-The lonely dream, is not the only dream

Written by a unknown step and grand stepfather July 6 2017

The way he loves you is how most fathers do!

He's not just the person who takes advantages of the "weaker" gender and he thinks you understand that and he knows you do!

The dreams he had for you are that of no other, that of a strong hard head, but a really awesome mother. He loves you the way you are in acceptance.

Yesterday he ran in to you, like in the dreams he had before.

But those dreams were dreams, today it is reality.

That man saw you sitting on the park bench, what a surprise.

It felt to him, this is really Paradise.

He sat down next to you and touched your arm to make sure he was not dreaming again and said I love you or am I dreaming?

You said no you're not, you're really well awake, and he said there were so many dreams that were fake, but can you come back and forgive me?

You were silent and you were listening even when you didn't want too, till your Angel came to you. Not that Angel who protects you, but the Angel you are protecting from the evil man sitting next to you.

The Angel turns around and said to him I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!

The man looked in her eyes and said no you don't, you are confused.

The Angel said again I hate, you, I hate you I never want to see you again.

You walked away followed by your Angel, but that Angel looked back one more time to the man on the bench who was left behind and that beautiful Angel said I lied to you, I feel your pain, I will come back, just wait for me.

The man on the bench smiled to her and nodded his head, he knows she will.

That man went home and went to bed to find out he was waking up again.