Chapter 1:

Morning Shadows and Bathroom Paradoxes

Lydia Coal awoke with a sweat. The early rays of the morning sun were beating down on her, as she lay bleary-eyed on her bed. She miserably stared at the dorm ceiling, contemplating about the next spiteful 24 hours she would have to endure again. Ever since her dad had sent her to 'Miss Cinnamon's Boarding Militia'' for Challenged Girls' (The female slammer she and her few friends liked to call it) she had countless episodes with thick-headed bullies, malicious teachers and the evil headmistress.

Lydia rose from her bed and slumped onto her feet, which were freezing because they were sticking out of the ragged cloth the school classified as 'blankets'. Yeah right Lydia used to think to herself Even a homeless person wouldn't be caught dead in one of these. But she was used to the terrible living conditions. She looked around the bleak white room that was considered a dorm, but her gaze went to one of the few windows in the dorm that showcased the courtyard. She stared at the old beach tree in the middle of the courtyard. It was old with all the colour and life sucked out of it, but just from the way that it stood majestically, you could tell it used to be a mighty tree. But from the corner of her eye, Lydia spotted something; a moving shadow… with no host.

At first she told herself she was imagining things, but she had a strange feeling. Like she should light all the dorm candles, and sit next to the brightest one. She once again told herself that she was imagining things and she stopped thinking about it… until the incident happened...

After her daily dose of dread, Lydia dragged her stiff body past the other snoring girls and towards the bathroom. She had woken up pretty early, and to her this was a historic achievement. She gradually made her way into the bathroom, locked the door behind her and commenced her daily morning routine: washing her face, brushing her teeth and hair, contemplating suicide. She looked into the mirror waiting to be greeted by the girl on the other side. Lydia is an energetic, plucky girl who has two personalities. On one hand, she is a comical girl, who would love to laugh in the face of death. On the other hand, she can be extremely serious and solemn. She often prides herself on her power to switch between them when necessary. She had dark coloured skin, coarse black hair, cobalt eyes that reflected her lightning personality and broken glasses that were held together by masses of tape. She liked wearing a mischievous grin, that suited her well, and you could tell all about her at first glance. Lydia was also well built for a girl of 12, although she never knew how; the headmistress barely let children leave school premises, run around or to do anything to work out (which was weird for such a school). However, strange things such as this always happened when she was around. Like the candles in the dorm. Whenever she entered the room, they would automatically light themselves. In addition, whenever the meat-headed bullies did anything to her, something bad would befall them. This all started when she turned 12. Once again, Lydia was used to it: Her greatest trait was being able to adjust to small or big changes, but the next change was going to take some time to adjust to...

Exiting the bathroom, she was bombarded by girls yawning, chatting, swapping their nightclothes for their military uniform etc. Lydia frowned. How long had she been in there? It seemed like a couple of minutes, but by the looks of the queue forming, and the death stares the other girls were giving her, the impression she got was hours. She decided to keep her head down and go change her clothes.

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