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I know I am a goner when they approach me, there are five of them, all in black, twisted mean grins on their faces. Here outside the village there is no law, and criminals and outlaws roam freely. Occasionally an adventurer would come by, pick up a bounty or two and clean the place up a bit, but the forests were heavily wooded and stretched out for miles. The sun is setting, and I normally would've been back in my tree home by now, but the stream that once yielded a fish or two now had nothing, and I had to continue down towards the river, farther away from my home. One of them pulls out the biggest blade I've ever seen, and my stomach drops. "Hello there, pretty."

I decide wisely not to return the pleasantry and run, dodging trees and jumping over logs, but there's five of them and one of me, and eventually my legs give out.

I fall to the ground, rocks and twigs dig into my exposed skin. I feel a hand grab my hair, painfully yanking my head up. I let out a scream, but it only makes them laugh. I shut my eyes as I feel hands grab my shoulders, the sound of the knife cutting through my thin clothes, and then the sound of their cruel laughter is all that I can hear, I try and shut them out. I am yanked impossibly high, and now I have to open my eyes, I can feel cold air in my face, and I see the men on the ground, growing smaller and smaller the higher I go. For a brief, insane moment, I think I've learned how to fly. And then I look up and see the giant winged dragon that has me in its claws. I open my mouth to scream but this time nothing comes out. I am frozen in fear as those giant black wings beat, taking me farther and farther away from my home.

I am terrified of struggling, so instead I dangle between those claws, until I feel my stomach drop again as we slowly start descending. The dragon switches me to his front claws, and we land more gracefully than I thought, though my whole body is clenched in fear, I feel as if I am so brittle I might break. We are on the edge of a frighteningly high cliff, and with me still in his claws, the dragon carries me towards the dark entrance of a cave.

He walks along the dark tunnel until we reach a massive wooden door. He pushes it open and we enter. Torches on the walls illuminate the rooms, a large firepit in one room, a large bed in another. He carries me to the bedroom, sets me down and turns me to face him. He stands taller than any man, his body is jet black scales with red streaks, and he is heavily muscled.

"You are injured. I have something for that." His deep voice shocks me, up until now I had no idea that dragons still existed, much less that they could speak. He walks over to a large table and comes back with a mortar and pestle, begins grinding something that has a strong minty smell. I watch him cautiously, perhaps he saved me from a group of thugs, whisked me away to his den. But I'm not out of the woods yet, he wants something in return. Why else would he take me up here, and not just scare away the bandits in the woods? He looks up to see me staring at him, and when he grins pale white teeth the length of kitchen knives glisten in the flickering light of the torches. With one swift slash of his claws my raggedy clothes fall to the ground, leaving me nude. I cover my breasts quickly, looking down instinctively. That is a mistake. I can see him, a large phallus that has emerged from between his legs, shadowed and hard to see, but there's no denying the enormous size of him.

I look up quickly. "What's your name?" I ask, trying to make conversation.


"I'm Lianne. Th-thank you for saving me." I stammer nervously as he applies some sort of cooling balm to my cuts. He acknowledges me with a curt nod and a cocky grin. He is not afraid of showing off those deadly looking teeth.

"I'm just glad that I got there in time. Sit."

It's a command, I don't like the thought of sitting down nude, I don't want to expose any more of myself, but his heavy hand on my shoulder pushes me off balance, I stumble and sit down ungracefully on his bed. I cross my legs quickly, hiding the most intimate part of myself. He watches me do it. Is it my imagination or does he actually lick his lips? He leans in to examine my cuts, and I can feel his warm breath on my breasts, and my eyes sneak downward against my will. I almost gasp, seeing him up close, his prodigious erection, the same color of the rest of his body, red with black streaks. And that glorious head...he is already dripping with precum, a clear strand of liquid that threatens to break and drop onto the floor.

"God, you're so beautiful." I look up and he's looking intensely at me, his clawed hands grip my shoulders and his long tongue comes out, long and big enough that he is able to wrap it around my left breast. I gasp at the sudden assault.

My mind doesn't know how to respond to this unfamiliar but pleasurable sensation, my breast has been wrapped in a hot, wet embrace, it squeezes me tightly, holding me hostage. He plays with my other nipple with his clawed hand, tugging on it enough to make me let out a moan.

The tip of his tongue finds its way up to my open mouth, pushes its way inside. I try to shout out a protest, but my mouth is filled with his tongue and all comes out is a lewd and wet "Mmhghhh!"

He starts thrusting his tongue in and out of my mouth, against my lips, sliding up against my tongue in a sexual way. I can't move, he has pinned my arms to my sides as he tongue fucks me relentlessly. He controls every aspect of the situation, he decides when I get air, I'm pushed almost to my limit before his tongue pulls out and I'm gasping, and then the tongue is pressing against my lips again, demanding access. I let him in every time.

I suck on his big tongue, but soon he has other plans, he moves back and I am left with nothing but empty air. "Duke." I frown, starting to sit up. He immediately pushes me down. "Stay." His deep growl makes me cringe, I oblige timidly and stare at the ceiling. Someone has painted the ceiling like the night sky, the stars glimmer like diamonds, like-I feel something hot and wet press against my thigh, the way it wriggles I know it's Duke teasing me with his tongue. He presses it against my mound, against my outer folds.

I certainly wasn't expecting this from the big bad dragon, Duke gently parting my lower lips, exploring every fold. From the satisfied grunts I can tell he likes how I taste. His tongue brushes up against my clit. I want him there, and my hand reaches down automatically to keep him there. He swats it away, and the air changes.

His tongue runs rough on me now, fast. He moves lower, and I can feel him at my entrance. He dips in a little, and I squirm, spreading my legs more to invite him in deeper. He wraps his arms around my legs, and I am pleased at this intimate gesture until I realize what he has planned. His tongue flicks near my clit, enough to send jolts of pleasure coursing through me. But not enough. Soon he has me squirming, breathless and wild. "Please, Duke." My voice is ragged as he denies me release.

Finally, I feel him at my entrance. I'm so wet by this point that when his thick tongue enters me there's very little resistance, I have nothing but the exquisite feeling of his big tongue slowly making its way inside of me. I grip the sheets with sweaty hands, fuck, the feeling is almost orgasmic. He starts thrusting in and out of me with his tongue, I'm moaning and gasping, he must be feeling my walls clench up against him.

His hands grip my thighs tightly, his rhythm speeds up. I have a tear in my eye, the pleasure is so overwhelming. He puts his fingers up against my clit, massaging it as he tongue fucks me. With a cry I'm gone, waves of pleasure engulf me, he doesn't let up, his tongue continues to wriggle about even as I orgasm, his fingers tease my oversensitive clit, ripping another orgasm from me, I try to move away but he has my legs secured with his powerful arms.

I can feel myself peaking again, my pussy so tight against his tongue that I'm shocked he can take the pressure. I keep waiting, waiting for myself to go over the edge but his wriggling tongue and fingers make me find higher levels of pleasure that I have never experienced before, my mouth is open in a large O shape, amazed that one person could feel so much.

Finally I come once more, squeezing him over and over again until I have nothing left. He crawls on top of me and I kiss him gratefully, he tastes like me, slightly sour and tangy. He wipes the tears of joy from my face and slides a pillow underneath my head, inviting me to sleep, and I do.