It has been awhile since Yao's birthday and since then Yao was back to her normal self. As Anthony wondered into the hallway she comes face to face with the white door that hides many dark secrets. Anothny always left the door alone after what Yao had told her even if apart of her body is dying to go in, she still left is alone but soon it might be her turn to go in, Leah and Ryan had already on in. 'Everyone is leaving...and soon it will be my turn.' Anthony turned away as screams echoed down the hallway just to reach her ears and yet she still walked away. She walked into her room to find Yao talking to Ammar.

"इवान कहाँ ह?" Ammar asked (Where is Ivan?) Yao's eyes darkened as her head hung low

"याओ?" Ammar called out (Yao?) as he began to shake her

"I-I'm sorry...It was his turn..." Yao managed to say before breaking into tears as Ammar's eyes glittered with tears

"Y-You didn't stop her?" Ammar began to back away from Yao

"I-I couldn't..." Yao turned her head

"!" Ammar yelled as he fell to his knees

"Ammar..." Yao reached out to him but he pushed her hand away with tears down his face

"WHY DIDN'T YOU STOP HER!" Ammar yelled

"I couldn't!" Yao cried

"WHY!" Ammar repeated

"IT WAS MEANT TO BE MY TURN!" Yao slashed out


"he took your place..." Ammar finished

"A-Ammar...I'm sorry...I don't want this too but..." Yao began

"It was his choice..." Yao said

"Ivan's in that room..." Anthony ran towards her Hikari, wrapping her hand around the handle and ripping it out from its case, she ran out of the room with Ammar and Yao running after her.

"NO! WAIT! ANTHONY!" Yao called after her

"Ammar get Eric!" Yao called out before Ammar nods and run off to find them


"I SWEAR IF SHE TOUCHES IVAN I WILL RIP HER TO PIECES!" Anthony bellowed as she came closer to the door



The door was opened

Anthony rushed down the wooden stairs, turning the corner her eyes widen in worry and anger as her eyes laned on 'Mama' who was standing in front of Ivan who was chained to the wall where Kikui was last seen. 'Mama's hair has lost its color and turned white, her purple dress was black and gray, her jaw was stretched out as it covered the top half of her body, her apron was ripped with blood coloring it, she has grown taller and thinner, her fingers were thin and long forming a claw. As 'Mama' turned towards Anthony, took that time to look at Mama's eyes that were pitch black while her pupils were red.

"Anthony dear what are you doing down here?" 'Mama's voice had changed into deep and bitter and cold.

"Let him go!" Anthony's voice was steady and cold

"Him? But it's his turn everyone gets their turn." Mama explained

"So you can feed on him? Just like you did to the rest" Anthony drew her katana from her back

"Why yes, how else am I going to survive?" Mama asked

"Why the hell did I save every single one of you? I did it so I can survive!"

"The world is full of monsters with friendly faces and angels with scars."

"ENOUGH!" Anthony yelled as she ran towards 'Mama' and gave her two big slashes across her chest as blood was drawn, 'Mama's blood slid off of Anthony's blade as 'Mama' stumbled back Anthony kept on attacking her until 'Mama's claw came down to the side of Anthony's face, with widen eyes, blood was spilled, Anthony held the right side of her face, backing away she removed her hand, warm blood trickled down from her cheek, it was deep enough to leave a scare but that won't stop Anthony from fighting her. Ivan struggled agents the chains he watched Anthony attacking 'Mama' with all she has but 'Mama' was too powerful for her."ANTHONY!" Callum called out as he and Eric made their way over to her with their katanas out in front of them but by the time they got there Anthony had cuts and bruises along her body, she began to feel tired and light head but she forced herself to stay awake.

"So you brought friends. That's good so this means you don't have to die on your own." Mama said

"Anthony?" Eric called out to her as he started to notice her swaying from side to side, after taking several hits before Eric and Callum got to her Anthony could no longer stay awake as cuts and bruises ripped through her clothing. "Anthony? Are you alright?" Callum asked as Anthony's eyes struggled to stay open "Would you look at that?! SHE'S WEAK!" 'Mama' spat with a laughed as she pointed at Anthony. "You're just like your family!" Anthony's eyes snapped wide open as her breath hitched and became faster."M-My family..." Anthony's hair shadowed her eyes as her head lowered. "A-Anthony?" Eric called out but soon was stopped by Callum who pulled him back as he shook his head "My family..."Anthony started to sway to her left and to her right.

"My family..." she repeated over an over again without looking up. "My bitch..." Anthony stopped swaying and stood up with her head tilted to her left while her Hikari's blade had sharped by the looks of it. "My family had nothing to do with a bitch like you!" Anthony lashed out as her head shot up to look at 'Mama' as her blade flicked in 'Mama's eyes. "I know who you are Anthony, I know what you are." 'Mama' said "You know nothing about me! You know nothing about my family!" Anthony snapped "You do look like her, the hair, the face, the body and many things but your eyes remind me of your father...and I know all of this because I have met your father and mother, I was there when you were born!" Callum and Eric both began to back away slowly as Callum began to notice the atmosphere thicked.

"When I was born...that means you were at the funeral..." Anthony looked up at 'Mama' "No sadly I wasn't invited after they found out that I was-" "A ghoul." Anthony finished 'Mama's sentence with narrowed eyes "Yes a ghoul! They trusted me for so long but once they found out that I was a ghoul and kicked me out of their Creed! They betrayed me!" 'Mama' lashed out as anger began to fill her eyes "I had no place in their Creed they said but I don't understand why they let him stay in the Creed but not me? They let him and his family stay but not me? Why? You tell me why?!" 'Mama' asked as her eyes darted towards Callum before returning back at Anthony "Focus on me and no one else! Don't you dare drag anyone else into this!" Anthony held her Hikari to her side as her anger began to rais "Oh as he is not told you?" 'Mama' smirked as she began to take a step forward.

"Told me what?! Who are we even talking about?!" Anthony asked as she took a step forward "You don't know? He is your childhood friend and he is standing right behind you." Callum began to shake as he head hung low, his hair shadowed his eyes as he began to sweat "shut up..." Callum whispered "He is one too! He is one of me!" "SHUT UP!" Callum screamed as he raced towards 'Mama' with his Hayaidesu held up high as his eyes slowly turned black as flames of anger flickering in his eyes, his teeth sharpened, his claws came out from a deep sleep. Purple veins grew up on his face, all over his neck, all over his body.

Callum attacked 'Mama' as she smirked she dodged the attack "Oh Callum~ I think you've forgotten who's in the room~" 'Mama' laughed as she heard gasps that belonged to the other people who stood in the room, a cry came to Callum's ear as he stood still with his Hayaidesu in hand he turned his head slightly towards where Eric and Anthony stood "Shit..." Callum cursed as he saw a frighted Anthony curled up into a ball on the floor with her Hikari on the floor, she held her head between her legs as her arms wrapped around her legs, she was shaking, it ached Callum's heart to see Anthony like that but Eric one the other hand was different, anger, sadness and betrayed was written all over Eric's face, Eric's grip tightened Kizutsukemasu as hatred burned inside of him, eating him alive as he tried to remain calm.

"What is this? Anthony's scared and Eric is upset why? Callum tell me why and how you've made them upset?" 'Mama' asked, "They wouldn't need to know if it wasn't for you!" Callum snapped his head back towards 'Mama' "This is all your fault! If you didn't push me over the line then they wouldn't have known!" Anger could be heard in Callum's voice "But they need to know, what happens if you lose control over your hunger?" 'Mama' asked "I can control my hunger just how my parents taught me! I know myself control!" Callum replied "Ah! Yes your parents, I heard that they died on your mother's birthday." 'Mama' changed the subject again "How did you know..." Callum muttered, "Oh I heard that they died and I also heard that their kill had been caught as well." 'Mama's lips stretched into a smile "How? When?" Callum asked, "On the news of causes but then again you locked yourself in your room and cried none stopped." Ivan began to notice something was wrong "How do you know all of this?" Callum asked, "I have my ways of knowing Callum~ And guess who killed your parents!"


"They stand in this room."

Ivan knew what was going on 'Mama' was trying to get into their heads by bringing up their past, Ivan looked over at the three older teenagers. Ivan could already tell that Anthony's fear is losing one of her friends to a ghoul which is Callum who is the ghoul while Eric one the other hand is raised by a family that has a criminal record and right now 'Mama' is trying to tear their friendship apart. "SHUT UP!" Ivan yelled





"Shut it, Ivan! I haven't finished with you!" 'Mama' narrowed her eyes at Ivan

"Who is it!" Callum snapped making 'Mama look at him

"CALLUM! NO!" Ivan yelled

"WHO WAS IT!" Callum yelled as he took a step forward, getting ready to force that information out of her


"I DON'T CARE IF SHE GETS INTO MY HEAD! ALL I WANT TO KNOW IS HOW KILLED MY PARENTS!" Callum's voice grew deeper along with his humanity

"Oh, Callum sweet heart~ Do you really want to know?" 'Mama' asked with a bitter smile

"I want to know! I want to know now!" Callum was getting impatient

"Eric dear how about you tell Callum what happened that night since you were there." 'Mama' grinned as Callum's breath quickened with his eyes widen in shock

"N-Not you too..." Anthony whimpered as Foxy jumped off the stairs and made his way over to Anthony to comfort her by rubbing his face agents her

"I-I don't know what you're talking about!" Eric snapped as guilt began to raise

"What do you mean Eric? You were there, you're the one who drew their blood." 'Mama' stepped back with a grin while Callum slowly turned around to face Eric

" could you?" Callum asked

"Callum...I'm sorry," Eric's eyes softened

"You sick bastard!" Callum ran at Eric who held his Kizutsukemasu in front of himself to stop Callum's attack but Anthony stood in his way and blocked Callum's attack with her right hand, blood began to leak from Anthony's hand as she gripped tighter onto the blade, staining the floor Anthony stood still and all she could hear was Callum's breath slowing down. Anthony's eyes were soft but there were no emotions in them.

"A-Anthony..." Callum's voice grew higher back to his normal voice

"Anthony, let go." Callum's eyes softened as the black was drained out of his eyes

"Anthony, can you hear us?" Eric asked, purple veins to dissolve from Callum's skin, sharp teeth struck back into its normal size and his claws returned back to its bed

"Would you look at that? She's gone and all that is left of her is an empty-" 'Mama' fell quite as her eyes widen in fear and shock once she saw who was standing in Anthony's place

"H-How are you here?" 'Mama's voice began to tremble

"I-I killed you! How are you alive!" 'Mama's voice began to shake

"Mama lied..." Anthony whispered as she pushed Callum's Hayaidesu and made her way towards 'Mama' who held her head as the world began to spin

"Mama said that she will always love her children..." Anthony looked down as 'Mama' as she collapsed onto the floor allowing Anthony to tower over her

"But...What happened to me?" Anthony with her head tilted to her left but her eyes never left 'Mama's eyes

"Stay away from me!"

" you no longer love me?" Anthony reached out to her with her wounded hand

"I HATE YOU! I never loved you!"

"Mama...why don't you love me? Did I do something wrong? You said no matter what happened you will always love me."

"I no longer love you! Why are you here?! Go back to hell!"

"But then I'm all alone...Mama, please come with me, the other children don't play nice..."

"That's your problem!"

"But Mama, what did I do?"

"GET OUT OF MY LIFE!" 'Mama' started to swing her hands all over the place attempting to hit Anthony but she ended up missing

"Mama..." Anthony's hand dropped to her side while her eyes darkened

"Mama, you said never make a lie to someone because every lie is equivalent to one step of goodbye."