These are a compilation of random short stories, which (be warned) may include some violence and death.

Reviews and useful criticism would be great.

The Man and the Pinnacle

There once was a man who wanted to climb a certain pinnacle. It would take him weeks for him to reach it, so he prepared for the worst. In his rucksack he carried rations, plenty of water, a spare change of clothes, a hunting knife, climbing gear, an umbrella, a fan and a sleeping bag. He then set off for the journey ahead.

For the first few days he ate little, drank little and slept when the sun went down, continuing his long trek at the crack of dawn. It wasn't long before he came across a swampland, it was muddy and humid and reeked. The man, noticing all this said, "Ah, if only the rain came and washed that all away."

When the man woke up on the muddy bank where he lay, it was to the feel of rain drops splattering his face. The man was grateful for the miracle, and continued on his way through a forest. The forest was wet, and the rain poured down in sheets, so that it was hard to see. One too many times he walked into a tree. So then the man said, "Ah, if only this heavy rain would stop drenching me."

After walking a further mile the man felt sand below his feet, he looked ahead and saw there was a desert. He walked towards it and the rain stopped. The sand stuck to his wet feet but he was grateful that the desert sun brought him warmth, and soon enough he was completely dry. After just half a day of walking across the sand dunes, the man began to sweat, whilst slowly getting burnt to a crisp. He felt red and raw, and was sore and boiling all over. The man stared into the eye of the sun and cried, "Ah, if only the sun would go away and stop burning me."

Only a few minutes passed before night started to fall and the surrounding land started to cool. In the morning, the man woke up and was shivering, but he moved his legs and began to walk, which warmed him up. Soon enough he came across a grass plain, and near the horizon lay his goal. He walked all day, stopping only to take a swig of water from his canteen. He went to sleep when night fell, thinking that he would climb the pinnacle tomorrow.

When morn came the man woke up and walked to the base of the great rock, he chose the easiest path up and began to climb. Up, up, up he went, until he reached the top. Content that he had reached his goal, he scratched his name into the rock, right on the peak. He saw the land around the pinnacle and it looked quite small from way up. This is wonderful, he thought, I am above the world!

After staring into space for some time, he saw the sun was low in the sky, and thought he better climb down again. But going down the rock was slow and hard work. So, impatiently he spoke, "Ah, if only there was a faster way down." And then, while he was still very near the top, a great whooshing sound was heard, and a pterodactyl swooped down and knocked the man off the rock. Down, down, down he fell, until his body splattered at the base of the rock below.

The man's impatience to get down had cost him his life. Now, he is dead. If one day you visit the pinnacle that the man climbed, you might still see his rotting bones where he landed, and if you climb up to the top, you might find his name carved into the stone. But when you come down, don't rush, because if you try, you might fall and die.