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This is a sequel to my story "Cuddles in the rain", and while reading it is not required it is recommended.

This story does have some cuddles, romance, and a few adult themes... so please read responsibly!

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I walked towards the door of the apartment I shared with Bailey, a bit worried about the reaction I would get from her.

I was asked to be a guest speaker at a summer writing camp for youth. It was a weeklong getaway with a bunch of my writing friends, and we would take a train there, do various activities, and then head home. It was an easy thing to do, and I had nothing to worry about.

When we entered the station to secure our tickets, however, that's when our world was shattered. A voice came over the loudspeakers to announce that the station was being evacuated due to a possible explosive device, and everyone needed to leave.

The bomb scare was terrifying, but my friends and I had gotten out and holed up in a coffee shop until the all clear was given, revealing the bomb scare was simply an empty threat and the station was safe. Aside from some rattled nerves and extra security at the gates… we were safe and had gotten to the youth center in a reasonable amount of time, but the second I called Bailey I knew she was worried beyond all rhyme or reason. She hid it well, but when she made me promise to call every night… I knew she needed to hear my voice.

The rest of the trip had, thankfully, gone as planned. I was able to be a guest speaker, teach a few lessons, and take questions from eager kids who wanted to see my insight on writing. It was an experience I would never forget.

Now I was coming home, and as I climbed the last flight of stairs and stood in front of the door, I gripped the doorknob tightly.

Knocking would let her know I was coming, and she kept the door unlocked, so why not surprise her?

I opened the door slowly only to have a pair of eager hands grab my shirt and slam the door, pressing my back into it as a pair of lips devoured mine.

My hands reached around to hug Bailey tightly as her tongue shoved my lips apart, as her hands ran down and up my torso and back. Her teeth grazed my bottom lip as I ran my fingers through her brown hair, inhaling the scent of her… a scent I had missed.

It could have been minutes or hours as we shared our private moment, kissing as if our lives depended on it before she pulled away with a gasp.

"You're home! You're home… and safe… and…"

I kept her at shoulder's length as I gasped for breath, shaking my head softly "Bailey, I'm really happy to see you… but did you learn how to survive without air while I was gone? Wow." Her kisses were always potent, but this one registered on the Richter scale.

Her face lit up with a smile as she squeezed me tightly "Sorry, but I missed you… so much. I got excited." Her eyes locked on mine, a bit of worry in her tone. "I thought I'd lost you…"

"You didn't" I smiled, hugging her tightly as her head rested on my chest. "It's okay" I whispered, rubbing circles into her back as I felt her calm down. "You have nothing to worry about… nothing at all."

Peeking over her head to the kitchen, I smiled and tugged her hair, "Is that catfish I smell?"

"Yep!" Bailey sprang out of my arms and moved into the kitchen, placing my bags on the floor as she grabbed the plates. "Don't help me, you just get comfy at the table and tell me everything about the camp!"

I sat down obediently, sorting through my repertoire of stories from the time I had spent at the camp as she placed a plate in front of me, kissing my cheek as she nuzzled my neck with her nose. "Hmm… I missed this, but tell me everything!"

As she sat down we shared a smile, and I reached across to squeeze her hand before launching into my first story.


Two hours later we were on the sofa, lying horizontally as Bailey rested her back on my front, and my hands idly traced patterns on her stomach.

"That's about the last of it… I just gave one of my motivational speeches and then we wrapped up"

"They were lucky" Bailey smiled, "You've managed to teach me a couple things about writing, and I can only imagine what those kids learned from you."

As if she sensed the blush that spread across my face at her words, she reached down to lace her fingers through mine. "Don't blush baby… you and I both know it's true."

I smiled then, nuzzling her hair softly as she shifted slightly "I'm just glad you're home. Missing you is always hard to deal with." Bailey growled softly, gripping my shirt. "But I mostly miss doing this, just holding you and hearing your heartbeat… that's the worst part of when you leave for more than a day."

She turned and rested her chest on mine, letting our hearts bounce off each other as she reached around to grip my back. "That's honestly what made me agree to move in with you in the first place, just the promise of cuddles whenever I wanted them." She looked up and pressed her hands on my heart, kissing my cheeks softly "I'm glad you fulfilled that promise."

I captured her lips with my own as I took the initiative, breaking down her defenses as I kissed her deeply. As my hands traced her back and gently tugged her hair, I sunk into the intoxication that was kissing my girlfriend.

Surprisingly, we'd made love twice after we'd moved in together, once when we officially moved in and then again the morning before I left for the youth camp… but lovemaking had nothing on the euphoria of simply taking in her potent kisses and simply cuddling her brains out.

"I love you" She whispered, grazing my lip with her teeth, her eyes alight with mischief. "So much…" Her hand moved down my side slowly as she worked the tense muscles, her kisses moving down my neck as I reached around to pat her rear.

"I love you more Bailey" I smirked, letting my hand linger before sliding it up her back. "And please don't worry… you'll never lose me."

With one fluid movement, I lifted her up into my arms, carrying her to the bedroom. "I missed having you with me baby… it really was different sleeping alone. So how about we get to bed and sleep in in the morning?"

Her smile told me the answer as I placed her on the bed, taking my shirt off as I watched her duck into the restroom.

"Hold on darling… I've got a new nightgown to show you." She called through the door. "Just get in bed and prepare to be amazed."

As I followed her orders, I chuckled softly. Despite it all, Bailey was a shopaholic, and she had a problem with impulse buying. Granted most of the things she bought, like nightgowns, were beneficial to both of us… but still, it was a bit difficult to have money vanish every time she went on a milk run.

As the door opened, Bailey walked out, swaying her hips. Her blue nightgown swayed around her knees as she smiled shyly, watching my eyes bug out of my head. The smooth straps hung loosely on her shoulders as the rest of the material clung to her like a second skin. "I can see that you like it darling."

She crawled into bed and pressed herself against me, her legs and arms tangling with mine as her lips brushed against my forehead with a sigh. "Hmm, I love how warm you are… I was so cold when I slept alone."

Her soft skin rested against my own as I wrapped my arms around her, lacing her fingers through mine. "So was I… but we're not alone anymore."

As we lay back, I kissed her again, holding her so close I could swear she was becoming a part of me. She responded eagerly for a brief moment, before pulling away.


"What?" I muttered, turning to look her in the eyes, thinking I had misheard. "Bailey, there's clearly a moment here… why wait?"

She grinned and turned to press her back against my chest. "Because I have you wrapped around my finger, and I want to savor every moment. This hasn't ever happened before."

Before I could ask her where exactly she had been for the last three years of our relationship, because I'd been wrapped around her finger for all of it, she began to speak again.

"Plus, we both have a free morning… so I'd rest up if I were you because your bones will be jumped once you get up. That I can promise." She whispered, shifting in my arms one final time before yawning. "I love you, darling, so much… and I'm glad you're home and safe."

I smiled and kissed her hair softly as I too fell into slumber, eagerly awaiting not only the next morning, but also the gift I had gotten her… the second after the bomb scare.

Life was shorter than I'd realized, and if I knew one thing for sure… I wanted to spend all of it with the British girl I held in my arms.

So in my suitcase, resting beneath books and my computer, lay a single box.

With a diamond ring inside.


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