A to Z Drabbles: 26 Shots of Brotherly Love.

"I think, am sure, a brother's love exceeds all the world's loves in its unworldliness." –Robert Browning. Follow the lives as several pairs of brothers going through hard times and compassion filled moments, through a wide variety of Drabbles clearly going from the letter A to the Z.

A. "A Big Brother Now!"

"Dmitri!" called out a woman to her second husband. She bore copper brown hair, which was held up in a high ponytail and brown eyes. She was wearing a light purple dress and in her hand was a pregnancy test.

"Yes, Priscilla?" said Dmitri as he was sitting at the table, reading a book. He was a brown haired man with blue eyes. He was wearing a dark blue shirt and black pants.

Priscilla gave him the good news. "You're going to be a father!" she told him. Dmitri's blue eyes lit up with joy, going up to his wife. He hugged her.

"I'm so happy right now!" he told her.

A pair of bare feet walked down the hall and twelve year old Gerry appeared, rubbing his tired eye.

"Gerry, dear! I have some good news for you!" Priscilla told him, as she was still standing with her husband.

"Yes, mom?" he asked her.

"You're going to be a big brother now!" Priscilla told her, her eyes developing tears. Gerry's eyes lit up and he ran to his mother.

"I'm so happy." he said.

B. Back Off.

Spike grunted, his back falling towards the bathroom stall as the older boy pushed him there.

"Damn you," Spike gritted his teeth at him, but the older boy, Eric, grabbed his neck and shoved him harder towards the stall wall.

"Shut the hell up. If you hadn't spoken of what happened, you wouldn't even be in this jazz-crap!" Eric thwarted at the boy, putting his boot below of where Spike's navel was. Eric's hands went for the copper circle of his pants. "But don't worry, I'll give you what you've earned!"

"What are you doing?" Spike's eyes widen at him, clearly not liking where this was going. He could feel his heart pound lightly against his ribcage, his black hair swaying in the air as he lightly shook his head around.

Eric smirked, trying to falsely comfort Spike, "Don't worry, at least you're not tie—"until he felt the skin of an angry fist against his nose.


There was the sound of a porcelain sink being struck, and the said young man colliding with the gray floors with blood coming from the left orifice of his nose. Spike looked directly at his savior, more specifically his brother, and cried out, "Jaden!"

Jaden was sucking through it teeth, though falsely, shaking it as if he had punched someone for the first time, which obviously it wasn't. It had to have been the twelfth time he had done that in this past four months. "Ouch…" he falsely whimpered, like a kid after having something done mischievously.

"You okay?" Jaden asked him.

"Yeah. Thanks, Jade." Spike nodded, looking at his brother in the sweetest of relief. The man held his hand out for his brother, which he took.

"C'mon, let's get you home," Jaden stated, now that his younger brother was standing up next to him. They would've left, until Spike had an idea erupt from his mind.

"Wait, do you have a permanent marker?" he asked. He bore a devious smile, as the older boy who tried to force himself into him was lying on the ground, moaning.

The last thing that was left behind was the sight of Eric donning something written on his forehead: "LOSER."

C. Cats.

Kourie was lying on his stomach on the patio, stroking a black cat's fur. The cat arched its back, purring. Kourie was wearing a red hoodie, green shorts, and white sneakers as he smiled at the cat.

Gerry was sitting on the couch, reading a green book when he saw Kourie through the open door of the house. He was kicking his legs up and down, as he was giggling.

"Hi, Dr. Noodles." He said to the cat.

Gerry smiled. He loved it when Kourie played around with the cat, it was lovely.

D. Deepest Heroic Valor.

"That doctor, he must've sent some of his spies to drop this thing into bag when I was walking through the cities." Jaden wrote in his mind, strolling down the hallway as if it were his old high school hallway. He clearly remembered it, he was walking though some heavy traffic just a town back when he felt something odd brush right by his body.

Just his luck, he found the camera room. He quickly popped the thing into one of the mechanical orifices. He stood back a foot, waiting for the worst to come out.

There wasn't even a fuzz, until he found the person he dreaded most in the whole damn world. Dr. Nigel DeBlanco. And he was rocking that red tie and white suit.

"Jaden, oh wait, or rather should I say... Commander O'Riley of the White Star Team. How long has it been, oh yes..." there was a laugh from that bastard of a person. "Just a couple of days."

Jaden bit his lip, "Damn you, where the hell is 'he'?" Though it wasn't interactive, as if on cue, the man answered, "Oh you're wondering him, the boy, your precious younger brother aren't you? He here is..." flipped to a screen where a sixteen year old boy, with wild black hair and green eyes, was bound by his wrists, chest and ankles to a pole. "Just a day ago." the doctor said. "You're lucky, Commander, just two nights ago, your little brother was able to escape us."

"What?" Jaden muttered.

"But you should hurry and find him, or else my troops will bring him back here, goodbye, Commander." it went black. Suddenly, the disc came out without a single dent and onto the counter.

Jaden growled. "Damn you, doctor; I'll find you and kill you myself."

E. Even Bad Dudes Have Bad Little Brothers of Their Own!

It was after eight thirty, and the sounds of Manny Miller's skateboard wheels rolling on the street were the only music to accompany the night. Manny was riding down to his home. His house was a two story floor home, just sitting on the right side of the cul-de-sac like every other house in the neighborhood. The sounds of the skateboard clanking under the streetlights was what occurred, as the sixteen year old stopped by his home's garage.

His older brother Tyler had been upset about how he and his crew's latest drug smuggle went wrong, so Manny figured he could cheer him up with a small surprise he 'picked' up from town. That was why he was he out at such an hour. Manny bore a smile on his face, clearly proud of what he had done…

Twenty-four-year old Tyler was sitting on the couch, holding a fruit salad on his lap as he stared at the large television. He had taken a shower, but still, he couldn't forget about the bad day he had. How can he trust someone so stupid as to tape thirty pounds of PCP on the outside of a car's wheels? He was lucky that he and his crew got away in time, before the police caught up. If this got anymore worse, he'd have to pile up everything into his car and leave in the middle of the night, just to get away from everything else if things had gotten anymore worse.

Obviously, being the new drug king was a pain in the ass. Tyler sighed and then the door opened, revealing his younger brother at the door.

Tyler's brows knitted together, turning to his black-haired-younger brother as he shut the door. "Where have you been, Manny? You know how splitting without sayin' gets on my nerves."

Manny let out a 'tch' sound, sitting by his older brother's side. "I was just getting something from the town."

"Hm, what's that?"

"This!" said Manny, pulling out of a silver box from his blue hoodie pocket. "If you remember that watch we saw while we walking around, then I got this for you!"

Tyler gasped, opening the box and being taken aback by it. It was a silver watch, one with diamonds around the clock area with a blue center. The numbers were in Roman numerals, thus making it fancier in design.

"Oh my god, Manny. Thanks a lot, how did you get this?"

Manny had a small tube in his hand, smiling with a bit evilness, "Oh that was easy, all I did was shoot a dart into a guard's neck, take his billy club, and the watch was in my hand, bro."

Tyler laughed, placing the watch on his right wrist. The brown haired drug lord held it up to the light of the room, eyes taking in all of its glory. "Sweet little bro, you're on your way on just as being bad as your older brother!"

"I'll be looking forward to it," Manny said, smiling.

F. Fight For You.

Jaden was shivering in the cold locker he was shoved into. He donned only his boxers while his chest was tied with a long zip tie, with two rounds of rope around his wrists in front of himself. This wasn't a locker, it was more of the cold depths of the Devil's mouth, and Jaden was doomed to suffocate in here.

He could breathe heavily, behind the denim colored cleave gag that his captors placed him, as he tried to look through the metallic slits of the locker. The twenty one year old boy couldn't see anything, until he heard the sound of a bang ring, almost terrifying him.

Jaden flinched, utterly terrified for real. For so long, he was the one to never feel terror, because he was the one to face all of the danger by himself. Once, he stood in front of a violent communist who pointed a semi-automated in front of him, but Jaden shot him before he could. However, this was different now! He might actually die from this! He could hear the sounds of gunshots and the sound of a sword swinging, and the sounds of men falling to the ground and flesh being cut up. It was right there, right in the air.

As his green eyes widened, the locker door opened and there stood his brother Spike with a smile on his face.

"Jaden!" he cried. Jaden smiled as he did, even with the gag on him. Jaden was soon freed and made it out alive by Spike.

G. Great Outdoors.

Shu Kang Suarez laughed, as he sitting on a park bench. He was wearing a brown shirt with denim shorts, looking straight at his tablet. He was a trip with some campers his age, and they had just made to their stop, as to how he was sitting at the table.

He was talking to his brother Terrence Suarez over video chat, mainly because he wanted to talk to him and wanted to tell how he was doing over his trip to the preserve. Just right now, the chaperone was talking about the different plants, and a large spider landed on him. Terrence burst out into laughter when he heard that, and Shu Kang told him,

"Oh, and the chaperone landed his face into a pile of bear crap! It was awesome!"

Terrence made a groan of disgust, scrunching up his nose. Terrence was sitting in his room at home, as he could hear the sounds of their little sisters running around in the hallways. Terrence stated, "That is so horrible."

"I know!"

H. Half-Brothers.

Ten-year-old Josef yawned, as he climbed down the stairs into the kitchen. He was tanned, with black hair and brown eyes. He was wearing a red and white shirt, with blue jeans. He stopped, as he saw Kenneth, standing over the stove with a spatula in his right hand and the other holding into the handle of the pan.

Though a quiet boy, Kenneth turned around and saw his younger half-brother. "Oh Josef, there you are. I was making eggs for everyone today, do you want some?"

The boy made an 'uhh' sound, until saying, "Sure!"

"Great, the plates are right in the middle of the table, so just grab one."

"Sweet. Thanks, Kenneth." The boy said, sitting down at the table, grabbing one of the green plates from the middle.

"You're welcome," Kenneth said, he walked over and placed some the scrambled eggs on his plate.

Kenneth sat down, and helped himself to some of the eggs after he grabbed his own.

"Hey, Kenneth, I have a question," Josef told him, as his made his bottom comfortable on the wooden seat.

"Yes?" Kenneth asked, digging the fork into his food and putting it in his mouth.

"Do you like that guy, Ryan, from next door?" Josef asked him, his little dark eyes looking right at him.

Kenneth nearly choked out of shock. "Wh-what, don't be serious! How can I like him?"

"I saw you kiss him last night." Josef said, as he dug into his eggs with his own fork.

Aw crap, Kenneth thought. Josef must've seen him through the window, kissing Ryan after their date last night. Kenneth awkwardly laughed, rubbing his little half-brother's head. "Well, you're absolutely right, I'm dating him. I'm so happy!" he said. "I promise, if you can keep this secret safe, I'll buy you ice cream!"

"Well, your secret is safe with me!" Josef told him, smiling.

Kenneth smiled back, patting Josef's back.

I. Isle.

The O'Riley family was on their summer vacation, right on an isle just several miles away from the mainland. It was a much needed vacation, especially after all of the missions, explosions, and running sequences Jaden and Spike had gone through; they were happy to be chilling on the beach with their parents James and Liana O'Riley, and youngest brother Marcello. James was a black haired man with dark green eyes. He was donning on a white buttoned shirt, with a set of black shorts under. Liana was a blonde woman with green eyes lighter than her husband's and was wearing a light yellow top with a darker green wrap around it.

Jaden had gotten up for a second, wanting to get a drink, when little Marcello decided to tease him a little.

Marcello giggled, patting his little yellow pail on the seat of the lawn chair, with his little, four-year-old hands.

"Marcy-kun, what are you doing?" Spike asked, donning on shades while wearing dark blue swimming-shorts.

"Just leaving Jaden-nii-sama a surprise," the young blonde babbled. He giggled, as Jaden, who was dressed in only a red swimsuit, came back with a yellow drink in his hands. Jaden watched the little monkey waddle away, straight back to his mother and father.

Just when James and Liana were about to discuss the recent curve in the economy, they heard their eldest child cry out. They turned around and James asked, "Jaden? What's the matter?"

Jaden was standing up, trying to wipe the sand from his backside. "There's sand on my butt!" he cried out.

Jaden frowned as he looked at Marcello. "Marcello!"

Marcello burst out in laughter, his little chubby hand clapping together. Jaden growled, rubbing his arm.

"I'm going to get your little ass!" he cried.

Marcello screamed, toddling away. Jaden screamed, going after him. Spike looked from under his glasses, shaking his head. He chortled, as Liana and James tried to stop their eldest son Jaden from murdering their youngest child.

J. Jump.

"Spike, jump."

"What?" Spike asked.

He and his older brother Jaden were standing at a cliff, covered in mud after hours of trying to get through a forest in the rain.

"Said jump while you hang onto me!" the twenty one year old cried out. He had a plan, which was to basically fly over the channel of water on a long wire that was next to them, with a hook Jaden found.

"Fine!" Spike said, grabbing onto his older brother's waist. Jaden pulled out the hook he found, and with that the two brothers jumped off, with Jaden hanging onto the line with it. The brothers zoomed through the air, holding onto each other.

Spike cried out, hanging onto his older brother with his nose nuzzled into his chest. They were grazing through the air, winding falling through their hair and clothes, as the water underneath glistened like glass. The next thing they knew, they were on land with Jaden letting go of the hook, which rolled off the cliff, fulfilling its purpose. The two brothers hung onto each other, rolling until they bumped into a rock.

The two brothers separated from each other, both of them gasping for air. Jaden rubbed his head, and Spike rolled on his back. It was odd for a few seconds, until Spike snorted and began to chuckle.

Jaden frowned at him, not glad about this action. "Hey, what are you laughing at?"

"Just happy, can't believe how much of a rush we had? If it weren't for our enemies chasing after us, we would've never had this much fun together!" Spike chuckled, the sixteen-year-old rolling around on his back.

Jaden figured he was correct, if they were never captured by their enemies and ran off together, then they would've never been so much closer together! Jaden crawled over to him and ruffled his hair, smiling.

"C'mon, we have got to keep on moving, bro." he said.

The two brothers stood up and walked away from the cliff, with their enemies awestruck, leaving them alone after.

K. Knots.

Terrence kicked the door to their house, holding his younger brother over his shoulder. Shu Kang was moaning, as Terrence walked in.

The twenty-one-year old set Shu Kang on the couch, closing the door.

"Shu, dude, you alright?" Terrence asked him. Shu Kang spread his arms out, trying to look up at the ceiling lights.

"My stomach... it hurts so much!" He belched, and then shut himself down.

Terrence sighed, "Yeah, I should've known those wieners would give you knots." Terrence and Shu Kang were at a party across the street, where Shu Kang came across some strange wieners. When he ate about half of the plate, he felt his stomach grow funny, causing him to throw up. That was the reason why Terrence had brought him back home right now.

Terrence sighed. "I bet with some hot water, you'll be just fine." He patted his brother's head. He went into the kitchen and heated up some water and poured into a red bottle. He set it on his brother's stomach; after Terrence lifted Shu Kang's legs up and sat down with his legs on his lap, he turned on the television and relaxed on the couch.

L. Lukewarm Water.

Three year old Marcello babbled, splashing the water around in the tub, while his tiny waist was being held onto by his older brother Jaden. The O'Riley family was traveling around in Japan and they were staying at a very sweet hotel. The parents had collected enough pictures of Spike and Marcello together, so they wanted just a few of Jaden and Marcello together. That was why Jaden was in a swimsuit, trying to keep Marcello steady, as Liana O'Riley held her camera up, smiling.

"Oh my goodness, this is just sweet!" Liana commented, her silver earrings hanging from her ears as she took a photo of her two sons.

"Urgh!" Jaden grunted, as some lukewarm unexpectedly landed in his eye by Marcello. "How long do I have to keep this up, mom?"

"Just another picture; there." Liana took a second photo. She looked at the picture and was just taken away. However…

"Ah!" Jaden lightly cried out, as Marcello splashed another spot of water into his eye. As much Jaden didn't like it, he holding his younger brother Marcello was extremely nice.

M. Mornings.

Fifteen year old Gerry licked his lips, waking up. He reached for his glasses that stood on the nightstand, and placed them right on. Just then, he heard the sounds of giggling and the toilet being flushed. Gerry raised a brow and stood up from the bed. He scratched his backside and that as when he saw his younger brother Kourie running down the hallway naked. The toilet had overflowed, causing the water to flow all over the floors.

"Kourie!" Gerry cried out, flapping his arms around. He ran out of the room, almost slipping on the toilet water, chasing after his younger brother.

He cried out, as Kourie ran into the living room.

N. Noodles.

Manny yawned, pouring the cooked Ramen noodles into a bowl on the counter. It was around three-thirty in the afternoon, and Manny had just gotten off from class. He was starving and since there wasn't much to cook with in the kitchen, he took out of the Ramen packets from the cupboard and found himself sitting at the table. As he was slurping up the savory Chicken Tortilla flavored noodles to his face, the door opened and Tyler came in.

"Hey Tyler, how was your day?" Manny asked.

"Really busy, I was on the phone with a dealer from Wisconsin for about four hours; someone threw a rock at my car windshield and took me half of an hour to track them down and knock 'em for it; I was at the car shop getting the windshield for about another half-hour and—wait, what's that?"

"What?" Manny asked.

"There, right on your mouth."

"My noodles?"

"No, this!" Tyler quickly pecked a kiss on his little brother's cheek. Manny was surprised, almost falling out of his chair.

Manny groaned, setting his fork back into the bowl. "Seriously?" Tyler laughed. He took Manny's fork and shoved a small bundle of noodles into his mouth. Manny shook his head, grabbing a paper towel. He wiped the fork off, before Tyler ruffled his hair.

"I'm gonna take a shower." He said, walking through the living room.

Manny answered, "Alright."

O. Our Sister Is Our New Mom Now.

It was no later than eight-thirty nine that Saturday morning, as the sounds of egg whites cracking on a red steel pan radiated throughout the whole apartment kitchen. Anna Wester sniffed over the eggs she was making of herself and her brothers, and figured they could use more pepper on them. Anna was a fifteen year old teen with bore wavy, brown chin length hair. She donned a large black shirt with green shorts underneath, as she obviously slept in them the night before.

After she laced some of the gray powder over the eggs she called to her two older brothers, Dylan and Rudy, to get up.

"C'mon, guys, I made us some food!"

The two said men were walking through the door, holding onto each other for support after drinking too much the night before. Dylan was the eldest of the three, donning on dark hair with clear glasses. Rudy bore the same hair color as Anna, only just as short as Dylan's and had no glasses on. They were still laughing even after what they saw on television together happened many hours ago.

"Guys, c'mon!" Anna cried out, her plastic utensil she was using to cook shaking around, dropping some of the yellow goo from it.

Dylan and Rudy sat down, smiling at each other. Dylan was still laughing, slamming his hand onto the table.

"C'mon guys, someone has to be the mom figure here!" Anna cried out. Rudy let out a loud 'oooh!' sound, laughing.

"Anna is our new mom it seems." Rudy said.

"Yeah, sorry, mom." Dylan falsely apologized, the one obviously still too far in his drunken stupor. For real.

Anna shook her head and rolled her eyes. She pulled up the pan and resumed cooking. She eventually sat down and served up the eggs on the plates she set up for herself and her brothers, like a real mom should.

P. Point.

Jaden and Spike were hiking across the mountains, just having a nice time. Spike looked at Jaden, after he pointed to the cabin that was right up ahead.

"That's it?" Spike asked.

"Yeah, finally," Jaden answered him.

"Nice," Spike said. They hiked their way up there.

Q. Queen Size Bed.

Twenty-seven–year old Gerry was holding onto the blue pastel curtain of the hotel room window, as the clock on the nightstand boasted 10:43. The black haired operative had just gotten back from a meeting downstairs in the hotel conference room, as to why he was so up late right now. He was just getting ready for bed, when he just wanted to look out through the window for a minute, just to see how things looked outside of the hotel at night. How things looked like outside was such, the water in the pool rippling peacefully with no intruders, as it was obviously closed off for the night, various car lights zooming down the street by the hotel, and various hotel guests coming of their cars and walking down the parking lot after their little fun nights out. Gerry pulled away, sighing. He turned and saw the best out of them all: his fifteen year old brother Kourie, sleeping peacefully in the queen size bed right in front of him.

Gerry smiled, walking over to him and tucking him in, as Kourie's leg was sticking out through the blankets. Kourie had watched a few movies, when he decided to call it a night at around nine-forty, while the meeting Gerry was attending was half over. He crawled into the sheets, and dozed off right there.

Sighing at his handiwork, Gerry walked over to the other side, donning a white shirt with gray pants. Setting his glasses on the nightstand folded, he crawled into the bed. He ruffled his younger brother's brown hair. The boy snored lightly, oblivious to his brother's doing.

"Good night, Kourie." He whispered, shutting himself off for the night.

R. Romper.

Marcello was walking around the house, wearing a dark green, short sleeved, short panted one piece outfit. He was smiling, looking at himself on his phone with all great pride. He chuckled, as his older brother Jaden's car rolled up next to him.

There was a car opening and closing, and Marcello turned around, seeing Jaden walking up.

"Oh hi, Jaden-nii-senpai~!" Marcello addressed his thirty-two year old brother. The O'Riley Family was having a party for James O'Riley's birthday, as to why Jaden arrived just to join in on the festivities. Jaden was a physics teacher now, with a wife and daughter to his name now and he drove from his new home to here.

"Oh hi, Marcello," Jaden said, patting his younger brother's head. "How are you?"

"Fine… mom's inside, getting all of the drinks set up."

"Great. Wait a minute, what are you wearing?" Jaden asked. He took note of the strange piece of cloth his brother was wearing on his body.

"It's a romper," Marcello told him.

"Well… it's look cute on you." Jaden said, lighting up a cigarette.

"Yeah, now if you'll excuse me," Jaden stretched his arms. "I'm gonna go see mom right now."

"Okay, have fun!" Marcello bid, twinkling his fingers; Jaden went into the house.

S. Saturday Night Drives.

Shu Kang lifted the volume on the radio, as the song, 'Ladies Night' by Kool and the Gang came on. He was riding with his brother Terrence in their Ford through the streets to the store. The reason why, was that they wanted to buy chocoflan cake for their mother, whose birthday was in two days. There were bits and pieces of traffic here and there, but the two boys made their way around with ease.

Shu Kang tried to along to the song, but it felt weak. That was when his brother Terrence bumped in, using a stronger voice to sing, but to support Shu Kang's, not to over-power it. It showed how supportive Terrence was of his younger brother, unlike others who would put their younger siblings down like unwanted toys. He helped him whenever he could, either on his homework or like right now, trying to sing along with this song.

Shu Kang smiled at him, as he tried to keep on singing with the mediocre voice he had. Terrence smiled back.

They kept on singing until they reached the super market.

T. Tomb.

There was a scuffle and a block was removed, making way for a ray of sunshine. A young hand shot through, as it held onto a flashlight. A brown boot crawled though, as a young blonde with a pair of green glasses crawled in. He made a grunting sound, shaking his head to remove the access dust as he stood up straight.

Fifteen-year-old Marcello sighed, as he was glad to finally be in the Sacred Tomb of the Black Sands now. The reason why he was there was to go on an exploring adventure on his own and he was finally going to do it! The boy squealed at it! He clasped his hands together, making his flashlight glow up at the ceiling as he did.

Marcello pulled out his recording device and recited his plan for exploring the tomb.

"Plan for Tomb Exploration: One, look at main floor of the tomb; Two, look for any fountain and take a selfie by it; Three…" as a set of fingers were trailing over his right shoulder, "Take photos of any exotic plants-"

"Four, GET THIS STICK OUT OF YOUR BUTT!" cried out a voice, face covered by a dark, over the nose mask.

Marcello was screaming, taking four steps back, and falling on his butt as he dropped his flashlight. "Oof!" he grunted, as the dust collided on his pants and explorer's hat fell off. There was laughter and twenty-seven-year-old Spike came out, with a katana strapped onto his back.

Marcello's lips hardened, as Spike stepped in front of him. "Dude, what the hell? You scared the living pee out of me!"

"Yeah, it was awesome though," Spike chortled, taking his mask off. Marcello stood up.

"How the hell did you even find me here?" Marcello asked.

"Pffth, you made a lot of noise in the tent; now why are you here?"

"So I-"But there was a loud growling sound coming from the corner of the room, and Marcello narrowed his eyes at his older brother. "Oh haha, very funny Spike!" Marcello told him.

"What are you saying? That's not my doing!"

Then there were was a foul sound, and something hissing at them, "Leeeeaaaaaveeeee…." Marcello's eyes widen, clearly afraid. Spike seemed to be a weirded, thinking what the hell could still be here after thousands of years? It was when a pair of yellow eyes appeared, spooking them both. It came closer and closer, until it gave out another cry.

"Leeeeeaaaveeeee…." There was an array of screams, with Marcello jumping into his older brother's arms. They both ran out, Marcello dropped his flashlight. They ran screaming, bursting through the brick wall as they ran into the horizon.

The mysterious figure left… never to be seen again.

U. Underpants.

Gerry was looking through his gym bag, looking for some underwear, as of one of his gym mates was donning on his own garb, walking through the door. He looked under a pair of socks, swearing. Damn, he hadn't changed his own undergarments in three days, and was itching to put on a new pair, or he'd be remembered as the guy with the foul drawls on in the public gym. The man bit his lip, and beamed as he found a pair. He held it up, but his smiled faded when he saw something printed on the band on the bum side of it.

GERRY. Performed with the Back Stitch in blue string, thick as a wooden stick, so big, anyone from the court could see it.

"What the-?" Gerry turned his underpants around, as that there was another sewn on engraving on it.

With Love, your brother Kourie!

Gerry blew a piece of hair from his face, looking at the sky as he should've known his younger brother would sew into his underpants, just to practice the new stitch he picked up while learning how to embroider. Gerry set it back. No matter, he would get his revenge by ferociously cuddling his brother at night, much, much later.

V. Viewfinder.

Alexander Lockefort plopped down on his rolling chair again, in front of his laptop in his Dallas Cowboys themed room. Alexander was a seventeen year old boy with brown chin length hair while donning on a said themed jersey. He had just gotten back from the bathroom and wanted to find more pictures for his PowerPoint on the history of Tony Romo's career for his speech class.

When he looked at the screen, he saw nothing but the sight of manga character Takaba Akihito from the manga series Viewfinder being-

"Oh my god!" Alexander cried out, standing straight up from his seat. He heard the sounds of laughing coming from closet, belonging to a mischievous green haired, gothic boy

"John!" Alex cried out, looking straight at his younger brother, the fifteen year old boy. "What the hell man?"

"Dude… it was funny! Besides Viewfinder's pretty—"

"I'M GONNA GET YOU!" he declared, evil smile decorating his mouth.

There was screaming, as John ran down the hallway, with his older brother behind him. The shadow of Alexander's was looming over John was last seen, as they both crashed into the corner of the hallway, with Alexander laughing and John groaning in defeat.

W. We'll go Down Together.

It was night-time, as the moon radiated over the Planet of Bobcat. But sadly, its palace was in ruins, after the attack by the Planet of Remorse. There, in the middle of the charred up gardens that were once surrounded by hundreds of types of flowers was the King of the Planet, King Leo. He was donning on white, cowboy attire. He wore a gold and diamond monocle over his left eye and a white cowboy hat with a golden oval stone on it.

The young ruler looked at everything around him, and felt great pain for what happened, for not only his troops, who had families of theirs own, but for all his citizens on his planet. Including, all of the planets out there who might feel the horrible wrath of Remorse's army and ruler.

The twenty-six-year-old king gritted his teeth, holding his forehead in his hand. Damn, the reason why this happened was because he was foolish enough to bring the Duke of Remorse back into his arms. The Duke promised to never pull anymore harsh tricks on the planet again, only to bring calamity once more! Another reason, he couldn't consult his personal adviser about it, since he left prior, thus making him like such a fool.

"I still hold my faith in you." There came a voice, just on the right side of him. King Leo quickly turned, and saw a cowboy clad warrior walk up to him.

"Warrior Aquarius," the king muttered. "You're still alive." he ran to him, and held him like a father to his son.

Warrior Aquarius hugged him back, as he could feel the tears radiate in his eyes. "I never lost my faith in you, King Leo, after how you brought me to this world."

He was correct. King Leo had injured his left his eye while working on a project one night. Without his eye, he felt defenseless and since he couldn't inseminate any women for heirs, he forged Warrior Aquarius. Warrior Aquarius came his own blood and from the ashes of past heroes of Bobcat. It was so Warrior Aquarius could be his left eye and his personal guardian, as his monocle would forever cover his damaged eye. Also when he passed, Warrior Aquarius would take his place as the new king of Bobcat. With his perpetual young looks of an eighteen-year-old, nothing could go wrong and everlasting peace would be the result.

Sadly, that would never come to be, as they were the last few people to ever remain on the planet.

"But even if, I am damaged… "He showed his king a blood stain on his hand form his back, proving it to be true. He had been shot from an attack, and was on the verge of death… like everyone else.

"I see…" said King Leo. He looked down at his warrior's hand. It was his fault. All of it was. But he knew the right answer, end his own life. That way, everyone who had perished on his planet could rest in peace, knowing that their king would fall into perpetual slumber for them.

The King sucked in his teeth, and looked at his warrior. "I will die then…"

"What? You cannot be serious!"

"But I am, look at yourself, I'd rather die for my people than see you perish; it's the only way!"

"I see… we'll we ever meet again?"

"Yes; we will in the next life, somewhere far from here." King Leo said and from his holster, sat his bowie knife. He pulled it out and with the biggest, deepest breath he could muster, he shoved it into his chest, making zero sounds of pain. He crumpled, falling to the ground.

Warrior Aquarius had performed the same ritual, he lightly took the knife form his king's hands and shove into his chest, letting small specks of blood flow out like a volcano. He too crumpled, falling to the ground like his king. Both of their bloods pooled around each other, it spilling like red paint over a canvas.

King Leo and Warrior Aquarius smiled at each other, as they reached for each other's hands.

"We will go down, together…" they said in unison, their hands finally reaching each other.

And the last thing that King Leo saw, was the closest he had to a brother take his last breath as he does, falling into death.

X. eXtra Large.

Josef and Kenneth were walking through the supermarket, when the latter saw his boyfriend in the distance. Face beaming, Kenneth waved to his boyfriend Ryan, who was looking at the meat in the discount fridge and smiled back when his boyfriend raced up to him. The two young men pulled away, with Kenneth showing Ryan his younger brother, Josef.

Josed waved back at him, as Ryan winked at him and sent a friendly, gun-shaped hand gesture at him. Kenneth smiled, whispering something in his boyfriend's ear. That caused Ryan to kiss his cheek, putting his hand on Kenneth's head.

Josef smiled, happy to see his older brother in the extra-large arms of a guy he could trust.

Y. You Are Not Alone.

Kourie was sitting on a bench, holding a book on the French Revolution when he looked up from it. There, on the other side of the street, was a short, brown haired young man, a white jacket, and blue jeans. He bore two, small hoop earrings on each of his ears, giving him rather stylish look on his physique.

He silently sighed; it was weird, girls were pleasant to look at, but Kourie could spend hours looking at young men as well. Kourie figured it had to do something with... bisexuality… or, was he pansexual maybe?

Kourie didn't know the answer to that… other than he would never be able to meet that young man's criteria, in style-terms and such. A pity, until he felt a hand on his shoulder. Kourie looked, and saw it was his older brother Gerry, coming to pick him up. Gerry held a smile to his brother, and Kourie smiled back, closing his book and picking up his bag in the process. Even if Kourie was left out of many things, such as school or other social interactions, he knew one thing when he was around his older, very strong, brother.

He was not, not ever, alone.

Z. Zombie Night.

"Shit!" Shu Kang Saurez cried out, slamming the door to his brother's truck as held onto a semi-automated rifle in his left hand. His diamond studs swayed in the dark night's air, as he called out through the other window for his brother.

"Terrence, c'mon!" the seventeen-year-old cried out, as his head was by the steering wheel. The truck he was in was standing outside of an abandoned supermarket, and for whatever reason was still full of food and supplies, the only thing was, was that it wasn't abandoned at all! Terrence and Shu Kang hadn't knocked anything over, or stepped on anything, but a zombie had sensed them come by and decided to go towards them, screeching out for reinforcements! However, Terrence wasn't leaving without what he needed from the supermarket, as to why the two boys where there in the first place!

"Shit," the boy cried out again as he looked into the front mirror, trying to look for his brother, who was running from the supermarket entrance right now.

Terrence slammed himself in, panting for breath as he turned the truck on.

"Dude, what the hell took you long?" Shu Kang asked him, as he buckled his seatbelt on.

"Ehh, don't worry about it, look what I got," Terrence stated, holding a dark CD case in his right hand.

Shu Kang gasped. It was a Kool and the Gang CD, which held his favorite song, 'Ladies Night'!

"Sweet!" Shu Kang cried out, as Terrence popped the disk in, letting his younger brother favorite song radiate in the truck as they drove down into the highway, with dust and the undead behind them.


This literally took me about two months to write. Why? Other than this being so long to write, it was life that got in the way. Though, I hoped you've enjoyed. If you can tell me where some errors are, please tell me in a review and I'll be happy to fix them. And if you had any favorite letters, please let me know.

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