Now that was bloody embarrassing. I'm sat in the 'witness room' holding a cold flannel to the bump on my head as the first aider checks me over. I'm a nurse for crying out loud. I can check myself over. I know I'm being mean and ungrateful but I'm gutted at Danny seeing how he had upset me. I look up as Jeff walks into the room.

"You ok kid?"

"Yeah." I sigh as his Manchurian accent catches my ears. It's always more noticeable when he's concerned. Just lately I've heard it a lot.

"Why'd you hit the deck then? Up the duff?"

"Don't be absurd." I narrow my eyes at him - although the thought had crossed my mind there is no way I can voice my concerns. I make a mental note to stop by the local pharmacy at some point. "I'm knackered, not eaten in hours. Decent cuppa and a sandwich will sort me out." I smile weakly as he shook his head.


"Don't worry about me. I guess he was remanded in custody, seeing as you are here instead of him. Though if he has the sense he was born with; not much I know he'd do well to keep out of my way."

Jeff nods. "Aye. He is. Referred to crown court. No date as yet."

"Right, so I dunno how much time I have."

"For what?"

"To find out what really happened." Jeff raises his eyebrows at me. "He's a lying, cheating idiot. But that doesn't make him a killer. When am I going to get my house back?"

Jeff runs a hand through the his dark hair as he tries to hide how worried he is.


"Forensics have taken the double bed, one of Spike's leads and."

"My dog's lead?"

"Yeah." He dares to look at me. "You won't get the house back for at least a week."

"Ok, as long as I know." I'm glad I at least have some form of timescale. "The bed can be burned. I don't care but I am not having it back. I want to go to the club where he met her. Leon gave me a name. I have to get to the truth."

"Ellen." Jeff stands up. He's clearly getting annoyed with me. "Don't you think CID will have done that? It's bloody obvious place to start. They are looking for the truth."

"No." I get to my feet. "They are looking to build a case. There's a difference. You know they wouldn't have charged him if they thought the killer was still out there! You know that."

Jeff sighs, resting his hands on my shoulders. "Listen, they are good at their job. You might not like old Frosty Knockers but she's a good detective."

"Fair enough but I need to know the truth. Danny didn't kill her."

"You know this?"

"Yes." My voice is firmer than I had hoped. "I just need to find out who did. And I am going to that club. With or without you."