Chapter One

This story takes place in a society much like our own, but with one major difference.

That difference will become apparent pretty quickly …..

I dropped a loaf of bread into my shopping cart and headed for the paper aisle. I'd been coming to this Super Target for years, but recently they'd moved everything around. The Kleenex was now over by small appliances. I'd picked a couple of boxes and added them to my other items when I noticed a young woman about 20 feet away trying to get something off the top shelf. I walked over.

"Something you need help with?" I asked.

"Yeah," she said. "The coffee maker I want is way up there and it weighs too much. It looks like the last one and I don't want to drop it."

She was a nice looking girl, medium height, with short black hair, but even if she'd been a crone, I still would have helped her. I carefully worked the box off the shelf and eased it into her cart.

The girl smiled at me. "Thanks," she said.

"No problem."

"No, really. I've been looking for someone who works here and I guess they're all on break. I'd like to thank you. How about a quick blowjob?"

"Sure, that'd be good. The restrooms are right over there."

As we walked, I pulled out my wallet and extracted my credit card. "I'm Jack, by the way".

"I'm Carley."

Outside the restrooms, we left our carts in the "temporary cart" area and I swiped my card in the slot next to the door of the first vacant booth. Carley picked up her purse and we stepped inside. I locked the deadbolt.

"Do you want me naked?" Carley asked.

"Yeah. I'd love to see your body."

Carley was wearing a simple cotton dress that fit her well. She pulled it over her head and, as I expected, she wasn't wearing anything else except her sandals. She hung the dress on one of the hooks the restroom designers had thoughtfully provided.

"Very nice," I said approvingly. "You're very beautiful."


I kicked off my sandals, unbuckled my belt and unsnapped my shorts. As I unzipped my zipper, I asked, "Is it okay if I touch you before we get started"?

"Sure. Thanks for asking. Most guys would just grab me."

I removed my shorts and hung them a hook, then removed my shirt.

Her skin was warm. I put my hands on her waist and just looked at her body. Her breasts were a little on the small side, but perfectly shaped and just right for her slim frame. I ran my hands down across her hips, then across her stomach and up to her breasts. They were firm, with large, puffy nipples. I caressed

her nipples with my thumbs and they hardened.

I was starting to get an erection. Carley moved me out of the way and sat down on the small bed.

"Lie back for a minute," I said. "I want to see your pussy."

She smiled as she lay back. She raised her legs and spread them.

"Oh, that's perfect," I said. "I've never seen a prettier pussy."

I knelt down for a closer look. Her inner lips protruded slightly from her smooth outer lips. She was open just a little and I gently rubbed her slit. She sighed and I slid one finger inside.

Carley reluctantly pushed my hand away and lowered her legs. "You're getting me excited and I don't have time to fuck you. I said 'quick blowjob', remember?"

She scooted to the end of the bed. "Do you want to stand or sit or what?" she asked.

"I'll sit."

I took one of the "blowjob cushions" (they're really just marine flotation cushions) off the shelf and dropped it on the floor between my feet as I sat down. Carley knelt down and rested her hands on my thighs. I was fully erect. "Nice cock," she said.

She stroked me several times and then slid me into her mouth. Within a few seconds, she had her nose against my belly. Her tongue moved back and forth as she cupped my balls with her left hand.

Carley began bobbing her head, deepthroating me with every bob. She wasn't wasting any time and I didn't try to hold back. 'Ahhh," I moaned. "That's great. Alright if I cum in your mouth?"

She lifted her head for a moment and nodded. "I'd prefer it. I don't want to screw up my makeup or walk around with cum on me. I'd rather swallow." She went back to sucking me.

Soon, I was really feeling it. "Not much longer," I panted. "Getting close. Yeah. Excellent. Hold me in your mouth while I cum. Almost there. Ahhhh, yessss!"

I came and Carley sucked and stroked me until I was finished. I could see her throat work as she swallowed. When she knew I was through, she licked the last drop off my cock and smiled.

"Thank you," I sighed. "That was wonderful."

Carley rummaged in her purse and pulled out a card. It had her first name and a cell phone number on it. "Call me."

She dropped her dress over her head and used the mirror on the door to check her makeup and apply new lipstick.

I returned the BJ cushion to the shelf and got dressed. When she was ready, I opened the door and we stepped out. A woman in her 60s was coming out of the women's toilet and gave us a dirty look. Carley giggled. The woman snorted and kept walking.

Carley laughed. "When do you think she got laid last?" I just shook my head. That woman probably couldn't remember the last time anyone she knew had a caught a cold or the flu or had an infection of any kind. No one had stomach ulcers anymore. Ulcers and many cancers were caused by viruses and all viruses and harmful bacteria were killed by the GermZappers. Even if she didn't approve of all the casual sex going on, it seemed like a small price to pay for the terrific health benefits.

Carley and I pushed our carts to the checkout. Carley went first and waited while I paid and picked up my bags. She gave me a kiss. "Call me."

On the drive home, I thought about the disapproving woman in Target. A couple of years earlier, I'd had a conversation with my uncle Carl, who had just turned 60, about how things had changed since the GermZapper came out. He told me about the guy who'd invented it.

Ed Pierce was an unremarkable electronics tech who'd been fired from his job for having some pretty nasty rape fantasy porn in his desk at work. The head of HR was a lesbian with no sense of humor and Ed soon found himself in the parking lot with all his stuff in a cardboard box. That was in March, 1980, eight years before I was born.

Ed applied for unemployment and started looking for a job. While he looked, he spent his spare time working on a truly stupid project. Ed wanted to build a Phaser. He had no idea how to do it or if it was even possible, but that didn't stop him.

In early May, Ed had a bad cold and didn't feel like doing anything, but he'd come up with a combination of components he thought would work. When he applied power to his device, nothing obvious happened. Ed unhooked the device, left it on his workbench and went to bed.

The next morning Ed noticed two things. First, his cold was gone. Second, he had the runs. Instead of a Phaser, Ed had invented the GermZapper. His device, unfortunately, not only killed all harmful bacteria and every virus known to man, it also killed all the beneficial bacteria, like the ones that live in our guts and are essential for digestion. Since Ed had no freaking idea how his new invention worked, he went to his sister's husband, who was a patent attorney. They came up with a patent that covered the device and every conceivable application. Then they went to a huge multi-national corporation and made a deal. The corporation gave Ed a billion dollars up front and part of the price of every GermZapper that was sold anywhere in the world. The corporation did exhaustive R&D and, after 16 months of mostly trial and error work, they refined the GermZapper so it would only kill harmful germs and leave the good ones alone. The final product produced a field that was 16 feet, 2 inches in diameter. No one ever figured out exactly how the damned thing worked or why, no matter how much power they applied, the field remained exactly the same size. They sold a fantastic number of GermZappers and everyone got rich. Ed became the richest man in the world, by far.

The social effects of the GermZapper were dramatic. Before GermZappers came along, people were concerned about contracting what were called "STDs", or Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Most STDs weren't fatal, but they were painful and it was very easy to catch them. People often used stretchy Latex bags called "condoms" that guys wore on their penises, so that men and women wouldn't be exposed to each others' fluids when they had sex. That sounds phenomenally stupid and unpleasant to me, but it was the accepted way to have sex at the time. Condoms also prevented pregnancy, but birth control pills were already making that unnecessary.

After GermZappers became available, they were mounted in the doorways of every clinic, hospital, airport, train and bus station, mall and every other place where there was significant foot traffic. Not only were most diseases wiped out, but STDs were eliminated and the only reasons not to have sex were custom and religion. Neither of those things did much to slow the surge of casual, no-strings sex that swept the world. There was no longer any reason for people who found each other attractive not to fuck.

Now, over thirty five years after the GermZapper came on the market, there's more fucking going on than our grandparents would have thought possible. Virtually every club, bar, mall and shopping center has restrooms. Before the GermZapper, they all had restrooms, but their restrooms didn't have lockable booths with beds in them. It's impossible to go to a party where no one is having sex. All beaches are "clothing optional". Technically, it's illegal to have sex in public, but no one could enforce a law like that and no one tries.

Birth control pills are provided by all health plans at no charge. Daily Cialis (sorry, you have to pay) is the biggest selling prescription medication in the world.

My sister Lora was staying with me while she visited friends in the area. When I got home, she and an old fuck buddy named Ken were screwing on the sofa. From the amount of sweat on their bodies, they'd been at it for a while. They ignored me. I set my bags on the kitchen table and walked back into the family room to watch the action. Ken was pounding it to Lora pretty damn hard. Lora had her arms and legs wrapped around Ken and was letting out a loud "Uhnhhhhh" every second thrust. Her mouth was open and her eyes were closed. It looked like she was going to cum pretty soon. Her grunts rose in pitch and volume until I expected to hear dogs barking in response. She released a final, piercing wail and bucked wildly. Ken desperately tried to stay with her and kept banging her hard until she started to quiet down. He stopped thrusting and lay on top of her, panting.

After a minute or so, Lora opened her eyes and grinned at Ken. "Good. Real, real good." She was still breathing hard. "Did you cum yet?"

Ken shook his head. "Not yet." He slowly pumped her and they kissed. "Touch my balls. You know how I like it."

Lora reached between them and cupped his scrotum. "Like that?"

Ken nodded and sucked her nipples. "Yeah, that's good. Like that." He stroked steadily in and out of her as she caressed his sac.

A minute later he pulled out and knelt between her legs. "Just stroke me. Use your fingertips. Slow and gentle." He put both hands on her breasts.

Lora did as he asked, alternating hands and stroking from the base of his shaft to the tip. Ken grinned and bent down to kiss her. "Where do you want to cum?" Lora asked.

"In your pussy. Just keep doing that. When I'm ready, I'll go inside you and cum there."

I watched as my sister stroked her friend while he played with her boobs. Ken was breathing in short gasps. Suddenly, he grabbed his dick and pushed it into Lora. He pumped into her two or three times and came. It looked pretty intense. Ken was shaking and moaning. He pushed himself as far as he could into Lora and shuddered. Lora was shoved half a foot down the sofa as Ken tried to thrust even farther into her.

I went back into the kitchen to put my groceries away and give them time to calm down. I opened a beer and walked into the family room. The two of them were just separating. I handed them a plastic tub of wipes and flopped in a chair.

"That looked like fun," I said. "Has anybody thought about supper?"

"We're going to meet some people later," said Ken, wiping his dick. "There's some leftover Thai food from lunch in the 'fridge you can have. Are you going out?"

"Nope, I'm staying in tonight. I have some paperwork to do. Anyway, I just got a blowjob from a girl in Target."

"No kidding?" said Lora. "How did that happen?"

"I helped her get something down from a top shelf and she wanted to thank me. She gave me her number. I'll give her a call in a day or two and we'll get together. Nice girl. She looks like a good fuck, maybe a steady fuck-buddy. You never know."

Ken and Lora went to take a shower and I heated the Thai food. It wasn't the best I've had, but it was edible.

Two days later, I left a voicemail for Carley. She called back an hour later.

"What are you doing Saturday?" she asked.

"No plans. What do you have in mind?"

"I'm house-sitting for my parents. They have a big place in Sebastian with a pool and I'm inviting some people over. We'll swim, do some grilling, the usual."

"That sounds good. Text me the address and what time to be there. Should I bring anything?"

"Bring anything you want grilled and your drinks."

"I'll be there."

Saturday morning, I got to Sebastian about 10:30 and found the place easily. There was a sign taped to the front door saying to come around the back. The back yard was huge and looked out on the Indian River. There was a large, free-form pool and an enormous propane grill.

Carley saw me looking around and came over. She was naked and looked even better than I remembered. "Let's get your stuff in the cooler. You can leave your clothes anywhere."

There was a line of coolers and I stuffed my food and a bottle of wine into one of them. I added a six-pack of beer to the community cooler. I dropped my clothes inside next to a chair.

Carley hugged me. She'd been in the sun and felt nice and warm. I started to get hard. Carley took my dick in her hand and squeezed it. "I'll get to this later. Right now I want you to meet some of my friends."

There were three guys and four girls there already. Carley introduced me. One of the girls was a tall redhead named Dianne with medium-length straight hair, large, obviously fake boobs and a well-trimmed bush. She was talking to a short black girl named Keesha who couldn't have weighed more than 90 lbs. Keesha had small breasts, a tiny waist and was completely shaved. She was absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. I wanted to put her in a shoebox and take her home.

The other two girls were in the pool. One, a good-looking blond, was standing in the pool sucking a guy who was sitting on the side drinking a beer. The other one, a skinny, hard looking dark haired girl who

was covered in tattoos, was in waist-deep water holding onto the side of the pool while a stocky black man fucked her from the rear. The guy had one hand around her, rubbing her clit. As we watched, she came. At least I think she came. She didn't make a sound and only the agonized expression on her face gave her away.

"I'll introduce you later," Carley said.

We walked back toward the house. "I brought a nice red Zinfandel," I said. "Would you like a glass?"

"Sure," she said. "I've never tried red Zin, just white."

There were wine glasses in the kitchen. I poured us each a glass and we touched them together.

"What are we toasting?" Carley asked.

"Each other. I think you and I are going to have some good times."

She took a sip of wine. "I like this. It has a different taste."

She took another sip. "I liked your taste the other day when you came in my mouth. It was a little salty, but still nice. I could taste you for hours."

"I never got the chance to taste you," I said. "Remember, I told you I want to go down on you. You have a beautiful pussy. I want to lick you and suck your clit. I want to make you cum. Repeatedly. In fact, I'd like to do it right now."

Carley took another sip of wine and set her glass down. She put her arms around my neck and pressed her body against mine. She kissed me with her mouth open. She looked into my eyes. "I hope you can eat pussy as well as you can kiss."

I set my glass on an end table. Carley took my hand and led me into a bedroom. We didn't bother to close the door.

We stood holding each other and kissing for several minutes, each of us touching the other's body. My hard-on slipped between her legs. I held her ass and rubbed the upper side of my cock against her slit. She was wet. She moaned into my mouth as she rubbed her clit against me.

Carley broke the kiss and leaned back. "I can't wait to fuck you. I want to feel you inside me. But right now I want your mouth on me."

She sat on the side of the bed and lay back with her legs apart. I took a pillow off the bed and placed it on the rug. Kneeling down, her pussy was right in front of me. It was open and wet and it smelled clean and slightly musky.

I put my hands on the backs of her thighs and kissed the insides, moving from one to the other. I worked my way toward her center, softly kissing and licking. I was waiting for her to raise her hips, searching for my mouth and soon she did. I licked along where her inner thighs met her pussy, moving clockwise over her pussy in one direction and under it in the other. She began breathing harder and humped her hips,

trying to follow my mouth. As I passed under her pussy on the next circuit, I licked slowly straight up her slit. She groaned and pushed against my mouth. Licking up and down a few times, I pressed my lips against her and pushed my tongue into her as far as I could. I heard a gasp and felt her hands on my head, holding me tight. Running my tongue up and down inside of her brought another groan and pressure from her hands urging me upwards.

Carley was excited and her clit had popped out of its hiding place. I licked around it a few times in one direction, then reversed and licked the other way. Then I sucked it between my lips and flicked it with my tongue. I heard a moan and a gasp and suddenly Carley was much wetter. She'd cum very quickly.

I slid two fingers into her and pumped them in and out with increasing speed as I sucked and tongued her clit. She held my head tight with her hands and humped against my mouth. She came again and then again in less than a minute. She pushed my head away.

"Stop, stop, no more," she gasped. "Give me a minute. God, that was ... ahaaaa!"

I left my fingers inside her and reached up with my other hand to caress her breasts. When I felt her move her hips, I resumed stroking inside her. She was still breathing hard. I licked her slit again, moving slowly and staying away from her clit. Her whole body shook.

"Just like that. Keep doing that. Ahaaa, I'm going to cum again. Ahaaa, ahaaa, don't stop, ahaaa, uhhhh!" She came and her body went rigid. I didn't stop. She held her breath and shivered several times. Wetness ran down my chin and dripped on the bedspread.

Finally, she pushed me away and took some deep breaths. I pulled my fingers out of her and sat back on my heels. I kissed her inner thighs and the inside of her knees. Her breathing slowed.

I climbed onto the bed and lay next to her, caressing her breasts and kissing her neck. The smile on her face was all I needed to know that I'd given her what she wanted.

"Wow," said a female voice from the doorway. The black girl, Keesha and the redhead, Dianne were standing there. Carley and I grinned at them.

"I wish I had a video of that," Keesha said. She bounced over to the bed and flopped beside me. Dianne followed more slowly, her oversized tits leading the way. She lay down next to Carley.

"How long have you two been watching?" asked Carley.

"Long enough to get wet," answered Dianne.

Keesha rolled to her knees. "Yeah, check this out!" She grabbed my hand and shoved it between her legs. She was wet, alright. I pushed two fingers into her. Her vagina was tight. Everything about her was small except her personality. "Is this the guy you sucked off in Target?" she asked Carley.

"Yeah. He was just returning the favor."

Keesha wrapped her hand around my erect penis. We smiled at each other. I moved my fingers inside her as she stroked me.

"Gotta pee," said Carley. She headed for the bathroom.

Dianne moved over next to me and put her hand on my balls. "Have you two fucked yet?" she asked.

"No. We'll get to it in a while."

Dianne leaned down and Keesha fed my cock into her mouth. Flat on my back, I put my hands behind my head and watched. The tall redhead and the short black girl were taking turns sucking me when Carley came back into the room. She crawled up between my legs and joined in. I've been sucked by multiple girls before and it's always a lot of fun.

The girls sucked and licked me for several minutes. I was very hard and thoroughly enjoying myself when Carley smiled at me and asked, "How about it? Do you wanna fuck?" I nodded.

Carley moved up and positioned her pussy over my cock. Dianne reached between Carley's legs and got me lined up. Carley lowered herself onto me. She was still very wet and I went in easily.

I fondled Carley's breasts and tweaked her nipples. She rested her hands on my chest and moved up and down slowly. Keesha massaged Carley's clit while Dianne stroked my balls. This was turning out to be an outstanding day.

Carley's movements sped up and became more urgent. She leaned forward and Keesha increased pressure on her clit. I watched Carley's face contort. She exhaled sharply and came. I wanted to join her, but it was too soon. I knew I had a long afternoon ahead of me. I flexed hard and managed to control myself.

"Whoooo!" Carley said. She rolled of me. "I need a break. I'm all shaky."

Keesha didn't hesitate for a second. "My turn," she yelled and swung her leg over me. She grabbed my cock and used it to rub her slit. She was very tight and it took her several tries to get me inside. Once I was in, she started humping enthusiastically. She sat up straight and masturbated herself rapidly. I held onto her waist. Staying inside her was a challenge. She was using me as a fuck toy without any regard for my pleasure. I was disappointed, but what the hell; it was fun watching her get off, which she did three times in the next few minutes.
When Keesha was finished, she hopped off me and went into the bathroom without a word. I decided I didn't want to take her home after all.

Carley had watched the whole performance. She shook her head. "That girl needs to work on her people skills!"

I'd lost some of my erection. Dianne used a handful of wipes to clean me up. When she was satisfied, she lowered her mouth over me and soon I was hard again.

Carley and I kissed while Dianne went down on me. Carley lifted her head. "Do the two of you want to fuck?" she asked Dianne. "I want to feel Jack cum inside me, but there's no hurry. It's almost time to start grilling and we can fuck again after lunch."

"Well," said Dianne, "it's about time somebody got this poor guy off. He's given you a bunch of orgasms and put up with Keesha's shit." She moved to the middle of the bed, lay down on her back and spread her legs. "I'm ready," she said. "Come into me."

I crawled between her legs and pressed my erection against her lips. She was ready, all right. I slid in a couple of inches on the first thrust. Dianne put her hands on my ass and pulled me all the way into her. She was a big girl, almost my height and in great shape. She was more muscular than she looked. After Keesha, though, her pussy seemed loose. Then she tightened up and squeezed me. Her strength was amazing. My eyes opened wide and my cock jerked. Dianne laughed.

"Didn't expect that, did you?" She laughed again. I could feel her laugh through the walls of her vagina as she gripped me. "Fuck me!"

We fucked, with me flexing my cock and her clamping down on me. The combination of friction and clamping was very stimulating and I had to keep stopping so I wouldn't lose control. Dianne was enjoying the hell out of our game. Carley watched with a broad smile on her face. She knew Dianne and knew what was going on.

Dianne pushed me out of her pussy. "Fuck my tits," she said. "Carley, do you have any lube?" Carley opened a drawer in the nightstand and took out a bottle. She handed it to Dianne, who popped the cap and squirted some between her breasts. I sat astride Dianne's ribcage and laid my cock between her boobs. They were ridiculously big and firm. She pushed them together with my cock trapped between them. I began humping her tits.

I wasn't surprised that she wanted me to do this. I've fucked a lot of girls with fake boobs and they all wanted me to pay attention to them. They've invested a lot of money in the things and expect guys to appreciate them.

"God," I said. "Your tits are really firm. They're fantastic!" Dianne grinned and I winked at Carley, who just managed to stifle a laugh.

I fucked Dianne's boobs for a while, but titty fucking doesn't do much for me. Dianne, on the other hand, was having a great time. She seemed to think I was going to cum from the joy of fucking her big fake tits and splatter her face with cum. The feeling of sliding between her breasts was alright, but the position wasn't very comfortable and I'd rather cum in a pussy or a mouth any day.

Carley could tell what I was thinking. She set the box of wipes next to my leg and waited. I slid out from between Dianne's boobs and started wiping her off. "I want to finish fucking you," I said. Dianne looked a little disappointed, but she opened her legs and let me slide inside her.

It felt much better in her pussy. We picked up our game where we'd left off. I reached between us and rubbed Dianne's clit with a circular motion. That did the trick and she came twice in the next five minutes.

Finally, I thought, it's my turn. "Get up and lean over the bed," I said. "I want to fuck you from behind and finish inside you."

Dianne stood next to the bed and assumed the position. I entered her and started fucking, setting my own pace. I reached around and played with her breasts to keep her happy. Carley knelt next to me and watched me fuck Dianne. She cupped and caressed my balls. She had a good, close-up view of my cock and Dianne's pussy.

I was long past being ready for an orgasm. It only took a few more minutes for me to get there. Dianne clamped down, held me tight and I came hard. After fucking and being sucked by three women for nearly an hour, my orgasm was so strong it almost hurt. When I was finished cumming, I pulled out of Dianne and sat down hard on the bed. I was dizzy. Carley handed Dianne some wipes and knelt between my legs to clean me. She had some wipes, but she sucked me into her mouth and licked me. I was almost too sensitive for that.

Dianne went to the bathroom and I heard her peeing. Carley gently sucked and licked me. It felt very good and I was surprised to find myself getting hard again. Carley noticed. She squatted down, looked into my eyes and sucked a little harder. "Jesus," I said. "That feels so good. I almost think I could cum again."

Carley smiled. "What do you think, Jack? Would you like a quick blowjob?"

I nodded. "I'll stand up this time."

Carley moved back to give me room to stand. I stood with my feet apart so she'd be able to get to my balls easily. She pushed my cock against my belly and licked my balls. I love having my balls licked and I sighed with pleasure. "That's good," I said. "Do that some more."

I clasped my hands behind my back and watched her lick me for a few minutes. "Suck me now. Lots of tongue. Yeah. Perfect."

I was really hard. Something about Carley definitely turned me on. I've fucked dozens of better looking girls, but there was something about her ...

I could feel my orgasm approaching. "Carley," I whispered. She stopped and looked at me. "I want to fuck you now. I want to be inside you. I want to cum inside you."

Her smile was something I'd never seen before. There was emotion there. She was touched by what I'd said. "How do you want me?" she asked.

"Face to face. Just relax and let me fuck you. There's nothing better I could ask for."

Carley lay in the middle of the bed on her back. She held out her arms and her legs were open for me. When I slid into her it felt fantastic, better than the first time.

I fucked her with a slow, steady pace. We kissed. Unlike so many girls, she kept her eyes open when she was fucking. "Keep your eyes open," I whispered. "I want to look into your eyes when I cum inside you." She smiled and nodded.

The walls of her vagina felt wonderful. I felt the familiar tingle start up the backs of my thighs.

"I'm going to cum. You feel so good. You feel perfect. Ahaaa, yessss. Ahaaa, ahaaa, ahaaa!"

I was looking into her eyes when I came. I saw something new there. I wasn't sure what it was, but I liked it.

When I was finished, we kissed for a few minutes and I eased out of her. Neither of us said anything. We cleaned up and headed out to the back yard.

To be continued …..