I looked up to see only rain pouring down from the gray and dark sky, I looked down in front of me to only see two grave stone's, I could hear people crying as the flowers slowly slipped away with the lost souls. I continued to stare down at the grave stone while everyone weeps, not a single tear was shed from my eyes, they knew that I could hear them but they didn't care. Yes, they were all friends but I'm just an outsider.

"Why isn't she crying?"

I can't cry, I have to smile even if it's this painful, I have to smile...

"Her mother and father just died!"

I promised them, that I would keep on smiling until they are fine...

"How can she be so heartless?"

But they're gone...but I have to keep my promise no matter what! It's a promise!

"Hey...Anthony aren't you upset?" I looked up to see a boy, to see my only friend.

I looked up into his soft, dull, amber eyes and smiled softly at him as people gasped in horror.

"How could she smile! In a time like this!"

I looked back down onto the ground as they began to shout.

"You really are an ungrateful child!"

"Why did your parents, the most lovely and kindest couple, have this cursed child?!"

"She's the devil's child!"

"SHUT UP!" I looked up in shock to see my friend standing up for me, all the adults were stunned with questions written all over their faces

"ANTHONY IS NOT THE DEVIL'S CHILD!" He shouted as he clutched his fist

"EVEN IF SHE IS, SHE WILL STILL BE A CHILD! YOU ARE ADULTS! YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER!" and with that he reached for my hand, dragging me towards the forest. Once we were deep in the forest he let go of my hand but he didn't dare to face me, we stood in silence only the rain could be heard. I looked down to see small white flowers blooming with joy even on a day like this flowers still bloom but not with sadness but with hope and joy.

"Anthony..." He stared, my eyes traveled along the grass away from the flowers and onto his back


"You don't have to hide it..."

"What do you mean?" I asked

"JUST LET IT ALL OUT!" He yelled as he turned to face me



I shook my head


"YOU HAVE TO!" He stumbled towards me, he grabbed a hold of both of my shoulders shaking me.



"Your mom and dad are gone! Do you really want them to know that they have a cold hearted child like you?"

"But they said that what ever happens I have to smile!"

"I know...but right now you need to let it all out...keeping it inside of you will kill your smile and you don't want that do you?" I looked at him in his eyes and up until now a tear slide down my cheeks

"Mom...Dad..." I cried as he pulled me into a hug, as I cried I hit his chest but not too hard enough to make him feel pain

"Why did you leave?! You said you will stay with me!"

"I still don't remember my brother! What happens if I don't remember you!"

"Please! COME BACK!"

A pair of eyes as gently opened a ray of sun light hit her, she slowly got up to only find herself back in her room, she felt warm liquid traveling down her cheeks, she whipped her tears away as she got out of bed, she looked into the mirror and saw a mess, her golden eyes have gone all puffy and red from crying as well as dull and gray while her hair is in a mess as it slowly lost its colour. Once she finished brushing her hair, color began to grow back into her red midnight hair, she placed the brush down onto her desk as she began to get dressed for school. She slipped on a plain t-shirt on, black leggings to go with black and purple trainers and to finish it off she zipped up her dark blue hoodie with her hair tied back in a low ponytail with a red ribbon. She looked into the mirror once more to see there was no singe of hurt written over her face. She grabbed her black and white bag, swinging it over her shoulders before walking out of her room and into another day.

On her way to school, she stopped by a small shop to buy her lunch and a snack for later, as she left the shop she looked up into the sky to see the sun shining dull and not at its rights. she turned the corner into a street where Callum lived her friend, she wait for him. Until she looked over at his front door to see him in his white hoodie, black trousers, white and green trainers and his black bag.

"Hello! Anthony! How are you?" He asked as they began to walk to school

"Fine thanks...you?"

"Great!So wanna come over to mine after school so we can finish our Homework? And a bit of training?" He asked

"Yeah sure, why not!" she smiled at him

Once they got to school Anthony pulled her hood over her head as she pulled a medical mask over her lips and nose. They made their way up to their home rooms without people staring at them but as soon as they entered the room everyone turned and looked over at Anthony as Callum made his way over to his friends. As Anthony made her way towards the back of the class room her classmates all started whispering about her. When she sat down she grabbed her sketch book and began to draw and already she being forgotten, she looked up to see Callum laughing away with his friends.

"What are you drawing?" Anthony looked up to see an Italian boy wearing a black hoodie, he had soft brown hair while Callum has fluffy dark brown hair, he had hazel brown eyes.

"Nothing..." Anthony replied with a smile as she hid her drawing under her arms

"Fine don't show me...but anyway My name is Eric what's yours?"

"Anthony... " she replied

"Cool! Wanna hang out after school?" He asked as Anthony studied him, looking up and down and making sure he was telling the truth before making up her mind

"Sorry, but me and my friend have homework to do but you can tag along if you want. " Anthony offered

"Hell yeah, I'm coming!" He replied with a grin

Today was going very fast, faster than usual and Anthony didn't like it, sure she doesn't like school or homework but she didn't like how it was faster than the other day. Anthony stood by the school gates waiting for her friends to get here. Once they reached the gates they began to walk.

"So how did you know each other?" Eric asked

"Childhood... " Anthony replied as she pulled down her hood and medical mask and got a very surprised Eric in return

"I never have seen you without your hood or your medical mask on Anthony well not until now. I never knew you looked like that!" Eric said as his eyes slowly softens

"Yeah, she all ways doses that she wouldn't even tell me why. " Callum replied as Anthony Looked over at Eric to see shock written all over his face while his mouth hung open.

"Anthony is a girl!" he cried out loud making her rush towards him, shoving him agents the nearest wall and gave him a good, hard kick on his leg.

"Oh and Anthony doesn't like people shouting out her real gender," Callum warned as he helped Eric up from the ground

"You could have told me sooner!" Eric mumbled as he rubbed his leg

"Eric if you tell anyone who I really am, I do not think twice of killing you in your sleep but since your my new friend I will let you slip...for now." Anthony threatened as she gave him a smile

"I-I won't tell anyone," Eric promised as Anthony node in return

"Come on you two! We have homework to do and training!" Anthony reminded them as she walked on

"Training?" Eric pulled a face

"Yeah we do training like Assassins or Ninjas but we don't kill," Callum explained

"Well, Callum don't, I do since Callumis too lazy to do things himself," Anthony said


Once they got into Callum's house they ran up to his room before closing the door shut. Callum's room hasn't changed since him and Anthony were kids. His room was still clean and tidy, his room was filled with color, his bed was on the left side of the window while his desk was on it's right. His wardrobe was next to the door while there was a mirror next to his bed, by his desk was a book shelf filled with books that were full of his Favorite subject Maths. Anthony placed her bag down next to Eric's bag, she walked over to Callum's wardrobe, opening both of the doors before reaching in and pulling out a small folded in table. Eric came over and gave her a hand to unfold the table. They sat down around the table and pulled out their homework. Callum pulled out his Math's homework, Eric pulled out his RE homework while Anthony pulled out her Art homework.

"We're doing maths first," Callum ordered. Anthony and Eric's homework was replaced by their math's homework, Anthony looked over at Eric who looked over at her mouthing the words 'Help me!' she smiled at him and mouthed back 'Sorry no can do.'

"I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE!" Anthony shouted as she fell back

"Anthony it's only been 10 minutes." Callum calmly looked over at Anthony then at her work

"I can't think anymore!" She cried as she sat back up

"Oh come on Anthony it's not that hard, I'm almost finished," Eric said as he worked

"Callum~" Anthony whined and gave him her best puppy eyes that no one can resist

"Fine...give me your work Anthony." He held out his hand as she dropped her work into his hand she flashed him a smile before grabbing her RE homework

"Hey, Anthony," Eric called out as he put his maths homework away

"Yeah what's up?" Anthony asked as Eric began to do his RE homework

"Why do you have a boy's name?" Eric asked, and as soon as Anthony heard that question her eyes dropped from Eric to her RE homework

"...It's just my name and that all you need to know." Anthony replied. Callum gave her maths homework back to her just as I finished she RE, once both of her RE and maths were away she got her Art homework out and began drawing Eric and Callum since they are really her only friends they are all so her everyday hero. Anthony rolled up her work and placed it in her bag, she grabbed her bag and swung it over her shoulders before jumping up onto her feet and made her way over to the window. She opened the window and sat in the league of the window.

"See you guys out side!" Anthony smiled as she leaped out of the window and onto the roof of the shed

"ANTHONY!" she looked up to see Eric with his eyes widen in shock and horror

"Is she always like that?!" Eric asked

"Yep! And this is our training!" and with that Callum leaped down onto the shed

"I am friends with crazy people," Eric muttered

"Oh come on Eric! You will be one of us in no time!" Anthony called out with a grin

"Fine!" he jumped down from the window landing on top of the shed with his bag on his back

"Alright, the first one to get home wins!" Callum said

"But you're at home," Eric complained

"Yeah, but we have to go climbing on very signal houses but Eric since you're new to this you can walk home," Anthony explained

"Nah! I want to try this out!" He smiles at them before they set off.