Event 5: The Insignia

As soon as they escaped the building, they saw that the entire place was exploding in flames.

"What happened?" asked Mortimer.

"Rallassa must have jinxed it, who knows. At any rate, let's get as far away from that huge can of cretins as possible" said Bloomeelia. As the guards

raced out of the building, one of them fainted to the ground in front of Rallassa. Rallassa looked at his uniform. It had an insignia. She felt chills down

her spine. It was the skull of a demon, but when you first looked at it you saw an upside down muffin, so it ultimately registers in your mind as an upright muffin,

all due to black magic.

"Bloomeelia, that's the same insignia I saw at the bus stop! This must be a top secret evil organization" said Rallassa.

"Yeah, and they just payed off the museum curator, he's like putty in their hands now, he just texted me that I'm robbing the museum! Let's go stop

that jerk Ignatius before I get blamed for something I didn't do and all of Feloriah is in his hands" said Bloomeelia. Suddenly, they saw a Felorian fall to the

ground out of nowhere. It was Emily.

"You guys were right all along. That place is hell. The insignia isn't even half of it, but the muffin was what fooled me too.

Cute boy by the way" said Emily.

"Emily, are you okay? You look a bit well done" said Rallassa.

"I'll be fine. Spray water on me" suggested Emily. Bloomeelia sprayed water on Emily. Then Mortimer, Emily, Bloomeelia, and Rallassa all wandered off

in search of adventure. The spell had been broken, Feloriah Village could be entered again, now the only thing left to do was to stop a robbery that was

being allowed to happen due to bribery.

Event 6: Sybil Dominique Returns

Bloomeelia and Rallassa decided to show Mortimer and Emily around their cavern home. But when they arrived there, they were greeted by a familiar face mid-way

through the tunnel leading to Bloomeelia's cave house, where there could be seen a lampshade next to a bedside filled with books.

"Hi? Are you who I think you are?" asked Bloomeelia. The familiar face got closer revealing itself to be attached to a female lizard body standing upright.

"It's me, dear adventure travelers. Dominique, Sybil Dominique" said Sybil.

"What are you doing in my house Sybil?" asked Bloomeelia.

"I had to warn you about something, you people haven't got much time, and also, I know a lot about Ned" explained Sybil.

"Ned? You're kidding right?" asked Bloomeelia.

"Ned is the small lizard man who kidnapped Rallassa and Emily for Ignatius. He is the real brains of the operation, not Ignatius. I should know, he was my

husband once" replied Sybil.

"Just can't stay away from the bad boys huh?" said Rallassa.

"Woah woah, hold the phone, Ned was your husband. Wasn't Lord Vale also your husband?" asked Bloomeelia.

"Oh yes, he was, at a different time of course. To be honest, I preferred Vale. Ned is a living headache. You'll need all the help you can get when you try to defeat him! The museum is being

robbed right now as we speak, make haste!" said Sybil, as she vanished into thin air. Bloomeelia told Emily and Mortimer to stay inside the cave home, while

she and Rallassa would go protect the museum.

Event 7: Evil Lurks

When Bloomeelia and Rallassa arrived in the town, everyone was panicking about the museum. If the artifiacts were stolen by an evil wizard it could mean

the end of Feloriah, as the museum contained the most powerful objects in the entire kingdom, perhaps even on the entire planet of Plibble.

"Help! She's being robbed I tellz ya! Let's go stop them!" said Fulton, a senior citizen running around in a frenzy. His brother Multon was with him.

Bloomeelia and Rallassa assured them they would help, but Fulton and Molton ALSO wanted to help. So they came with them, and BLoomeelia lowered Fulton and Multon

on suspension wires to sneak into the museum undetected. They knew they had to appear as if they were robbing the museum, as the museum staff was literally advised

to allow such a robbery.

"Eagle to the corn fed cat girl! I repeat, eagle to the corn fed cat girl. We have entered the museum, state your position" said Fulton.

"We're coming in with ya. Look, I know you have a bad cold, try not to sneeze okay?" said Rallassa. Just then, Fulton sneezed, setting off an alarm. The soldiers

did nothing as they were told, however, once the guards saw that it was not the intended usual suspects, they began to wonder if something different had been

planned. Bloomeelia and Rallassa took off their costumes revealing themselves. The guards decided to assume the girls were fakes created by Ignatius.


Bloomeelia and Rallassa continued waiting around the museum for Ignatius to show up. And that's when the unthinkable happened. Bloomeelia was face to face

with herself. Or rather, someone who looked like her. Then Ignatius entered the main foyer, clapping his hands. Bloomeelia knew it was Ignatius because of his

robe and yet he looked different, he was a tall handsome man with gray hair and blue eyes. He was wielding a book of spells as well.

"Bravo, bravo Bloomeelia. You arrived just in time for the show. So much for relying on old timers to do your dirty work eh?" said Ignatius.

"There is nothing wrong with old people!" shouted Bloomeelia.

"Ha-ha-ha, haaa. You see how I changed my shape? This is in fact my true form, although I can indeed become the ugly goblin imp you saw before anytime I wish.

Whatever suits my wishes. Hahaha. I am glad I got my true form back though, it was the wretched stupid king of Feloriah who made me into

that dumb imp originally. Think about what you're fighting for. Well Bloomeelia, it's the end of the line for you. See her?" said Ignatius pointing to the clone of Bloomeelia.

"Who is she?" asked Bloomeelia.

"That's you, Bloomeelia. You're going to be robbing the museum, but that isn't the entire plot. I wanted everyone to think it was back at the base so

that the true plan could go right through and be succesful. You see Bloomeelia, this girl you're looking at is who I like to call 'Gloomeelia' the anti-Bloomeelia

the antithesis of everything you are. She has powers beyond your wildest dreams" said Ignatius.

"Are you going to leave us two to play or are you going to join in?" asked Bloomeelia.

"I'm much too old for trifle games such as this. But, I will dispatch some cards for you" said Ignatius holding up a deck of playing cards. He began sliding

them, and tossing them in a ninja like fashion towards Bloomeelia. As the cards got closer they turned into shurikens. Bloomeelia dodged each one of them. But

Gloomeelia picked one up and threw it at Bloomeelia. Bloomeelia grabbed it.

"Cretin!" said Bloomeelia.

"Cretin!" replied Gloomeelia.

"Cretin! Oh boy this could go on forever. Go away in the name of the sky cats!" shouted Bloomeelia. Gloomeelia dissipated. Ignatius returned.

"What happened here?" asked Bloomeelia.

"Tell me the full plan Ignatius, cuz I just crushed it whatever it was" said Bloomeelia.

"Well, dear girl, the entire plan is very complex but I'll try to simplify it for you. My kind does not have power of its own. We have to seek others

out to help us gain energy and power, or we die. We use kingdoms and countries, play them off against each other,

steal their identities and make them our own. I have a huge cannister of the silvery liquid you saw back at the base. For years I admired its shape, its brilliance.

In its pure form it is an elixer of life, a gift of holiness to the Felorians. If I deposit it on all of these artifacts and perform a certain ritual, however, I

can make every power subserviant to me, which will grant me an infinite hold over all life on this planet. I'll have all the slaves I can possibly

need because all transportation systems will be rigged with magic to lead to my underground tunnel systems. Stop me if you can!" said Ignatius, cackling. Bloomeelia

raced to grab the huge cannister out of Ignatius's hands, as Ignatius made all sorts of odd snorts and grunts. Bloomeelia threw the cannister on the ground, and

Ignatius became stuck in the goo. Then Bloomeelia snatched the spellbook out of Ignatius's hands.

"Not a good feeling, having things stolen from you is it?" asked Bloomeelia.

"Hahaha, but it is a good feeling to steal, is it not? Admit it, you enjoyed it" said Ignatius.

"No, I didn't, I'm trying to save millions of innocent lives here. Now, I'm going to recite the spell that makes the liquid subserviant to you" said Bloomeelia.

Oh elixer of life, giver of all things, make me into a power that rivals that of kings, make that before me do as I say, and carry that object, far far away.

Banish it, banish it, to a land of remorse, and never ever ever let it come back to this course.

"Aaaaaaaaaugh!" screamed Ignatius as he felt himself swirled up into a black hole.

"I think Rallassa and the others will be proud" said Bloomeelia.

Chapter 9: Another Bus

"Well, time for the three o'clock bus!" said Bloomeelia. "And yes, it's three o'clock again, as it should be. The dimensions are back to normal"

Later that day...

"HOORAY! Three cheers for Bloomeelia" said Mortimer as he and Rallassa clung soda glasses together.

"Three cheers for our new best friend Emily" said Bloomeelia, as she clung glasses with Emily.

"And three cheers for our new bus! Courtesy of Bloomeelia's parents Khrondor and Lumeldhia" said Mortimer.

A bus could be seen in Bloomeelia's room wrapped in Christmas paper.

It was shiny and beautiful.