Chapter 9

Marja and the Finns come to Florida

"Oh, look, he caught a fish!" Marja pointed excitedly to an osprey, zooming up from the surface of the Banana River with a mullet in its talons. The fish struggled futilely.

"The nest is in the tall tree on the point of that island," I told her, pointing it out. As we watched, the eagle flapped its way to a landing. "I think they have chicks. It's the right time of year."

Marja smiled at me. "I love the view, Jack. I didn't know Florida was like this."

Marja's friend, Thor, was sitting next to her in a wide recliner on the dock behind my house. Thor looked slightly out of place next to the gorgeous six foot blond Finnish heiress. Thor, despite his name, was a dwarf. As is often the case, Thor had a normal size body and a slightly larger than normal head. He was about four foot eight. Contained in that head of his was the mind of an applied math genius and a very talented mechanical engineer. Before I met Marja, I'd corresponded with Thor, picking his brain concerning some of the finer points of calculating the strength of exotic materials. Working together, we'd come up with some significantly advanced techniques for manufacturing super-light components for the growing commercial space business. Our patents were worth several fortunes.

Thor closed his eyes, relaxing in the mid-morning sun. Behind us, I could hear pock, pock, pock from the tennis court and splashes and laughter from the pool. Marja had brought four of her friends from Finland. The group spent three days in New York and had flown down to Florida, arriving late the previous night. They all spoke perfect English and were turning out to be excellent house guests.

Carley, who was a fine tennis player, had teamed up with George for a doubles match against two of the Finns, Neko and Thor's wife Taava. The match had been going on for quite a while. Judging by the grunts and cursing, it was close. They sounded serious. Well, there was a lot at stake.

Thor opened his eyes and snorted. "It's too hot. I'll be in the pool." He hopped down and took a second to caress Marja's right breast and pinch her nipple. He easily dodged her backhand slap. They both laughed.

"It's funny," I said. "I had no idea when I met you that you might know Thor. I'd never met him in person. We'd talked on the phone and sent a ton of e-mails. He just might be the smartest person I know."

"He's my cousin by marriage," said Marja. "We've known each other for twenty years or more."

Marja raised her arms and stretched. It was a sight worth seeing.

"One day, many years ago," she told me, "we were visiting my grandfather's estate. I could tell Thor was unhappy. I got him alone and made him tell me what was wrong. Kids at school had been teasing him about his size. He was afraid he would never be able to have sex with a girl because of the way he looked. I led him into the gardens where no one could see and made him take off his trousers and underwear. I'm a lesbian, of course, but I'd had a little experience with boys. I knew what a normal boy looked like. Thor looked normal to me. While I was examining him, he got an erection. He looked perfectly normal, maybe larger than normal."

Marja smiled at the memory. "I had given only one boy a handjob after sucking him a little. I offered to give Thor a blowjob. Naturally, he accepted at once. I had him lay on the grass and I took off my dress and lay between his legs. That was probably the simplest, most basic blowjob in history, but Thor loved it. He spilled very quickly. It surprised me when his sperm flew into my mouth. I hadn't thought about what I would do with his sperm. It didn't taste or feel bad, so I swallowed it. Some leaked out past my lips and I licked that off him and swallowed it, too. You've never seen a happier boy in your life."

Marja's story had given me an erection. She reached over and stroked me with her fingertips.

"Thor begged me to suck him some more. He was still hard. You know how I am, Jack. I liked the feeling of power when I made him spill. I liked the control. I was just discovering this about myself. I continued blowing him, trying different things to see what would produce the strongest reaction. I don't like the way penises look, but they are very interesting. Figuring out the best way to give a boy maximum pleasure and make him spill is like solving a puzzle. I like puzzles.

My mouth and tongue got tired and I had to stop. Thor wanted to fuck me. I had never had a penis inside me and didn't really want to do that. Thor begged me. 'Just for a minute,' he said. 'I just want to know what it feels like'. I told him he could put it in me, but he'd have to take it right out again. No fucking! If he tried to fuck me, I was going to hit him!"

Marja laughed. "Can you guess how well that worked? As soon as he touched his penis to my vagina, he spilled! He tried to push into me, but I felt his wetness and I pushed him away. He was devastated. He wanted to fuck so much! It made me sad.

We sat and talked. I let him touch me. He was such a nice boy. He told me I was beautiful and sexy. I let him touch and play with my breasts, but I didn't want him to touch my vagina. He kept asking me and finally I let him. He had a gentle touch and it felt good. It wasn't as nice as being touched by a girl, but I liked it. I let him put his fingers in me and massage my clitoris."

"Soon, Thor was hard again. I lay back and opened my legs. His touch had made me wet enough and he pushed his penis into me. It felt warm, but hard and strange. I wasn't sure if I liked it. I could feel the base of his penis against my clitoris when he thrust into me and that was pleasurable. He began fucking me, telling me how good it felt. I started to feel nervous, thinking about his sperm shooting up inside me. I didn't want that. Having him on top of me made me very uneasy. I pushed him away. That was hard to do. He didn't want to stop. I'm sure he was about to spill. He didn't fight me, but he resisted."

Marja sighed. "It hurt me to make him stop, but I couldn't tolerate having sperm inside me. I don't know why, but the thought disgusts me. I can't stand it. Thor was almost beside himself. I pushed him onto his back and sucked him. That was the first time I'd tasted myself on an erection. It was very

stimulating. I sucked Thor hard and fast and he spilled in my mouth again. I didn't lose a drop that time. I swallowed it all." She smiled. "I loved the way he moved, the sounds he made, the way his penis twitched and spurted when he spilled. I loved making him do those things."

Out in the channel, a pontoon boat slowly cruised past with two couples on it. They were all nude and they waved to us. The woman at the wheel was being fucked from behind by another woman wearing a big pink strap-on. One of the men stood behind her, apparently fucking her in the ass. The other man sat in the rear seat holding a glass of wine. They seemed like friendly folks. Marja squeezed my erection and we waved back.

"After his second blowjob, Thor felt much better. I told him he was completely normal, sexually. He was a dwarf, but I was sure that wouldn't keep him from having sex. We got dressed and wandered around, talking."

It was pleasant sitting in the warm, late morning sun with Marja stroking me. I remembered how good it felt when I came inside her in Venice and how quickly that feeling had disappeared when I saw how upset she was. My erection wilted.

"What's wrong?' asked Marja.

"I was thinking about Venice, and the way you reacted when I came in you. That bothers me a lot. Sex should always be about pleasure and fun and maybe love. I hurt you. That was wrong. I knew how you felt about having a man cum inside you. I told myself it was your decision and it would be alright, but I knew better. I shouldn't have done it. I can't tell you how sorry I am."

"Oh, Jack!" she said. "Please don't feel that way. I never blamed you. You had been kind to me. You treated me well. I liked you very much and I still do. I wanted to do something nice for you. It was enjoyable, being on top of you and riding you, watching you become more and more excited. I had that feeling of power and control I get when I suck a man. I thought I might get the same satisfaction by making you spill inside me. I hadn't happened that way before, but it had been years since I'd tried it."

Marja shook her head. "Nothing had changed. It was very distressing."

Marja got up and sat on my lap. "Listen to me! That was not your fault! You are not to blame yourself. Not at all." She touched my face and smiled. "When you think about Venice, remember fucking me during my fantasy. Those were two of the most intense orgasms I've had in my life. I didn't tell you, but I was imagining my brother fucking me and spilling in my womb, maybe making me pregnant. If you had spilled in me, it would have been, how do you say, the icing on the cake. But you didn't know that. What you and Lora did for me was something I'll treasure until I die." She kissed me. "Before I leave, I'm going to let you fuck me again." She shook her finger in my face. "But no spilling inside me! Anyplace else is good. Well, not in my ass. You know how I feel about that."

Cheers and cursing erupted at the tennis court. A tennis racket sailed over the bougainvilleas, bounced off the dock and into the water. Marja and I got up and headed for the source of the noise.

Carley and George were doing a victory dance around Neko and Taava. Neko was curled into a ball with his hands over his ears. Taava held her racket as if she were about to commit murder, shouting in Finnish at her partner. I got the impression Neko might have made a boo-boo.

Carley ran over and jumped into my arms. "We won! We fucking beat them! What a match!" She was very sweaty and very, very happy.

"What happened? Did Neko fuck up?"

Carley nodded, grinning.

Taava glared at me. "He missed an easy shot! He was outside the line by a meter!" She turned to Neko. "Goat fucker!" she yelled. "Limp dick, yogurt balls, boy lover!" She switched to Finnish.

Vavara, Ruth, Dean, Thor and Lora hurried over from the pool. They were all wet and naked. Ruth and Dean were holding hands. Ruth's bald head shone brightly in the sun. Vavara's black hair hung straight down her back to below her ass. She was very beautiful and had the look of "old money". I hadn't gotten a chance to get to know her yet and I was looking forward to it.

"About time you got finished," said Dean. "I want to see how you settle the bet."

"Showers first," said George. He and Carley walked toward the house chattering happily with their arms around each other. Taava stalked off behind them. Neko sat up, relieved that no one seemed interested in killing him. He looked around. "Where's my racket?"

"You threw it in the river," I said. "Or somebody did. There's a boathook under the overhang above the boat."

Neko walked dejectedly toward the dock.

Marja laughed. "I want to swim before they get back. It should be a good show".

A half hour later we were all sitting in chairs out of the sun on my rear patio. George and Lora were happy as clams. Taava, sitting on her husband's lap, was infuriated but resigned. Neko was looking guilty and depressed.

"Okay, " I said. "As I understand it, the losers become sex slaves to the winners for an hour. Taava, you now belong to George. Carley, you own Neko." I punched a button on my watch to start the stopwatch.


Taava knelt in front of George. She was a medium size girl with full, natural breasts and a pretty face. Her light brown hair and pale skin contrasted sharply with George's coal black hair and skin. "What is your wish, Master?"

Ruth laughed. "That's no mystery. George loves ass. He's going to fuck your ass three or four times. I hope you're ready."

Taava smiled. "I like it in the ass," she said. "Does my master wish to fuck my ass?"

"Actually," said George, "no I don't. At least not right now. Right now I want you to suck my cock. Get me good and hard. We'll see what develops."

Taava tossed a cushion onto the tile floor of the patio and got down on her knees. She gripped George and began jerking him slowly. Taava leaned forward, opened her mouth wide and engulfed George's cock. He was pretty soft, but at least seven inches long. We could see Taava's jaw move. Her tongue slid around inside her cheeks. George sat back with a sigh.

Neko stood in front of Carley with his head down. He looked really unhappy. Marja had told me earlier that he liked rough, dominant sex and was looking forward to running through a series of rape scenarios, repeatedly tying Carley up, making her suck him, then gagging her and fucking her pussy and ass. All that was within the rules of the bet, but if he'd actually hurt Carley, he'd have made the trip home to Finland in a full body cast. Fortunately for him, he hadn't gotten the chance and now the shoe was on the other foot. I'd told Carley about his plans and she was ready.

"Neko," she said. "There's a mat in the storage room over there. Bring it out and spread it here in the middle of the deck."

Neko did as he was told.

"Now, pick me up and lay me on the mat."

Carley only weighed about 115 pounds, but Neko was small, too. He was in good shape, but he outweighed Carley by no more than 30 pounds. Getting her out of her chair and onto the mat wasn't easy.

"Now," commanded Carley, "get down there and eat me. If I don't like what you're doing, I'll tell you what I want. And you will do it!"

Neko got into position and started eating her. Carley grabbed him by the ears and steered him up and down and back and forth, issuing a constant flow of commands. She kept his face firmly against her vagina, making it hard for him to breathe. Neko started to sweat.

George watched Taava work. He was fully erect, making it tough for Taava to get more than about five inches of his rod in her mouth. She licked his balls and cock slowly, teasing him and apparently enjoying herself. George pulled her up his body and kissed her. He had her kiss his face and neck. She sucked his nipples. He kissed her again, then told her to stand up.

"Play with yourself," George told her. "Get yourself good and wet. When you're ready, you're going to sit on my cock and fuck me."

Taava used both hands. It wasn't long before we could all hear the liquid, squelching sounds of her fingers plunging in and out of her pussy.

"That's good," said George. He adjusted the back of his chaise lounge to almost full recline. His erection pointed straight up. "Now fuck me."

Taava swung her leg over George. She looked between them, lowered herself and slid over George. She hadn't used her hands; quite a trick, considering the diameter of George's erection. She glanced toward Thor, who gave her a thumbs-up.

Taava gripped the arms of George's chair and fucked him. George explored her body. He had a big grin on his face.

In the meantime, Neko was struggling. Carley seemed more interested in making his life a living hell than in getting off. Finally, she held him in the same place long enough for her to cum. I knew Carley well and that wasn't a very good orgasm. It was her show, though. She had her agenda and Neko was stuck with it.

Vavara caught my eye and crooked her finger at me. She led me through the French doors into the house and turned to face me.

"Marja has been talking non-stop about you and your sister and Carley since she got home. She told us everything about your fun together. It sounded marvelous."

Vavara stood quietly, with her hands at her sides. "I'm a guest in your home, so I shouldn't ask for a favor, but I'd like to know. Tell me please, would you like to have sex with me?"

I laughed. "Are you kidding? You're a very beautiful woman. You have an exquisite body. Haven't you noticed that way I've looked at you? I want you and I haven't tried to hide it."

Vavara blushed. "I noticed. I want you, too.

I took her in my arms and held her. I caressed her back and ass. Her right hand slipped between us and she cupped my scrotum.

"Before we start, I have to tell you what I like and don't like. It's strange, I know, but I hate oral sex. Kissing anywhere else is good, but not there. Touching is always good, anywhere. I hate anal sex. I did it once and it was terrible. He was kind and gentle and loving, but it was terrible. When I felt his sperm spill in my ass I thought I would die."

Vavara leaned back and looked into my eyes. "I'm sorry I don't like these things. I can't help it. I do love to have a man inside me in the usual way in almost any position." She gave my balls a little squeeze. "I'd like to fuck with you. You're a very attractive man. If you don't require oral or anal sex, we can enjoy each other and have fun."

"Straight sex is fine with me," I said. "How do you want to start?"

"Touch me and I'll touch you. We can use that couch."

We sat on the sofa. We kissed and Vavara moved my hand to her breasts. She caressed my chest and abs. She was an excellent kisser.

I broke the kiss. "I want to look at your body."

Vavara really was exceptionally beautiful. She obviously worked out hard. There was a lot of definition in her arms, legs and abs. She had very firm, natural breasts. I kissed her breasts and sucked her nipples. My hand dropped to her vagina. She was only a little damp. I touched her outer lips and she opened her legs all the way. I moved one finger inside her and felt her wetness. Vavara turned with a sigh and reclined on the sofa. She opened her legs, raising them toward the ceiling. With any other woman, I'd take that as a sign she wanted me to go down on her. Instead, I slid two fingers into Vavara's pussy. I got on my knees between her thighs and kissed and licked her breasts and nipples as she moved against my fingers. She used both hands on my cock and balls. She was seriously lovely. I was seriously hard. My cock was only a few inches from her vagina. I shifted slightly and slid between her lips. She lifted her hips and I entered her for the first time.

I always love the feeling of penetrating a woman for the first time. Each woman has a different feel, a different texture. Some feel a little rough and others feel smooth. Vavara's pussy was like oiled silk. She was almost supernaturally smooth and tight. She felt fantastic. She felt wonderful.

I pulled out and rubbed myself inside her lips and against her clit. When I moved inside her again, the feeling was the same. Vavara had an outstanding pussy. This was going to be an outstanding fuck. Or so I thought.

As I stroked into her, Vavara raised her pelvis and thrust back at me, signaling that she wanted to fuck harder. I increased the intensity of my thrusts, but no matter how much harder I fucked her, she wanted more.

Vavara hooked her heels behind my ass and forcefully pulled me into her with every stroke. "Hit me," she hissed. "Hit me, hit me, hit me."

What the fuck? I thought. Does she want me to slap her?

"Pump! Pump hard! Hit me with your prick! Pump, pump, pump!" Her voice had taken on a low, raspy, savage tone. This was getting a little spooky.

I slammed into Vavara, trying to mash her clit with every stroke and that seemed to be what she wanted. She didn't need to be fucked fast, but she surely was fixated on being fucked really, really hard.

At first, I was afraid I was going to hurt her. That fear passed in the first half minute. To Vavara, there was no such thing as "too hard". I slammed into her time and time again. She wailed and shook, digging her heels into my ass. She came, shaking her head and thrashing. I pounded into her without any letup and she came again.

Vavara slowed her movements and seemed to go limp. She whimpered.

That was quick, I thought. Is she through?

After a moment, she opened her eyes. "That was good." She smiled. "Did you spill?"

I just looked at her. "Shit no! Are you serious? With all that goddamned 'pumping' I couldn't feel a thing."

Vavara looked at me innocently. "I like vigorous sex. Some men like it. Some don't."

"'Vigorous' is right! It might have been a good idea to tell me about that 'vigorous sex' shit when you were going through your list of what you like and don't like," I said angrily. "Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to fuck you the way I like to fuck. No 'pumping' if you please. We're going to do this more slowly, so I can feel what the hell I'm doing."

I started thrusting and Vavara's heels immediately went to my ass. She pressed, trying to get me going.

"Vavara, stop it! I fucked you the way you wanted and got you off. Twice. Now it's my turn. Lie still. Don't move. I'm going to go slow. I want to look at that body of yours and feel your velvety pussy around me. I can't do that if you're bouncing around and kicking me in the ass."

I supported myself on my hands and glided in and out of her. She felt incredible.

Vavara closed her eyes and tried to keep still. I could tell it was hard for her. Tough shit, I thought. You blindsided me with that "hit me" crap. Now you can lie there like a normal human female while I fuck you and dump my load in you. If you don't like it, you can kiss my ass.

After five or six minutes, Vavara opened her eyes. "Are you going to spill soon?" she asked.

"I'll cum when I'm ready. Do you have another appointment?"

She frowned, closed her eyes and tried to relax.

"Hold still and keep quiet," I told her. "Trying to rush me isn't going to help."

The next ten minutes were very enjoyable. Even without her exceptional vagina, fucking a woman with such a great body would be fun. I repeatedly brought myself almost to the point of orgasm and then pushed hard into her until the tension faded, savoring the feeling, giving myself pleasure without any regard for the woman underneath me. I entertained myself by playing with her superb breasts and sucking her small, hard nipples. Vavara screwed up her face and twitched. In a perverse way, the fact that she was so impatient for me to finish made it even better for me.

As I got closer to my orgasm, I decided to mess with Vavara some more. I fucked her carefully, building up the pressure, feeling the tension increase. "I'm almost there, Vavara," I lied, getting her hopes up. "Just a little more." I stopped moving and flexed my cock inside her until Vavara started to squirm. Then I fucked her, keeping it slow, lengthening my strokes and using her lovely body as a vehicle for masturbation until finally I came, launching gouts of cum into the weird, freaky Finn. She lay there, ignoring my pleasure.

When I'd finished, Vavara opened her eyes and looked at my as if I were a train that had arrived late. Well, what the hell. It had been a totally impersonal fuck, but a fine, intense orgasm in the tight pussy of a beautiful woman. You can't have everything.

I backed out of Vavara and cleaned myself with wipes from a tub on the coffee table. Vavara wiped the front of her body and her crotch. Neither of us said anything. Vavara headed in the direction of the nearest downstairs bathroom. I went outside.

Things were heating up.

Taava had "assumed the position" with her hands braced against the wall. True to form, George had his cock firmly planted in her ass. Thor sat on a long footstool close to them, not missing a thing. Lora sat next to Thor, idly jerking him.

"That's a good slave," crooned George. "My slave has a nice tight ass. Mmmmm, such a nice tight Scandinavian ass." George thrust into Taava and pulled out slowly. "Could use a little more lube, though." He plucked a bottle off the cocktail table and squirted a dollop onto his erection. He stroked into Taava a couple of times. "Ahhhh, much better." Taava moved in synch with him. She was definitely enjoying George's cock in her ass.

Carley hadn't moved from the mat. A light sheen of sweat covered her body. Neko tongue-fucked her frantically.

I bent over Lora. "They're still at it?"

"Yeah. She's fucking relentless. Once she got Neko doing just what she wanted, she wouldn't let him stop. She just keeps cumming and cumming. I'm starting to feel sorry for the poor bastard. His neck and tongue must be killing him." Lora jerked her chin at George and Taava. "This is really cool, though. After George fucked her for a while, he made her suck him again. Then he got her up against the wall. Taava must have done a hell of a lot of ass fucking. George's big dick went into her like nothing. He told her not to cum, but I know she has, at least four times." Lora looked at her watch. "It's been almost twenty-five minutes. George better cum soon if he wants to get to round two."

As if on cue, George picked up his pace. "Nice slave. Sexy slave. Your ass feels perfect, slave." We could all hear George slapping into Taava's ass as he got down to the short strokes. "Get ready, slave. Get ready." He slammed into her half a dozen more times. "Yesss, that's it! Ohhh, fuck! Ahhhh! Oh, shit that's good!" George pumped hard into Taava, who came loudly.

Thor leaned back, put his hand on Lora's head and nudged her toward his erection. "Could you blow me, please?" Lora licked him and began sucking his cock head. "That's perfect," Thor said. "Thank you." His eyes never left his wife and George.

George took a seat on his recliner and handed Taava a tub of wipes. "Clean me, slave. Do a good job. Remember, this cock's going to be in your mouth again real soon."

Vavara came out of the house and sat in one of the recliners. She looked bored, as if she'd just come from the library.

On the mat, Carley shoved Neko away from her. "That's enough for now." She got onto her knees and rested her face on the mat. "Fuck me. I'm ready for some cock."

To no one's surprise, Neko was totally flaccid. He knelt there in confusion. By the rules, he was obligated to do what Carley told him. Without a hard-on, though, he was going to have a tough time.

Carley looked behind her. "Fuck me! Right now! What the hell are you waiting for?"

Ruth was laughing so hard she had the hiccups. "Look at his dick, Carley. He's soft as a boiled noodle." She cracked up again. "I think I saw some splints in the house!"

Carley rolled over and sat up. She looked at Neko's penis with disgust. "All that time with your face in my snatch and you don't have a stiffy? Fuck, I'm insulted." She waved her arms at us. "Anybody want to buy a worthless slave?"

Neko looked like shit. He liked humiliating and degrading women, but when the roles were reversed, he couldn't handle it.

Vavara hurried over and squatted next to Carley. She spoke softly to her, trying to talk Carley into something and Carley was having none of it. Vavara persisted. A gob of cum slid out of Vavara and plopped onto the mat. Marja saw it and grinned at me. I waggled my dick at her. Finally, Carley relented.

"Slave, you have performed well under adverse conditions. Which you damned well deserved!" She got to her feet. "Bring me a chair." Neko grabbed a padded PVC pipe chair and set it on the mat. Carley sat down and motioned Neko to stand in front of her. She leaned forward. "I'm going to suck your useless dick until you get hard. Don't you dare cum in my mouth." She gave him a couple of licks, then started sucking. Neko put one hand on her head and she slapped it away. "No touching! Keep your hands behind your back!" Neko did as he was told and Carley continued giving him head.

I checked my watch. A little over 15 minutes to go.

George had Taava on her back on a recliner with her head hanging over the end. Her mouth was wide open. He was throat-fucking her enthusiastically, pausing every now and then to let her breathe. Taava had no trouble at all, despite the size of George's cock and the force he was using. George pulled Taava's nipples as he fucked her face.

About three feet away, Lora was on her hands and knees on one of the recliner cushions with Thor standing behind her. Thor was fucking my sister, but he seemed much more interested in watching George's cock piston in and out of his wife's throat. On the other side of George and Taava, Dean was getting a blowjob from Ruth.

Everyone seemed to be having a fine time. Even Neko was perking up. He had a pretty respectable erection and he was smiling.

Carley spit Neko's dick out and shoved the chair out of the way. She lay down on the mat and opened her legs. Neko looked hopeful. The look didn't last.

"Now," said Carley in a drill sergeant's tone, "I'm going to lie here on my back and you're going to fuck me. Keep your hands on the mat. Don't try to touch me. Your only job is to make me cum. When I've been satisfied, I'll allow you to have an orgasm. But! You will not have that orgasm in me! You will stand before me and I will masturbate you. To show my generosity, I will allow you to ejaculate on my body. Now fuck me!"

Neko scrambled on top of her and they started fucking. Carley let him set the pace. She closed her eyes, ignoring Neko as much as possible.

George jack-hammered his cock into Taava's face another dozen times, then pulled out. "Come with me, slave." He yanked Taava off the recliner and over to Carley's mat. "See what they're doing? I'm going to fuck you like that. I'm going to squirt about a quart of cum into you, to take home and show your friends. If you want to cum, be my guest. Get down there and get your legs wide apart."

Taava dropped to the mat, rolled onto her back and pointed her toes at the sky. George wasted no time getting on top of her and shoving his cock in. George was a strong guy and he fucked Taava with long, hard strokes, slamming into her with impressive force. She came right away. Next to them, Carley came, too.

Vavara watched George with her mouth open. She obviously liked what she saw. Too bad George loved all the types of sex she hated.

"Are you ready, slave?" George asked. "You fucking well better be, because here it comes!" George's body stiffened and he held himself tight against Taava. She had a big smile on her face. It was hard to tell who'd had the better time, the master or the slave.

Behind me I heard Thor grunt. I turned to see him cumming in my sister's pussy.

I took Marja's arm and guided her onto the lawn. "You are a devious, evil woman," I told her.

"Why Jack, what do you mean?"

"You showed up here with a man who likes to tie women up and abuse them, and a freaky, neurotic lunatic who hates oral sex, wants to have her clitoris beaten and thinks regular sex is boring. Half your friends are psychotic."

I shook my head. "I thought we could be friends, Marja," I said with a straight face, "but you're crazy!" Then I cracked up.

Marja laughed. "I was trying to help you, Jack. I wanted to broaden your horizons."

"Well, it turned out okay. Neko got his head handed to him, if you'll pardon the pun, and I managed to have an excellent orgasm in Vavara. That wasn't easy. She's nuts! At least Thor and Taava are pretty sane."

I checked my watch as we walked back to the patio.

"Carley," I said in a stage whisper, "this is your five minute warning".

Carley rolled Neko off of her, set her chair back on the mat and sat down.

"Stand in front of me, slave." She looked around. "Somebody give me the lube". Ruth tossed the bottle to her.

Carley squirted a blob onto her hand and smeared it over Neko's dick.

"I'm going to jerk you off, slave. Keep your hands behind your back. Here we go."

For the first time, Neko looked as if he was having fun. Carley was good at handjobs. She jerked him fast, then slow. She teased him by almost touching his cock with her lips and tongue. She played with his balls. It wasn't long before Neko started breathing fast. His abs fluttered, he released a loud Ahhhh, and cum sprayed across Carley's neck and breasts. She stroked him, rubbing her thumb under the tip of his cock. Cum shot out another six or seven times. For a guy who didn't weigh 150 pounds, Neko was packing a lot of juice.

When Carley was sure Neko was finished, she wiped her hands on his thighs and stood up. "Jack," she asked, "what's for lunch?"

Later that afternoon, Dean and Ruth had gone and the Finns were in their rooms, napping or having sex. The last time I'd seen George and Lora, they were sixty-nineing in the living room.

Carley and I sat in my den-slash-office, surfing homemade porn sites. Carley had a thing about cumshot videos. On the monitor, a girl knelt in front of a guy with an oversized dick, sitting in an office chair. The video camera was apparently mounted on a tripod near the chair. The girl sucked the head of the guy's cock. She spit on his dick and stroked him with both hands. When he came, she closed her eyes and let his cum splatter onto her face and into her hair. She laughed delightedly. Without opening her eyes, she sucked the last of his cum and used her tongue on the head of his cock.

"It's funny you like watching facials," I said. "You never ask me to do that."

"Well, it's like anal sex. I usually don't like doing it, but I like watching it. I like watching BDSM, too. I like watching trannys fuck. I don't like the slick, professional stuff. Of course, so many people are posting their sex videos online that you can pretty much ignore the pros. I'd much rather watch real people having sex. Actors just aren't convincing."

She clicked on another link. A woman in her 60s was being fucked doggy style by a man about the same age who, according to the title of the video, was a stranger.

The "stranger" pulled out and the woman spun around. Using her hands and mouth, she got him off and caught his load on her face.

"What's the oldest guy you've had sex with?" I asked.

"I've got a neighbor three doors down who's seventy-seven. He's a retired jet engine mechanic. He can fix anything. He helps me every now and then and I blow him or let him fuck me, whichever he wants. I like him. His wife's been dead for years and I'm sure he's lonely and horny. I do him sometimes just to cheer him up. It makes him happy as hell."

"Do you want to cum on my face, Jack? Just for something different? I don't mind. You've given me twenty times more orgasms than I've given you. You can fuck my ass if you want. Hell, I let George fuck me there before you and I met. If I can handle him, I can do anyone. I know a guy who just loves it when I jerk him off with my feet." She laughed. "Seriously, if there's any kind of kinky stuff you want to try, I'll do it."

"Thanks, I do get the urge to try a little anal every once in a while, just for a change. I love your mouth and hands and your pussy. I love to cum in your mouth. I like it when we tie each other up and role play. I love to look into your eyes when I cum inside you. Your eyes are so expressive. I see something there I don't see with anyone else."

We sat quietly for several minutes. Carley clicked from one link to another, watching trannys fucking women.

"Carley, I want to ask you something. You have a birthday next week and I'd like to get you something special. You've been complaining about that old Honda of yours. Would you like a new car?"

"Oh, shit," she said. "I don't know about that. That's a damned big present. I don't think I'd be comfortable taking a car." She paused, thinking. "I know the money wouldn't matter to you, but still ….."

I kissed her and held her hands. "We're going to have to come up with a way to deal with the money issue. The fact is, I have a shitload of money. I don't throw it around, you know that. I don't use it as a weapon or to get people to do things for me. That's not part of my personality."

I kissed Carley again. "I give a lot of it away to charities and to fund research and political causes I support, but there's no point letting all those millions of dollars sit around. If I can use my money to make someone I love happy, I don't see anything wrong with that. Do you?"

Carley blinked and her eyes misted. "'Someone I love'? Is that what you said?"

I nodded. "Yeah, I did." I paused. "I guess I haven't really thought about the way we've been going. We've moved from casual sex partners to fuck-buddies to lovers and it all seemed so natural that I just didn't think about it." I looked at Carley closely. "Am I wrong? Am I getting ahead of myself? Damnit, I should have said something! Oh, crap, I haven't thought this through!"

Carley grabbed my hand and dragged me out of my chair. She pulled me to the loveseat, plopped herself down and leaned forward. She sucked my dick into her mouth.

"Uhhh, Carley," I mumbled.

She took her mouth off me for a moment. "Shut up, Jack."

I got hard quickly. When I was ready, Carley lay back and opened herself to me. I slid into her.

"Now then," she whispered, "I have something to say and I want to say it with you inside me." She raised her hips and we moved into the ancient rhythm.

"I love you, Jack. I started to think I was falling in love with you that night in Venice after Marja had left and you were giving me those wonderful orgasms. I was sure when I saw you cum on my mom's tits. Isn't that funny? Why would that do it? I don't know. Something about the expression of pure pleasure on your face, the way your muscles tensed, the way your cum shot out onto Mom's body. I wanted that to be me. I wanted to be the one giving you that orgasm."

I kissed Carley and fucked her. I couldn't guess where she was headed.

"Jack, I don't want to be the only one giving you orgasms. I know better than that. We both like variety. I want to fuck other men and suck their cocks. I like feeling different men cum in my hands and my mouth and my pussy. I like it when they fuck me and eat me and make me cum. And I know you like sex with lots of different women. That's good. I never want that to change." She paused. "Ummm, a little faster now."

I fucked her a little faster.

"Remember when we told my parents about that shithead who tried to rob us? You said we'd all have a great story to tell our friends. You didn't tell anyone. Do you have any idea how unusual that is? Any other man on the planet would be bragging about that fight every waking minute to anyone who'd listen. You never mention it." She smiled crookedly. "I have dreams about that guy attacking us. And you know what? Every time, you save me. Every time. I'm never scared. I never doubt you'll save me."

Carley held my face in her hands.

"You don't talk much about your work, but Ruth and Dean tell me you're a goddamned legend at the Cape. They say you're the best engineer they know." She grinned. "They also tell me you've fucked most of the women there. Good for you!"

Carley closed her eyes and moved her hands to my sides. We fucked silently. What she'd said so far sounded too much like one of those personnel reviews where the supervisor complements the employee and then adds a great big but.

But we can't give you a raise this year.

But you don't qualify for that promotion.

But we're going to have to let you go.

I'd never been so afraid.

But I'm not ready for this yet.

But there's someone else I love.

But I think we shouldn't see each other for a while.

Carley opened her eyes. She looked as if she was ready to cry. My heart sank.

"I love you, Jack. You said we were lovers and we are. I want us to be lovers forever. I'm happy to share you with any women who want you and I intend to fuck other guys. Lots of other guys. But I want to be your lover."

She smiled brightly.

"And now that I think about it, I've always wanted a Porsche 911!"

This is the last of the stories in the universe of Carley and Jack.

My original intention was to write one short story about the way an accidental invention might change society, but my characters got away from me. They started writing their own dialog and scenes and chapters. Honestly, I can't control these people.

They've been quiet for a while, but they may start bugging me at any time. If so, you'll be the first to know.

I did write a few sex-free stand-alone stories with Carley, Jack and Thor, mostly of a sci-fi nature. You'll find them listed under my pen name.