Written for Twelve Shots of Summer: Quarter Queller - Week 6…

Clouds dance the sky…
Swirls of mist,
Vapor from yonder seas and rivers,
Like chalk on a drawing board…
An array is formed.

From far and wide,
People watch the skies,
Stubbornly pointing,
Trying to discern an individual,
But is lost in a crowd.

The sky is perfect,
Boldly blue…
Despite dotted with blemishes…
It remains as it remains…

We cannot fathom what we cannot reach,
For it is not as simple,
Within moments of a peaceful day…
Everything spirals out of control,
Sprouting from a wisp of smoke.

Focusing onto you,
You plead for death.

As nice as the open blue calms us,
You cannot help but stare at it,
Stare at it in confusion,
Wondering, oh so much,
Why you couldn't fly away…

- End -

I hope you enjoyed the poem! =3

EeveeGen9988: So… doing original stuff… isn't quite my thing, but I wanted to take a shot at it at least once. ;3

I'm not going to explain what the poem was about, but I think it fit the [Under a Clear Blue Sky] prompt, and I like to think that there's maybe a slight reversal on it. So, yeah… you get to see original EeveeGen9988 poetry, something that I rarely do to be quite honest, heh. =3