You thought it was over. You thought it was done. Well my friends, the fun's just begun!

I've come to love Joe and his world, and I hope you have too, so I decided "What the hell, let's give them what they want!"

He saved the day before, but his tale isn't over yet. There's more to be done, and with two chainsaws in hand, it shall be.

Ladies, gentlemen, and others, my name is CrossPaladin, and I'll welcome you to the sequel of the famous "CHAINSAW JOE", "CHAINSAW JOE II: More Guts, More Glory".

Let's rock!


Episode 1: The Journey Continues

Another day in Oven City.

The sun was beaming, the hustle of the city was average, the boats by the docks lazily wafted in the waters. It was peaceful, serene almost.

Joe walked down the sidewalk, calm as usual. Six months ago, he had managed to kill seven would-be kidnappers, members of an organization called the Final Boss Corporation, in order to rescue his fiancee Amelia.

But now, it was peaceful. He and Amelia had managed to recover from that incident, put it behind them. Although, there were so many questions Joe had left unanswered.

Why were they after Amelia?

Who was the "Big Boss"?

And, most importantly, Why did that chainsaw appear before me?

The last question was truly the most irritating. The chainsaws, one gold, one silver, he had obtained that day sat in his umbrella basket, unused. The golden one had merely apperaed before him, setting off the day that would end in Axel's death and Amelia's rescue. The silver one had been obtained from Vlad...


The Russian man seemed to have intimate knowledge of the weapon. "We are demons, Joe..." he had once said. "The Asura has chosen you..." Back then, Joe's mind was too clouded by rage to comprehend what Vlad had been saying. But as the months rolled over, Joe wished he could have some answers.

Little did he know, that soon the answers would come forth.

As he was walking, two men in black suits appeared before him. They were tall, broad built men, each with eye-concealing sunglasses. Joe eyed them with an uneasiness.

"Joe?" one asked.

"Who wants to know?" was the reply.

The other man reached into his pocket, and revealed a card. A shiny black rectangle, with three golden letters printed on it, bright and visible: FBC.

Final Boss Corporation.

And it was at this moment that Joe knew today was going to suck.

"We've been informed that you were responsible for the deaths of seven of our employees."

Joe didn't have his chainsaws. If they came for a fight, he wasn't going to be able to do it at maximum proficiency. He tightened his fists, observing the surrounding area quickly.

"Well..." demanded one of the men.

Joe spat on the ground. "And if I did?"

"Well then, we'd have to demand compensation." The men began walking forward. Joe began stepping back, his fists still clenched, his teeth gritted. "Your life will have to be the price."

Suddenly they lunged. Joe leapt back, avoiding their attack. He turned around and began to run. If Axel's gang of seven had been any representation on how the FBC fought, there was no way he'd be able to beat them without his chainsaw.

They followed him, easily keeping pace.

Fuck, Joe thought. He found an alleyway between two buildings. He'd cross to the other side, and be on a different street! I can lose them there.

But, just as he entered the alleyway, he could see one of the men in suits coming from the other side. The hell?

Behind him the other one. He was trapped. He looked both ways, and suddenly found his back against a wall.

"Time to die, Mr. Joe," they said simultaneously.

Joe snorted. He had fought seven people in a single day! Did these two jackasses really think they could kill him? He shook his head. Guess I'll have to do this without them. He raised his fists, ready to fight.

The first one attacked. Joe blocked a left hook, before bringing his own fist into the man's chest, followed by an uppercut, knocking him back. As the first man was reeling, the second attacked. Quick as a heartbeat, Joe turned around, catching a fist before kicking the man in the gut, knocking him to the ground. He spun, using his momentum to backhand the first man, throwing him into the brick side of a building.

The second man was quicker than expected. He rose to his feet, catching Joe's throat in a tight grip. He slammed Joe against the brick wall, and proceeded to punch him rapidly in the face, slamming Joe's head against the brick hard enough to cause blood splatters against the wall.

The first man stood up as Joe slumped against the side of the building. He reached into his suit's inner pocket and pulled out a pistol. "Alright, Mr. Joe, we're done here."

Joe looked up at the two men. "," he groaned.


A sound like a beating heart echoed in Joe's ears. What...

Red mist was swirling around Joe's arm.

"Hey!" A voice called out. The two men looked to the side, just as a small object came darting from the air.


The hand holding the pistol flew into the air, disconnected from its arm, a trail of blood following it. The man looked on in shock and horror, and screamed in pain.

Falling from the sky was a hooded figure in a red jacket. He landed with utmost grace, right beside the man missing his hand, and thrust his hand forward. A piece of metal glinted in the sunlight, before the suited man found his throat gushing blood like a broken pipe.

Joe roared. Without even thinking, he rose from his feet. The other man was distracted! The red mist swirled around his hand, and suddenly he found himself holding something very familiar...

Without even a second thought, Joe ripped the other man in two with a golden chainsaw. Blood exploded in every direction.

Everything happened in an instant. One second he was almost shot, the next, he was standing over two corpses with another man. Joe pointed his chainsaw at the man.

"Who are you?"

The hooded figure dropped his hood. It was a young man, with red hair that covered half his face. His bangs were dyed white, and his one visible eye was the same shade as his hair. In his hand, Joe could see a pair of red-handled scissors, coated in the blood of the man he just killed.

"You're 'Chainsaw Joe', right?" the boy asked. "My name is Edge. I kinda need your help."


Already we start with questions, a new plot...what's going to happen? Stay tuned and find out.

A second season of CHAINSAW JOE, everyone! Rejoice, rejoice, for the greatest hero ever shall once again take your hearts! Or rip them to shreds...whichever comes first.