At the bottom of the sea, near the Mid-Atlantic ridge between North America and Europe the frightful being slumbers, pulled fully into this world she is the size of an island, miles across, the current flowing over her white fur as fish and other sea creatures make the mistake of straying too close only to be grabbed by the fur and consumed by many toothed mouths that appear and form from any spot of this great beast's flesh. Bneath this great mass are ten gargantuan red crab legs, and protruding from the sides and many atop slithering through the water are hundreds if not greater than a thousand long serpentine necks each tipped with a pointed beak that retracts and protrudes from the foreskin like folds of the tentacles; varying in side from just greater than a human to large enough to swallow a truck whole.

This great being is called Sil'loe'thra, the destroyer. The sea here is filled with the chanting of hideous fishmen who believe the great beast is only resting after the battle of New York against the ghastly being that appeared there whose only power had eclipsed that of a vampire queen who had sought to claim the city for her own. Sil'loe'thra does not rest, she ignores the chants of the horrid Fish Men.

A green glow fills the water to the south of the miles long Sil'loe'thra, the figure in white kimono and long black hair glides as effortlessly through water as she had through air, as neither seems to interact with her, a being of a more ghostly plane. Her white mask, devoid of nose or chin with but a simple smile and oval cut eyes from which projects green lights not unlike that which spreads out across the ocean floor beneath her bare feet as if they were a shadow or the waving tentacles of something shadowed upon the sea floor as green light instead of darkness, a defiance of natural laws, inversion of the abyss.

Fishmen with spears, tridents, and other simple weapons gurgle and growl as they charge the ghostly form of Akiko Yamamura, however within the radius of the green light they fall lifeless.

The darkness is filled with a voice, the voice of Sil'loe'thra, speaking in a hundred languages both human and inhuman alike, "Being of the dead stars, queen of ghosts who has left thousands of worlds dead in her wake. I know you."

There is a silence as Akiko stops and the Fishmen flee from her, fleeing in the direction of Sil'loe'thra, "Do you know me;"


"I would assume not, Princess of the Dead Lands, Overlord of the Dark Waters, you who are among those who seperate themselves from all else, players of games. I am Sil'loe'thra, the destroyer and creator. I who am fated to rise from my dark resting place, through the abyss of the deep seas, and rise to crush the land. I am to walk across the surface of this world crumbling its cities, flooding its deserts and forests, sinking its islands, and crumbling its mountains to be the new islands. Chewing away at the crust till all but the protected nests of my followers is beneath the waves."


"I have feasted on flesh and souls of thousands of worlds dead walker, spirit glider. It was not my intention to take part in any Overlord Tournament, by its rules I am inadvertently played, partly upon this world as an avatar, and partly within my own I bridged and made a claim to the souls of this world. For in my stomach burns the flesh and souls of millions dead, freed by the angels of my gut when they are the forgotten husks of what once was to be reborn again so that I may someday consume them again. It is by this definition of Hell that I am bound. While I did not intend to participate, claiming ALL the souls now and to be born forver on this world is far too great an oppertunity. I shall rest upon the surface, the face of their death god, demanding sacrifice."

One of the tentacles lowers, the beak retracting and from the mouth protruding a horrific facimile of a human woman with rotted flesh like puffy skin, shells for teeth, claws, and eyes, threads of some undigested weed like mass for hair, "So, spirit of death, I will crush you, what power has a bringer of death to one who is deathless."

Akiko glows with a brilliant green that fills the sea, the Fishmen die and rot quickly as Sil'loe'thra, that eternal horror laughs, as her kind can not know death. Or so he believes as every mouth screams, the sea boils around her and she vanishes in red mist. There is movement in the dark water, ten green blades of light that move slowly back and forth like wings. In a flash they are gone with the intense green light. Now only Akiko stands at the bottom of the sea, a faint green light within the mask of her eyes, even the green lights beneath her are gone. Slowly she rises straight up. In the distance a few Fishmen had escaped the lights and strange eerie words they cannot know the meaning of are spoken through the waters, "They were made to not be broken easily, careless play could not rip their seams or break their limbs, that does not mean they cannot be broken if we really want to break them."