Are Assets Proportional To Happiness?


"Money can't buy you happiness." I don't know who said this, but truer words have never been spoken. These past few months have taught me this cruel reality. Along with vast wealth comes human greed. I, Maneto Koga, used to be a regular twenty year old office worker. I had no future dreams, no ambition, and nothing to aim for. With no hobbies to spend my surplus wages on I got into the habit of buying lottery tickets. Maybe saving the money rather than spending it for the sake of it would have been better, no realistically speaking it definitely would have. However, without any aspiration, I needed an aim to help me through day to day life.

This goal was the following: Quickly become rich.

However, this completely backfired on me when I won so many lotteries that I became a multi-millionaire. It was then the lies began.

My co-workers, who until this point avoided me, started inviting me out for drinks. Their faces showed smiles but their hearts were dyed with greed. In addition, out of nowhere, a girl I once confessed to in high school told me she loved me with a flushed face. When I told her my assets are what she loved, she stormed off cursing me loudly. Then a few weeks ago, apparently I, who had lost my parents a few years ago, had an illegitimate younger brother. I could almost cry from the sudden revelation of new family. But one secret DNA test later and I was alone again.

Which brings me to the present. This is really getting annoying. I think to myself as I cycle through my email inbox, it is littered with spam that somehow got past my filter. "I can't put up with this any longer."

I open the next email in my browser and my eye twitches at the dubious content.

It reads:

Greetings our would be saviour.

I am the king of a country in some far away place that you would not have heard of. My Kingdom is in the middle of a recession and our land is suffering from famine. Our harvest has been steadily on the decline in recent years and our people are dying from hunger and disease.

Please if you could be so kind as to donate some money to help with our plights I would be forever grateful. Depending on the value of your donation I can assign you a noble rank within our country, or even offer you my eldest daughter's hand in marriage (forgive me if you're female, I only have daughters).

To donate please click the button below and type in the details as requested.

Yours gratefully,

King Aster De Amazonia III

PS: This message is not a hoax.

I face palm at the most retarded scam possible. It's so pathetic it's worthy of an award. But you're lucky Mr Scam artist. You can have my entire fortune. Having lost interest in money from recent events and a desire to go back to the way things were I click the donate button and type in my account details, and the value I'm "donating" every penny to my name.

After clicking submit a thank you message pops up before a new message saying: "We humbly welcome you to our country."

Suddenly a weird diagram appears on the floor. I cover my eyes to block out the intense light it emits. "What the hell is this!?" I scream as my mind slowly fades into darkness.

"Urggh!" My body twitches, my head heavy. My eyes blink groggily as they adjust to the light. "Where am I?" I ask rhetorically as I gaze around the unfamiliar room. I am lying on a bed that looks like it could fit ten people on it and has curtains on all sides. The room is grandly decorated and the smell of the fresh flowers scattered around soothes my heavy mind.

A timid knock comes from the door at the far end of the room. The door slowly opens. "Are you awake, Maneto-sama?" A beautiful voice asks. My mind falls into a stupor as I gaze upon its owner. She is a lady who appears to be in her early twenties, long golden hair cascades down her back. A silver tiara rests upon her head, and a pure white dress covers her down to her shins. A pretty gold pendant dangles from her neck and rests upon her endowed bosom. Her gentle blue eyes which could win over a nation look kindly upon me. Her mouth moves into a cute smile. "I am glad you seem well, Maneto-sama. As the first princess of the Amazonia Kingdom, let me be the first to thank you." The lady bows her head elegantly, "Thank you for your donation, and thank you for saving our Kingdom."

"Save your Kingdom? Me?" My mind thinks back when it suddenly hits upon me, "That email was legit!?"

Money cannot buy you happiness. But it can buy me a ticket into another world.

Author Notes

Well I wrote this prologue ages ago, I constantly wish to write in different ways and cover different genres but time escapes me, I hope I can continue this soon.