Chapter 1: Business as usual

Bloomeelia and Rallassa were the best of friends. Both wielded great magical powers, and both had a knack for getting into all kinds of adventures, and misadventures as well. But there was never a time in their lives quite as memorable, as the time they went into business together, selling magical animals to passers by. Or rather, attempting to sell magical animals to them.
"Who wants free magic toads? I've got way too many to deal with already!" said Rallassa, as magic toads began hopping into her hands sporadically, as if from nowhere.
"Rallassa, tell me why it is that ever since we started giving away free magic toads we haven't had a single customer," said Bloomeelia.
"Hmm, that's a good question Bloomy. I think it's because even though we keep giving them away, they keep coming to us" said Rallassa.
"Why do you suppose that is?" Bloomeelia asked her best friend, whose tail was twitching nervously in the wind.
"Oh my goodness Bloomeelia," said Rallassa. "We could be under a curse!" she gasped, her tail twitching even more erratically than before.
"It's no secret that no one wants magic toads, but it's also no secret that people would definately get themselves a pet fire breathing vampire bat, if I was holding up a sign and telling them it was free," said Bloomeelia.
"Yes, exactly. You got it Bloomy, you go girl. You just pounded the artichoke with the hammer. But why is there a double-standard for magic toads? I mean, sure they don't grant you the perfect spouse or scratch your back, but then again neither do fire breathing vampire bats!" said Rallassa.
"Fire breathing vampire bats will burn your homework, that's the difference" said Bloomeelia.
"Hmmm, possibly," said Rallassa. Just then, a young fox boy about eighteen years of age came galloping by on horseback, with a large mailbag in tow. Just as he was about to head down the forest path, he took one look at Bloomeelia's pet shop, and leaped off his horse, as it carried on down the path without him, as if under some kind of enchantment. The fox boy did not notice that his horse had run away from him however. He had his eyes on Bloomeelia, the beautiful sorceress he was hoping he could one day woo, and make his bride.
"Well, hello there Bloomeelia" said Jumple, reaching out to shake Bloomeelia's hand.
"YES, a customer" said Rallassa.
"This is Jumple the fox, that friend of mine I told you about" said Bloomeelia.
"Oh...rats!" Rallassa muttered under her breath.
"So, see anything that catches your eye?" Bloomeelia asked.
"Of course he does," Rallassa interjected. "Your midriff is showing, you idiot!" she whispered.
"I just wanted to see you and talk to you Bloomeelia" said Jumple, as he gazed into Bloomeelia's eyes with a look of awe and wonder.
"Well you're certainly free to talk to me anytime you want!" replied Bloomeelia. Rallassa began mockingly waving her hand in Bloomeelia's face, but Bloomeelia shoved it away.
"So, you're the royal messenger around here huh? That must be a tough job being royal messenger" said Bloomeelia.
"Some people have all the luck. We're selling magic toads here, kid!" Rallassa said loudly.
"Ooh, I gotta have me one of those Rallassa," said Jumple earnestly. "Then your all powerful friend Bloomeelia can teach me a spell that can make them breathe fire, then I can burn all my junk mail!" he added.
"He, he knew my name" said Rallassa, as she fainted.
"All my money kinda fell into the pond. But I have this chocolate heart for you" said Jumple, handing Bloomeelia a chocolate heart. Bloomeelia sold Jumple the toad in exchange for the chocolate heart he gave her. Then Bloomeelia turned to see Rallassa completely passed out. She used a spell to revive her, and she quickly got up.
"How did that kid know my name?" Rallassa asked Bloomeelia, who had a peculiar smirk glued to her face, her left eye twitching repeatedly.
"I told him about you. And get this, I sold him a magic frog" said Bloomeelia.
"For how much?" Rallassa asked in an inquisitive tone.
"A chocolate heart!" replied Bloomeelia.
"WHAT? You mean to say we could have had money for a measely toad, and you settled for a chocolate heart? Bloomeelia I always knew you were crazy but not that crazy!" said Rallassa.
"I like him, as a friend" said Bloomeelia. "And he likes me, as perhaps, a bit more than a friend. But hey, you know what? He's no cretin, I trust him" she added.
"Well fine, but I'm your best friend, and I think you should trust me too. And just how are we going to make any money now?" Rallassa yelled.
"I have an idea about that" said Bloomeelia.
"What is it?" asked Rallassa.
"You know those magically infused donuts you always take with you?" Bloomeelia asked. Rallassa's eyes widened.
"Give them away free?" she asked.
"YES. Today is officially customer appreciation day!" said Bloomeelia.
"Ah Bloomy you always come through with a great idea when the moment counts for it. I'll make a sign!" said Rallassa, as she began working under the stand near a large oak tree. When she had finished, she gave it to Bloomeelia.
"And I'll wave it in front of people" said Bloomeelia. Rallassa violently grasped the sign from Bloomeelia's hands.
"No, that's my job" said Rallassa, with a smug expression. Then it changed to a smile, and she giggled.
"JUST KIDDING" said Rallassa.
"Aw Rallassa you're such a kidder" said Bloomeelia.
"And you're a crazy cat!" said Rallassa.
"You are too," Bloomeelia added. Then they hugged, while rubbing their noses together and purring. Afterwards they put up their signs, and waited for customers, to no avail, until nightfall. Then wolves and savage creatures began to make noises, and Bloomeelia and Rallassa, being only two almost defenceless girls in the woods, felt very frightened.