Soul Anomaly Zero


A vast forest, trees everywhere the eye can see. The heavy downpour filters through the branches. The mourning sky continued to cry. Every droplet that slipped down the tree barks another tear.

A flash of lightning struck the ground. A black rift opened in the air. A teenage boy fell through in a heavy lump. His body lay face down on the muddy ground. The rain baptised his flesh, and washed his dark hair.

"Urgh!" The boy grunted as he got to his feet. The rain subsided as if its tears were no longer necessary. "…?…?

The entrance of a single teen would change and intertwine fate. Between the past and the future.

Chapter 01: The Boy

"…?…?" I ask myself whilst fighting a splitting headache. I can't remember anything.

I walk towards a large puddle and gaze at my reflection in the water. My instincts are telling me I'm going to like what I see.

I look at my own face and… "It's a bit muddy but..." I pull a pose whilst gazing at myself, "Damn, as I thought, I'm good looking." First impressions of self: Full marks!

Maybe because I'm so beautiful, I needed to lose all my memory as a sacrifice. Yes, lets roll with that. But really, if I lost my memory to have these looks I can only say one thing: IT WAS WORTH IT! Words seriously cannot do myself justice, My beautiful big brown eyes stare back at me, a smile creeps to the surface of my wonderful face. But I should stop here, if I don't pull myself away I'll probably stand here till I starve to death.

I reluctantly take a few steps away from my reflection when I notice my wet clothes are sticking to me like glue. It feel gross.

"Exposing this beautiful body is likely to lead to me being reverse raped. I'll have to bear with it. But my wet clothes sticking so close to me would probably also be very enticing. Such a dilemma."

Faced with a problem on the level of the chicken and egg question I ponder whilst walking. Eventually the option of staying clothed wins out. Hard luck to all those that want to see every piece of me.

I continue to walk towards a direction where light is coming out. Eventually, I see a settlement, some kind of large fire is in the centre, the intense smoke pollutes the sky.

"Is there some kind of festival going on?" I ask myself.

"Huh? Who are you?" A girl's voice calls behind me. Just how did someone sneak up on me? I turn around and see a girl who looks like she has yet to escape her teens. Her long sky blue hair is decorated in an assortment of seashells and pearls attached to beads. Her innocent eyes give me an up and down. My beauty must be in her strike zone, she's seriously staring, well I get the feeling I'd be in everyone's strike zone.

"You're...A Human Anomaly?" She asked.

"A what!?" I don't know what she means but it sounds like an insult.

"Not only that…" She grips part of my clothes with her hands and looks at them before returning to gazing into my eyes, curiosity fills her stare. "Do you even belong in this time period?"

"What on Earth are you talking about!?" I ask as I feel my eye twitch. "If you want to hit on me can you be a bit more upfront about it?"

"Hitting on you? Wow, quite the self confidence to jump straight to that conclusion. Usually when I meet people they prostrate themselves before I can even get a word in. How interesting." The girl smiles.

"Prostrate before you? Do you take yourself for a goddess or something?" I ask.

"Ha...ha...ha..." The girl chuckles nervously, "Don't be silly..." She looks away momentarily. Well it seems she doesn't want to talk about this so I'll drop the subject, being the gentleman I am.

"Who are you?" I ask.

"Before asking a lady's name isn't it only proper to name yourself?"

"Sorry, I can't remember anything, even my name."

"Have you forgotten literally everything?" She asks with wide eyes.

"I remembered that I'm beautiful!" I declare proudly.

"Is that everything?"

"It is!"

"What a very unique amnesia." She shrugs her shoulders.

No, I just know my priorities: My beauty is of greater importance than my name.

"Fine, I guess it can't be helped." The girl straightens her posture and I feel a majestic aura as she holds the rims of her skirt. "My name is Poseidon. I'm pleased to meet you, Mystery Boy."

"Poseidon...where have I heard that before…?" I ask myself, "Well if I can't remember it can't be important." Poseidon's smile cramps slightly at my words. I can't tell if she's annoyed or nervous. No, I take that back, she is standing before the gorgeous me. How can she not be nervous?

"Has anyone ever told you, how talented you are at aggravating people?"

"I told you, I can't remember anything. Besides, I doubt the wonderful me would pay attention to the jealous masses."

"Jeez, my Onii-samas always tell me how I go at my own pace. But even I can't hold a candle to this."

"I appreciate the compliment, keep them coming..."

Poseidon sighs whilst drooping her shoulders.

"Anyway, I have a favour I want to ask of you Mystery Boy." Poseidon says whilst looking directly into my eyes again.

"Very well, I accept your proposal, let's start off as lovers!"

"Stop jumping to conclusions."

"You mean we should just get married, sorry, I think it's a bit too soon for that."

"This is serious!" She loses her temper.

"I was serious..." I say dejectedly.

Poseidon takes a deep breath before saying, "I want you to save the innocent girl those people are about to burn to death." Poseidon gazes at the huge fire. I replay her words in my mind: burn to death…

"What do you mean!?" Suddenly that big bonfire takes on a whole new meaning.

"It's exactly as you just thought, tonight an innocent girl is going to be put to death. I wanted to save her myself, but things will turn problematic if I interfere too much." Poseidon looks as if she is cursing herself. Her teeth grind whilst she looks at the ground.

"I have two questions." Poseidon turns to me. "Question one: If I save the girl will you show me your smile?"

Poseidon's eyes open wide, her cute mouth slightly agape, and tinges of red dyeing her cheeks.

"And question two: Is the girl I'm saving cute? And does she have a lover!?" I get to the heart of the conversation.

"Why should that matter!? And that was three questions."

Huh, can this girl not count? No never mind lets not go off on a tangent.

"If I steal the heart of a girl who already has a lover, the former lover is likely to come for revenge."

"You say that as if stealing the girl's heart is already inevitable." I turn to look at Poseidon. "Why do your eyes seem to be saying: "It is inevitable"?"

"It is inevitable!" I vocalise, this is point is very important after all. "But I must have some standards. If a guy as gorgeous as me gets serious, the entire world's next generation would share my genetics."

"You really are a piece of work..." Poseidon looks as if she's given up on something. Well never mind. I straighten my back as I give my answer.

"I shall save that girl and then..." I lift Poseidon's chin and look deeply into her eyes. "I will take your smile and maybe something more." I smile before running off towards the burning inferno. Poseidon was looking so down just now, but I managed to perk her up quickly. My smile widens at my success.

Poseidon stood still with a red face, her legs were unable to move. "To think a few simple actions would have this much of an effect on me." Poseidon shrugged her shoulders. "My worry for that girl must have created an opening." She holds a hand to her chest. "There is no way I'd fall so easy."

Poseidon narrowed her eyes.

I'm counting on you, Mystery Boy.

Author Notes

Well this was originally going to appear in the main story. But I felt the theme was a bit too dark for Soul Anomaly. Plus the current arc I'm in wears me down slightly. Now here is the million dollar question: Just who is this Mystery Boy? The Answer is in the main series. And he started off with a bang.

I hope you enjoy this, I'll try my very best with it. Don't expect too much from this pathetic excuse of an author however.