I instantly want to be sick. The sound of the man's voice bringing back the sickening sense of dread I had in the club. I remind myself I am in hospital. A public place. The doctors may have left to continue their rounds but there are nurses, other patients and staff here. All I have to do is yell, scream and someone will hear me.

"Dave." I pause as I look him in the eye. Its not the first time I've wondered if he is the one who murdered Mika, leaving her dead body in my little home before ringing the ambulance and making out it was my Danny who did this. I pull my arm away, instantly regretting it as pain surges through my body. "You survived unscathed then."

"Yeah." He shrugs. "You just wont let this go."

"A woman is dead. My fiancé is charged with her death and you expect me to just accept it? My home is a crime scene." I hiss, he knows this.

"You aren't exactly the little innocent."

"What is it, Dave?" I hiss, not knowing why but I am suddenly more angry than scared. This man has run me over. Has left me hospitalised when I should be trying to find the truth. I want to slap him but seeing as my arms are absolute agony at the moment I settle for glaring at him. "You not satisfied with killing Mika and framing Danny? You come back to finish the job? Murdering one woman might be difficult but you've got a taste for it now, eh? Killing me, would that make you a double murderer or a serial killer?"

He smirks at me. The bloody oaf has the temerity to smirk. I silently pray he doesn't realise I have speed dialled Jeff. I just hope the call is clear enough that he realises I need help. If Jeff is anything its usually perceptive. My breathing is getting harder as this oaf of a man steps nearer to me.

"You 'ad to be Nancy Bloody Drew didn't you."

"People trafficking." I spit the words out as he squeezes my damaged hand. "You are scum. Plain and simple. A pimp, running girls that have been trafficked here. You make me sick."

"I may be a pimp." He is so close to me now that I am sure someone will realise that all is not right. I glance to my left. An elderly woman sleeps, there is an empty bed opposite us and the corner one has curtains pulled around it. I can't tell if the bed is occupied or not. I twist my arm painfully to get out of his grasp. "But it was your bloke paying er for what e couldn't get at home."

The tears begin to burn the back of my eyes. I am not going to cry. I refuse to cry despite what he says. It has hit a nerve. Now I know Danny was cheating on me I can't help but wonder why. What did I do that he felt he had to go to seedy nightclubs and pay other women to have sex with him? I'm breathing heavily as he pulls me towards him.

"Maybe, that night you visited my bar I should have 'ad a go? See why old Danny boy felt he had to go elsewhere." His eyes are on my chest as I take the opportunity and headbutt him just as three police officers arrive. He's dragged away as I slump back on my hospital bed shaking. Its not until Jeff leans into me, resting a hand on my uninjured shoulder that I realise that its over.

"You ok?"

I nod, despite being unsure if I really am ok. I feel odd, unsure of what happened but glad to see my old friend.


"The call connected. We heard everything, that's why Detective Frosty Knickers as you call her just arrested him. We have evidence that he was the one who hit you in the RTC and we have evidence that links him to Danny and Mika."

I close my eyes in relief. Its over. It is finally over and I can just recover. I close my eyes as the tears begin to fall. Jeff swears quietly before hugging me to him, mindful of my arm. "Its ok. Its ok."

I shake my head. "Its over but its not ok, is it? Not really? Not yet."

"You and Danny?"

"He lied to me too. That's all that has happened to me since Mika ended up in Resus. Lies, everywhere I go." I sigh as he pulls back.

"So, what are you going to do?"

"I dunno." I answer honestly but for the first time since I saw the dead girl on the A&E trolley I know the life I once knew is over. "I think I need to see Danny. I need to know the truth. From him. Or as much of it as I am going to get." Jeff nods. He knew there was little to be done to talk me out of it. I wipe away a tear as it reaches my cheek. "Will you come with me?"

"Aye chick. Course I will. But not today." He ushers me back into the bed as nurses appear to assess me once more. A nightmare seems to have ended but I can't shake the feeling there is so much more to come.