eye show through a slightly opened door. A chain was glued tight to it's top.

The wolf shuffled nervously as the cold of the rain chilled her spine. A loud BANG could be heard not from a mild off, which made her jump with anxiety.

"Look I'm serious," She said with tears in her eyes. Her vision was blurry as she begged this pig, "I'm sorry for what I did, but can you forgive me for this one time?" The door slammed open as an elderly pig in blue overalls with grey hair and a wooden cane opened the door.

"I'll damn myself if I let you in." He said as he looked at her like she was the scum of the earth. "You'll only kill me, just like you killed little red, and her grandmother. You're just a sick murderer. NOW GET OUT!" The door slammed with so much force that the trees around the house shook.

"No, please god no." Whispered the wolf silently. She turned around as she heard a rustle of leaves and a branch break.

"I finally found you." A voice cried out, "I finally FUCKING FOUND YOU The wolf only saw a boy in ripped overalls, and a look of madness covered him like a veil on a bride of her wedding day. A machete sat on his back, and an axe was knotted tightly to his belt. In his hands was a Remington shotgun that had fresh smoke emanating from it.

"Those bastards thought I was lying. They thought I was full of shit, but now I'll show them. I'll show them all!

The wolf looked at this boy, this psychopath, no...Her executioner and only sobbed.

"Little pig," She sniffled as she took a huff of air in, "Let me in...Please...

The pig inside clamped his ears over his fluffly, fatty, old ears as a loud pop was heard just outside his cabin, and a soft squish was heard right at his doorstep as he held his breath tight when he finally heard his last words.

"Little pig, little pig, LET ME IN"