Chapter 3:


After leaving the girls dorm with her mission, Lydia bolted down the endless hallways of the establishment. She, as did many other girls, knew exactly where the headmistresses' office was, as many were sent there on multiple occasions; after all this was no school for soft people- And in Lydia's case, she practically lived there, but in no way did she like, nor would she ever admit it. After a steady sprint, while being careful not to draw any attention to herself, she managed to find the oak door with the headmistresses' name engraved onto it- Miss P. Cinnamon. Her first name remained a secret to both the students, and even the most important members of staff remained clueless as to the true identity of Miss Cinnamon, or as the girls called her, CinnaBin- What did you expect, from a group of pubescent, childish girls, that absolutely loathed their headmistress?

As Lydia approached the door, an unsettling wave of nausea swept over her. Miss Cinnamon was a lady not to be taken lightly, and if Lydia was ever caught committing such acts of defiance, the consequences would dire. But if she returned to Clarissa empty-handed, the punishment she would have inflicted towards her and Olivia would be just as bad (Physically wise). Now she didn't mind a beating or two, as long as she could fight back- but the problem was Olivia. They would surely beat on her just as bad as Lydia, but where Lydia had what little experience in fighting, Olivia was just as uneducated to the horrors of this world as a toddler would be. So, Lydia had to do this.

Lydia crept up to the door as silent as possible, but she wouldn't have been surprised if her hammering heart gave up her position. She prayed to god, or at least whoever was listening, that CinnaBin wasn't in the office. She turned the knob on the door. It creaked open, as slowly and as antagonistically loud as possible. Lydia peered around the corner of the door... and CinnaBin wasn't present. A wave of relief washed over Lydia, 'Phew, that was close' she whispered to herself, still afraid someone will happen to hear her. The room was large and had a huge window that started from the floor, all the way to the top of the room, that was positioned in the wall opposite to the door. Tall bookshelves, cupboards and closets occupies different walls of the room, and a grand desk was place in the middle.

She crept in and began to frantically, but silently, search the office for that damn pocketknife, all while thinking how and why you'd have a pocketknife in a boarding school. Lydia continued to ransack the room, but to no avail; The pocketknife stubbornly refused to show itself. While her frantic searching was taking place, Lydia felt as if dark, unyielding eyes were constantly watching her; but no matter what direction she looked in, she felt them always searing an impossible hole into the back of her head, with their gaze. Suddenly Lydia stopped looking. She stopped breathing. She felt a cold, dark presence behind her, a mere breath away. She slowly turned around, eyes closed, and when she opened them... there was nothing there. Lydia felt relieved, although, as to what to be relieved about, she did not know. This was all simply her childish imagination. She spun on her heel, to continue her search, but time seemed to slow down. Her heart stopped beating. Her eyes widened. Her breath became cold, and slow. Before her was the living embodiment of Satan. It had pitch-black skin, that looked like a physical void, rupturing the laws of nature by obtaining such a disfigured, disproportional body. It had a faceless, mangled head, that allowed only a gaping, drooling mouth, with rows of needle tipped teeth, and a foul stench, which origin is questionable, and matching claws to complete this image of terror, that was no doubt the thing that she had seen earlier that day. It stood barley an inch away from Lydia, curious and empowered, while Lydia stood petrified and unblinking at the monster before her. Eventually Lydia did blink, and when she opened her eyes, the thing had disappeared... Then Lydia started to question her sanity, or whether she was hallucinating or- Thud... Thud... Thud... Lydia's thoughts were interrupted, as the one thing she prayed so heavily not to happen, happened: The headmistress was coming.

A mortified expression laid siege on Lydia's face. Thud... Thud... Thud... She scrambled to the nearest hiding place she could find: a sparsely filled closet. Thud... Thud... Thud... Lydia jumped inside and closed the door. THUD. THUD. THUD: the door swung open. As a disclaimer, this school is evil. Thus the headmistress must be evil, as the basic law of human nature states. Usually the measure of a school's maliciousness, rests upon that of the headmistress. But the sheer amount of pure hate that this woman generates for everything and anything, is so excessive that not only does it bleed into her appearance, it also surpasses that of the school, also breaking the basic law of the universe. So, in summary, this was NOT a good headmistress. As the door flung open, the ominous figure of the headmistress appeared within the doorway.

She briskly walked inside the office, power and superiority behind every long stride. She wore a soldier's uniform, as instructed by the governor's board, with matching combat boots, that explained the loud footsteps (This was a military establishment, and the uniforms the girls wore were also that of the military. But Lydia was doing this task in her pyjamas. Such was the hard that Lydia was entailed to.) She displayed a tough, hardened face, with hawk-like features that were so precise, they gave an aura of beauty and deceit. Strapped to her back, was an ornamental horse whip, which duty, needless to say, was aggressive in nature. The headmistress stalked into the room and sat at her desk.

Lydia crossed her fingers and toes, prayed and even, at one point, bargained her right eye, just not to get caught by the monster in human flesh that was only 2 meters away from her. In a ditch attempt for this not to happen, Lydia backed as far away from the door as possible, with her back pressed against the closet's far wall, and slipped her hands over her mouth, to muffle her breath. And then Lydia's world flipped over. She fell backwards, somehow, unable to scream with her breath knocked out of her. After a few seconds of falling, followed by vertigo, and a throbbing pain, she staggered onto her feet, only to see that she somehow fell down cracked, stone stairs, after the closet's back wall had somehow disappeared. She groaned in pain and annoyance, of something that was frankly, impossible. How had the wall disappeared? She turned around, eager to move away from both the schizophrenic closet, and the monster on the other side of it, that may or may not have picked up the sudden racket Lydia caused.

Behind the staircase, was a red, stone corridor, that long and dark enough, to have it's end out of Lydia's field of vision. Deciding the best way was forwards, Lydia stumbled down the hallway, still dazed. After what felt like years, but was a mere few minutes, of walking, Lydia came across a room...

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