When the time comes the sky is colored brightly, a terrible act of cruelty shall cause the rise of a kingdom.

As soon as the sky falls, the graceful woman shall cause a world of light and a rise in immorality.

When the fire burns blue the false god will fall.

Choose wisely Moruausau Saufor, Blue, Gold, Black, Pink, Green, Yellow and Purple.

There was something different in the dream this time, it was like she was deep underwater her arms and legs frozen leaving her head the only thing to move. Suddenly she felt her chest tighten as she sank deeper and deeper until she felt multiple appendages latched onto her. Gasping Zipporah snapped her eyes open, looking around to see she was back in her room. Cold sweat covered her brow, neck and chest making her clothes stick to her skin. Looking down she noticed her hand clutching her chest as she took deep breaths, once again feeling her heart racing.

"God, what was that all about?!" She groaned. Turning toward her alarm clock it read 5:50 am. Knowing she couldn't go back to sleep Zipporah got out of bed and took a long hot shower. Letting the heat wash away whatever stress the dram caused until the water turned cold. Turning the water off quickly she wrapped herself in a fluffy robe and walked out of the bedroom too the kitchen. Preparing herself a cup of coffee and turned on the TV, searching for the news channel and just letting it play in the background.

After a few minutes of watching the new suddenly there was a knock on her door, confused she looked through the door hole Zipporah was surprised to see Roy at her door. "Good morning, Zipporah!"

She smiled and leaned against the door frame. "Well, this is a surprise, come in I just need to get dressed." He stepped inside closing the door behind him. "So, any reason why you're here?"

Roy just shrugged his shoulders, "Just felt like leaving early and give you a ride to work. Besides, Ariel likes to show up at my condo REALLY early in the morning and its driving me crazy!" He groaned.

Zipporah snickered and shook her head. "What's wrong Romeo, having trouble with Juliet?"

"Oh please, she's not even worthy of being a Capulet! She's not worth dyeing for, and I'd happily give her to Paris!" Zipporah bursted out laughing holding her stomach.

"Wow, never mind you're no Romeo, Roy!"

Roy placed his hand over his heart, his face looked like he was in pain. "Are you saying that I'm in no way romantic!?" He cried.

"Yeah, basically!" She chuckled.

"And what makes you say that?" He asked.

Zipporah arched an eyebrow as she pored herself a cup of coffee. "I believe it was during a company Christmas party where you made a bet with some of your friends to 'work your magic on me'. And I'm sure you remember what happened, right?"

"Oh yeah, I remember you ruining my favorite suite!" He whined.

"Pff, don't be a baby! You had it washed and the stain came out!" The two laughed until Zipporah excused herself to get dressed. With that done they left her apartment and drove to work. The very moment they were bombarded with piles of paperwork for them to sign, sort and file. And of course Ariel did NOTHING to help them! Mostly just refilling Roy's coffee or getting him a few snacks, and of course harassing Zipporah to the point of Roy forcefully escorting her to the break room. Too keep her busy he gave the duty of taking messages and scheduled some time away for the wedding. After 4 hours of seeing nothing than but black and white it was time for a lunch break!

Quickly leaving before Ariel could notice they head for Roy's car and made their way to the hospital. Her mother's doctor guide them to her room and Zipporah rushed in giving her mother a hug.

"Hey mom, how are you feeling?" She asked giving her a quick kiss on the cheek.

"I am good sweetie! A bit tired but nothing major." The two pulled apart then Zipporah gave her father a hug while Roy gave her mother a hug. "And look at you Roy, you've grown into a fine young man. And thank you for the visit!"

"Thank you Miss. Lewis, and you are still as beautiful as ever!" He said, earning a playful slap on his shoulder.

"Oh stop it, you Romeo!" She giggled.

"You see Zipporah, even your mom sees I can be romantic!" He smirks. Zipporah rolled her eyes not even bothering to argue. Roy shook hands with Zipporah's father and they talked.

"I heard about the merger you two! Congratulations, you really are moving up since you started working there sweetie!" Said George as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders pulling her into a hug.

"Thanks dad." Zipporah said gently pushing her father and giggled.

"So, I can only imagine the amount of work you two have now." Said Miriam. Both groaned causing her to laugh. "That bad huh?"

"Like you wouldn't believe even if you saw it with your own eyes." Said Roy. "But at least Ariel has some work to do for once."

"Oh dear, has the little princess collapse yet?" Miriam asked in a mocking tone.

Zipporah just shrugged her shoulders. "Don't know, we left her alone with some paper work before we came here." Zipporah sighed and rubbed her shoulders. "But I can only imagine the tantrum she'll throw when we return. I might as well get some migraine medicine while I'm here. And some food while we're at it."

Roy chuckled and reached for his phone. He felt it vibrate and when he saw it was Ariel trying to call he quickly pushed the pick up button and walked out of the room. "Yes."

"WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!" An ear piercing screech sounded from his phone causing him to hold his phone away from his ear. Waiting until she paused before returning it to his ear.

"Are you done Ms. Mackenzie?" He said.

"No I am not! Why did you leave me with all this crap!" She snapped. "And are you with Zipporah?! Why?"

"Yes I'm with her, visiting her mother in the hospital." He said. "Is there something you need?"

"Yes actually, I got a call from your father and mine. They are on their way here. Roughly 20 minutes away." She said. "They probably want us to have dinner with them...but you know, we can enjoy some desert after dinner." Roy felt a shiver run down his spine. Her attempt to sound sexy made his skin crawl. This was her goal from the very beginning, trying to marry into his family in order for her father to get as much money he could.

"I don't see that happening Ms. Mackenzie. Alright, we'll get some food and then head back." He said and hung up. Shoving his phone back into his pocket. Walking back into the room he smiled when he saw Zipporah laughing with her parents. "You better not be telling them the Christmas party story again!"

"Sorry honey, but its my favorite!" Chuckled Miriam. "It lets me know that I raised my baby right!" She raised her hand toward Zipporah and she met her mother with a high five. Suddenly Miriam broke into a harsh coughing fit. They rushed to her side but she held up a hand as she got her breathing back under control.

"Honey, are you OK? Do you need to see the doctor?" George asked. Miriam started coughing again but this time she coughed up some kind of fluids. Roy ran toward the door and called for help. Two doctors and a nurse ran inside and grabbed some tools to help clear up any other fluids.

"Her lungs are flooding fast! We need to drain them quickly or else she'll drown!" Shouted one of the doctors. As one nurse was busy clearing Miriam's airway they began to roll her out of the room. Leaving behind her friend and family praying she'll recover from this.

Reluctantly, Zipporah and Roy couldn't stay very long. They left after the doctors were able to remove the liquid from her lungs and run some test to determine what caused the fluids to suddenly appear.

"As you know, the cause of chest pains, difficulty breathing and fluid in the lungs is Pulmonary edema. At first we thought is was from a toxic exposure, but it also looks like its from Coronary artery disease." He said. George and Zipporah held hands tightly, doing their best to keep their emotions in check. Roy held Zipporah's other hand in hopes it would comfort her and himself.

"Now, we'll began treatment for both right away, but I must warn you that the payment for both treatments is high." He warned them.

Roy stepped forward and said, "That won't be a problem. I'll pay for the treatments."

"No Roy, you don't have to do that!" Said Zipporah.

"I know, but I want to. The two of you need a break from all of this, and I can't stand to watch anymore." He said. Taking her hand once again. "I will pay for the treatments." Roy released her and then filled out a check, handing it to the doctor. The doctor smiled and told the nurses to prep Miriam.

"Honey, I think its time you head back to work." Said George.

But Zipporah shook her head. "No, no I'm not leaving mom right now!" She whimpered. George pulled her into a hug stroking her head.

"Don't worry Zipporah, your mother is a fighter just like you. There's no way she would let you stay here, you know." He said. Leaning back and cupping his daughter's face and whipping away fallen tears. "Please, you can come back after your shift if you want."

Zipporah searched her father's eyes seeing his locked up distress. Taking some deep breaths she nodded her head and gave him one last hug. Grabbing her belongings she and Roy left the room and made their way back to his car. The entire ride back they were silent, only answering a few phone calls until they reached the company.

The two hurried to Roy's office where his father, Dexter Miller, Ariel and her father, Arthur Mackenzie, were waiting. "Well, took you long enough!" Said Roy's father, his voice was stern but there was a glint of amusement in his eye. He gave his son a hug and laughed. "So, how is Miriam? Its been a long time since I've seen that fire cracker!" He asked. However he saw the distress in his eyes, he looked toward Zipporah and saw the same emotion. "What's wrong, is Miriam,"

"No, she isn't dead, but she has to go through two treatments in order to treat Pulmonary edema," Said Zipporah, Dexter stared at her surprised. "Her lungs suddenly flood during our visit. And after removing the liquid and did a few tests they concluded that the caused was from toxic exposure and from Coronary artery disease."

Dexter walked up to Zipporah and hugged her. "I'm so sorry Zipporah! This must bill must be high, so please let me pay for her treatments!" He said.

Zipporah smiled and shook her head. "Its OK, Roy already took care of it before we left the hospital."

Dexter smiled and gently pat her shoulder. "Well good, what kind of son would he be if he didn't! But you are a stubborn woman Zip so I'm happy that you gave him a chance!"

She chuckled and shook her head. "God, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree does it?" Gently shoving Dexter and chuckled.

"I should get back to work and leave you to your meeting." Said Zipporah, they tried to convince her to stay but she would have non of it and left the office. Walking toward an empty break room she grabbed herself a large cup of coffee and some fruit. She wasn't in the mood to eat but all this stress has made her energy drop to an all time low. Sitting down she untangled a hair tie letting her locks fall over her face. Brushing her hair away Zipporah quickly finished her snack and returning to work. She raced through her paperwork for the rest of the day only taking bathroom breaks or to use the phone. At the end of the day Zipporah was thankful to have everything done. Just before she left Dexter suddenly appeared at her door. "Good evening, I see you're done! Why don't you join us for dinner?" He asked.

"Thanks Dexter, but I promised my dad I would see him and mom after work to see how she's doing."

Dexter smiled his eyes shown concern for her. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders, "Alright, but you better come to the next dinner! I miss the way you and Roy bicker with each other!" He chuckled.

Zipporah smirked and rolled her eyes. "Do I exist to only bring you entertainment?" She asked.

"Hmm, yeah pretty much!" He said with a wide smile.

"Ok, ok I promise. Now if you excuse me I'll be heading out!" She said. Giving her one last hug Dexter and left the building. Zipporah called a taxi and head toward the hospital, she saw her father standing near the entrench waiting for her.

She saw a smile on his face as she stepped out of the taxi. "Dad, what are you doing out here?" She asked.

He lazily shrugged his shoulders and then hugged her. "Just getting some fresh air. You're mother's been sleeping all day but it looks like the medicine the doctors gave her is pulling through."

Zipporah breathed a sigh of relief, feeling fresh tears flood up. "Oh thank god!" She cheered, hugging her father once again only tighter. "Ok, so how long are they going to hold her?"

"For a few more days until she can have no problem with breathing and strong enough to take care of herself. But to be safe, I'm staying with her for the next two weeks." He said. The two walked into the hospital and toward Miriam's room, where she was still sleeping. The two talked for the next few hours until sleep took them both of them.