"As I board up the train for my destination,

I begin to remember all of my conversations,

My mother, feeding me with her own hands not seeing storm nor gale

My father, supporting me giving me ideas that never fail.

The love of my siblings, will always be remembered by me

In fact I remember one time when I was three:

I got a scrap, while riding a bike

Oh I thought I'd be suffering from it for the rest of my life!

Mother picked me up, and gave me a love-filled kiss

Those moments, forever by me, will be missed

Father bandaged me, made me felt better

That time, I shall remember forever

Brother told me, that I'd face bigger problems in my life

How will I bear them when I got three children and a wife?!

Sister hugged me, saying it's going to be alright

All you have to do is pray, not seeing day nor night!

I looked out the window, seeing children playing

They were reminding me of my youth in the rains!

The person seated beside me, asked where I headed?

To a rough, harsh, place where lives get dreaded

I was like the messenger bird, reaching my goal

Ignoring hates, given by one or whole

Remembering my teachers telling me not to give up!

Even when the going got tough, rougher than rough!

In front of me, I saw a seated Masroor, having a concerned face

Ho was looking at me, as the train slowed down a pace

My station had arrived, now I had to go

See the station name, in a big bright black-on-yellow

I thanked my companions, telling them I had to complete "my aim"

Hoping that I would see either of them again

The men asked Masroor, that who was I?

He replied," That was a martyr, here to die..."