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In Reference to Infinity

Infinity encompasses all things. Within Infinity exist two main bodies, the Primalverse and the Homeland. The Homeland is separate from the Ancient-created Primalverse, in that the Homeland existed before the Ancients gained their power. Though it is debated that the Homeland is older than the Ancients in age.

Within the Primalverse exists the Beyond, that which encompasses all given realities for any given world. Within the Beyond exists Reality, that which is particular to one given Universe and by relation, one given world.

Enclosed by a single Reality is a particular Universe and inward exists the span of Dimensions that are encompassed by that one Universe. By relation, confined to each Dimension lays a Realm. Belonging to a Realm, are several planes of existence (for example, Hell, Heaven, Limbo, Summerland, Underworld, etc…) and belonging to each plane is a given world.

That world is traditionally all that its people may know, but immortals have been known to traverse the Primalverse and by relation, countless worlds, seeking a temporary end to their boredom. Due to this, conflict has been known to arise as the Collective would have it.

But hey, at least it never stays boring for long.


The Ancients are beings created from raw energy and matter. Our stories tell us that they were once stars, fallen to the original earth only a few millennia after its birth.

Darla was the first to fall; she descended alone away from her younger siblings. She was quickly taken in by a presence that became known as many things; Order, Pan, and later Devil for his reign over Purgatory.

He took her in and adopted her as his child, teaching her to harness her power into domains that would be over the creatures she created.






and Fae.

She created these domains and beings so that she would not be alone and so that her siblings would not be alone when they fell as well.

The second to fall was Markus, and he took charge of the werewolves, feeling a kinship with the ravenous beast locked away within them. But he grew discontented with them and sought to create something far more dangerous.

In the centuries that followed, Markus grew to love Darla and sought to make her his. He courted her, trying to wile her away from the protective presence of Order, and even succeeded for a time.

They had a child, a daughter, named Katia. She took after her father in ability, but not in personality and quickly became his bane.

A century passed and Markus cast out Katia. In response, Darla left Markus and took Katia away to a land far away from the beginning.

The next to fall was Dante, as he was enraged by his brother's actions. He attacked Markus but Markus fought back and managed to bite the Ancient. The bite was poisonous. So when he managed to find his way to Darla, she modified the poison and gave him the domain over shapeshifting.

In the years that followed, Darla married Dante and he adopted Katia as his own, empowering her with the ability to shapeshift into anyone or thing. Free from the curse of being bound to the moon, Katia took a new name to signify her new life; Juliette.

They lived happily for a time, not unaware that Markus was attempting to grow his species so that he may attack them. So they did as well.

Darla, with her powers over creation, did separate the land and modify it so that Markus' lot would be separate from theirs by an ocean. She was not unkind though, she gave Markus and his people ample room to grow and flourish. Just at a safer distance away.

The next to fall were the twins Titania and Trenton. Trenton was attacked by the Lycan that Markus created and so they made their way to Darla and Dante.

Darla, who by now had given birth to a son, Garrett, took in her siblings. To ease the twins' suffering, she gave them both domain over the Fae, with Titania leading the Seelie and with Trenton leading the Unseelie. Dante gave his siblings partial abilities over shapeshifting to help hide their people, and to help protect the Faeries, as they were highly sought after for their blood. The blood of the Fae became the nectar of the supernatural races.

The Fae quickly prospered with the Twins leading them. Their small population grew so much that they set up a system of courts for the various species and classes of Fae.

The Seelie were a righteous people, with very strict black-and-white morals and a propensity for pre-ordained judgements based on your species or rank within the court. The court was topped by the royal sidhe, who, though multicolored, were the most human-esque creatures of either court. The sidhe were also of the highest standing and were essentially, the Aristocracy of the Fae.

The sidhe existed in the Unseelie court as well, though they were not always the most admired. Royalty of the various sub-courts and other Fae of high standing ruled in this particular court. The Unseelie were known for being the more accepting of the courts as they would accept the cast-off of the Seelie.

But if any Fae were cast-off from the Unseelie court they were excluded from either of the major courts.

The next to descend was Hecate. She burned to ash as she fell to earth and then reformed from her own ashes. She was a woman bourne of the pure essence of magick and so when she reunited with Darla, seized the domain over witches. She became their Goddess and their mother, providing the witches with her cunning and astute mind.

Together, she led her daughters to pools of knowledge, that they used to even their odds against the other races. For the witches were not as physical as others, focusing their energy on the metaphysical. They aided the other races when they sought information and when they required the help of a magic user.

The daughters of Hecate were talented, this was true, but they lacked the… durability of any other race. Though they would transition in life, they were much more prone to face death than any of the other species. So their mother sought to hide them away, in plain sight if you will.

Hecate, together with Darla then created a lesser species. They were less inclined physically and magically, but they were known for their emotions over anything else. They enraptured the other races, for their responses to the Children's actions and for their brilliant resilience.

They called them humans, and the few that inhabited the Homeland inspired other races with the tales of their lives that were spread by the Witches who had been reborn into other worlds, worlds that were located in what would be called the Primalverse.

Then the last of the Ancients fell, a girl named Aria. She was known as girl for her childlike body preference and her destructive uncomprehending mindset. Darla, not seeing how incapable her baby sister was, gave her control of the demonic entities.

The demonic entities organized under their own leaders, and the governments became collectively known as the Demonarchies, and they caused fear in the hearts of mortals such as humanity. But there was no room in the Homeland for them to exist peacefully. So Darla, combined with all of the Ancients save Markus and Aria, created what the races of the Homeworld would call the Primalverse, giving the demonic races planes to live upon .

This Primalverse was fearsome and dangerous, but nothing the Children could not bear, so they travelled over it's worlds and planes and all that it could offer. For immortality was a curse in that they could never experience such things as purpose like humanity could. So they sought entertainment, entertainment that caused destruction to the inhabitants of the worlds within the Primalverse, inadvertently at times, purposefully at others, ending the lives of countless people.

They caused Chaos, and it only worsened when the Ancients departed existence at times, going where no one else had, only to come back sometimes decades, or centuries, or even millenniums later.

Tensions came to a peak when Darla slew Aria, drawing the ire of Markus, who had mated the childish Ancient. The demonarchies, not reliant on their Ancient, failed to care, but the Lycan acted under Markus, and he attacked the vampires and shifters.

So the remaining Ancients allied together against the threat, for the Lycan had grown out of bounds and had become too powerful in Markus' lust for it.

And so the war progressed, till it turned to a standstill when the Ancients abandoned their creations. But tensions have not lessened in the time that they have been gone, and some have chosen to act, sending the Homeland into chaos, managed only by the eldest Children.

So the eldest have searched for answers, for any that they can find to rid themselves of the threat that faces the Allied Family.

But while the quest for answers is real, so is the need for people to discover them. Those that live to find those answers are dying out, however. Hunted by the dreadful Unknown, the Unknown that finds those who are themselves unknown to even their friends.


(Created as a reference to characters, places, and terms.)

Acermonos~ A small island in between worlds, placed in a formerly extinct demonic world. The sole inhabitant has resided there for over eight thousand years. It's harsh landscape and desolate climate makes it one of the harsher places to live in the Primalverse. Name comes from greek; 'Acer' meaning bitter, and 'Mon' meaning alone.

Ace~ The identical twin to Acton, he is characterized by his golden looks and mischievous sense of humor that he and his brother share. He had a lover named Tala claimed to not return his feelings, and shortly died thereafter. He has not taken a lover since her death. Because of this, he is extremely protective of his brother and hates being left alone.

Acton~ The younger identical twin to Ace, he, like his brother, has golden looks and a wicked sense of humor. He has not loved deeply yet in his life and typically has very shallow relationships outside the one with his brother. His lovers, both male and female, were not valued by him for anything other than sex, and most left their relationships irritated by this. His male lover, Adam, was perhaps the only one who left him on good terms.

Adam~ Son of Darla and a former lover of Acton, he was known for being wiser than most, with a passionate love of all creative arts, whether it be the written word, or a musical note, or the smell of drying paint.

Adam Brandt- A mortal enlisted with Conner in the military during WW2 in his homeworld.

Aeron~ A rogue Lycan, bound only to human form. He allied himself with his mate, Ora's kind when his pack died after they killed his elder sister, a consequence of his mother's wrath. His mother is Jade, and his twin sister is Willow.

Alcaeus~A demigod child of Kakasbos, he was born in 6620 B.C. and imprisoned as punishment for the death of his father's mortal lover. He has been imprisoned on the island of Acermonos since he fully matured.

Alexandria~ A vampire with dual personalities, she attracted a pair of brothers, only for their older brother to kill her in the end. She, instead of dying, became a part of the willow tree she was buried under. Her face is said to peek out from the wood of the trunk, and strands of brown hair are wrapped around some of the branches.

Altessa~ A triplet born of Darla and Dante, her brother is Ambrose and her sister is Ambrosia. She was known for being a competent leader as the elder sister, but usually chose to let her brother take the lead. She is characterized by a cool expression, leaving only her small smiles for her siblings.

Ambrose~ The elder triplet to Altessa and Ambrosia, he is known for being protective of his younger sisters and admiring of his elder brothers. His sisters both look up to him, and they were the ones to encourage him to follow his interests.

Ambrosia~ The youngest triplet, she is skilled when it comes to deception and manipulation, but only to those outside of her siblings. She shows little toleration for any mortal, and despises humans in general, for no clear reason in particular, but then again, no one has ever been brave enough to ask her. Known for her cleverness, she was also known to be exceedingly light on her feet on a battlefield.

Amos~ Aria's eldest child, he is one of her only blooded children, since she primarily took the form of a child. A demon, he rules over a ruthless breed of the Mearkles, known for his ability of forethought, he has led his people to high status among the demonarchies. He is also known as a charismatic leader, taking after his mother in that effect.

Anastasia~ A vampire born of Darla, she has been trapped in a limbo of sorts for several centuries. Some have said she originally entered willingly, and that her body has been entombed by Katia for safe keeping. Incredibly impulsive and daring, little stays permanent for her, and most of her relationships do not last long. Noted also is her intelligence, which often leaves her bored with menial tasks.

Ancients, The~ A set of primal beings that predate all but the Homeland in age. Their number is seven, and they periodically slip from existence all together.

Aria~ The youngest of the Ancients, she holds given dominion over Demonic Forces. No one has knowledge of her current whereabouts other than the Ancients themselves. It is rumored that the oldest of them, Darla, slayed her younger sibling when she rose up against her.

Ava~ An avian shifter, she is the blooded daughter of Dante. Celebrated for her talent when it comes to taking on new forms quickly, she is also known among the allied Family for her talents when it comes to espionage.

Ayla~ An elder witch goddess, she is said to have originally been one of the first blooded daughters of the Ancientess Hecate. Ayla was said to have originally disappeared in the Neolithic Era, but she resurfaced in her advancing world to produce a daughter approximately twenty years before the French Revolution of that particular realm.

Azrael~ The former Angel of Death, she is not to be confused with Death herself. While she is capable of taking lives and moving them on their next life, she rarely chooses to do so.

Bane~ An individual held in perfect polarity to their counterpart. It is rumored that only a Bane may put an end to an Ancient and there is only one known of.

Beansidhe - Also known as Banshee. She's an Irish death spirit whose keening (mourning wail) can be heard at night prior to a death. She's always female and always appears in a filmy, full-sized human form. Long stringy hair partially covered with a hood and a white gown is part of her attire, as is a wet and ghost-like appearance. She's also known to wear a grey, green, or black robe in different regions.

Beyond, The~ The Beyond is a term used to encompass every reality for a given world. This includes an infinite number of alternate realities.

Bonnie~ A concubine Seeker, she is talented when it comes to uncovering the secrets of her enemies or lovers.

Bowen~The fraternal twin to Braedon, he and his brother are werewolves, some of the first blooded children born of Markus and Aria. Bowen is a talented huntsman, almost as skilled as the Hunter and Hound Fae. Having grown up as humans, they have morals similar to humans, and a sibling bond closer to that of human siblings. He is a very confident person, and very sure of his path in life.

Braedon~ The younger twin to Bowen, he is protective of his elder brother, and distrusts most other immortals. He does not see Markus or Aria as his parents, having had a strong attachment to his mortal parents.

Bridget Bishop~ Originally killed during the Salem Witch Trials, one of her incarnations was truly a witch daughter of Hecate. Skilled in healing, she is one of the witches that helped heal the humans that lived in the Homeland.

Cammon~A sidhe, Cammon is gifted at drawing forth animals to fight for him. He is characterized by exceptional intuition and a strong sense of empathy.

Carissa~ A female demi-demon, she was born out of the rape of a female fae and a demon. Usually called too kind hearted, she was abandoned by her father's kind, and not accepted by any court of the Fae. She was taken in by a crone, and raised as a witch.

Children, the~ Used in reference to the direct descendents of the Ancients to describe typically the first generation. They are known to have little to no moral compass, and usually act accordingly. Wherever they go, chaos follows and in many cases, less powerful races die.

Clara~ A reincarnated vampire, she did not survive her sickness, but bound by her mating with Garrett, she has been reborn thousands of times. She typically dies early in life, usually within a month of being reunited with her mate.

Cleaners, The~ A group of individuals assigned the duty to clean up the messes left behind by immortal races, and prevent the discovery of these immortals. They are said to be the only forces that can truly intimidate any of the Family.

Clementine~ A sexless being who owns and operates the Armory; a warehouse that holds powerful weapons lost by time. The Armory is said to only appear in dire need, though without knowledge of such, many have lost their lives before their time. Clementine has rarely ever been seen, even within their own domain.

Collective, The~ Sometimes referred to as Spirit, it is the power behind all things, the essence that gives life, and the power that may take it away. Tapped into, it provides former humans with power that may last throughout generations. It is how witches draw power and how the Ancients create worlds.

Conner~ A son of Darla and Dante, he takes after his elder brother Garrett, though life has yet to wear on him as much as his elder brother.

Cordelia~A human witch, talented in healing and illusions. She is the second generation in her line, though of which, it may be debated, since she was adopted out as an infant. She discovered her powers through a grimoire that was given to her in passing by a stranger.

Dante~ The mate and twin to Darla, he holds domain over Shapeshifters. He was the third Ancient to fall, and adopted Darla's daughter by Markus as his own. His own son, Garrett, rules in his place in his absence, but for the most part, Garrett has allowed his elder sister to rule in his stead.

Darla~The oldest of the Ancients, she is the ruler of many things, chief among them being the Vampiric Races. She once held dominion over all Races, but passed most onto her siblings, the other Ancients. Her mate is Dante. When not present, her eldest, Katia, rules in her place.

Death(edora)~ Twin sister to Life (Olivia), she seeks her sister's end as a never ending, ever renewing hunt. When she slays her sister, mass death often occurs such as genocide and mass murder.

Demonic Forces~ Otherwise known as the demonarchies, their kingdoms number in the thousands. For the most part, they are left to monitor themselves, but when summoned to fight, they answer to the Ancient who currently holds dominion over them. In recent years, rumors have surfaced that quite a few of the lesser races have gone extinct, and that in-fighting was to blame.

Desiree~ A vampire with the gift of healing, she was known as kind and gentle. She was put into a sleep by her family a few decades after she was killed by her husband. After her brief death, her personality flipped and she became a ruthless killer and her kill count numbered in the thousands till she was put asleep by Katia.

Eleanora Durant~ A Seer Watcher and a daughter of a witch goddess known only as Ayla. She is the mother to Gregoire Durant by a human lover, who was said to be her only lover. She was born approximately twenty years before the French Revolution in a realm known only as Saer.

Evangeline~ A witch, she was originally a child of Darla and Dante, but died in that lifetime during her Sickness. She has been reborn as a witch for thousands of lifetimes, and in each of them, she outlives Garrett's Clara by a handful of weeks before dying herself. She is talented when it comes to Necromancy.

Fae~ A term used to describe the faerie peoples as a whole. Divided into a pyramid of courts, the chief two courts are those of the Seelie and Unseelie. At war since their Ancients left, they fight amongst themselves, and are useless to call upon to fight for the Family against Lycan.

Family, The~ A term that refers to the overall body of the Allied Ancients and their children.

Galen~ A son of the Sin of Sloth (Sully).

Garrett~ The eldest son of any Ancient, he is the blooded son of Dante and Darla. He takes after his mother in abilities, with only minor control over shapeshifting. His mate, Clara, bears a fatal recurring curse that results in her death in every life she has led. It is rumored that Garrett had another lover, Evangeline, who is another member of the Family.

Gregoire Durant~ The human son of the Watcher Eleanora. He was known to be an intelligent man, hard sought after answers to his questions about the Grand Scheme. In his later years, he trained baby Watchers, most dying before they reached full maturity, with the exception of Horace and Julien.

Heather~ A daughter of Hecate, she is perhaps the most infamous. Said to have been the child of Hecate and a kitsune, she is known to be confident and ruthless, with little tolerance toward men in particular. Stories say that her tattoos, depictions of dragons enchained, are former lovers that crossed her. Her chief ability is to give her tattoos life, summoning them from her skin to fight for her.

Hecate~ The last of the Ancients to fall, she was reborn of her own ashes and seized control of the Witches without argument from any party. She is the only Ancient to take no permanent mate, though her children outnumber most others. Many are born from thought, and carried within the bellies of human women, while for a select few, she bore them herself. She is also the only Ancient to never fully depart from existence, though she has no need for rulership as each Circle of Witches is run by their own queen. Though it should be noted that every queen reports to her.

Homeland, The~ The original realm, home to the original races, whether they be of supernatural origin, or human. Home to the Ancients.

Horace Carmichael~ A male Watcher who was trained by the human Gregoire.

Incubi~ Male Succubae, they may also shift forms between male and female forms to lure in prey. They are referred to as incubi to point out their original gender before they either reached maturity or were turned.

Jade~ Mother to Aeron and Willow, she is a self-bound Lycan, under the protection of Dante.

Julien Kingsley~ A male Watcher who was trained by the human Gregoire. Half-sidhe, he is a member of the Unseelie Court, but this is not known by others.

Juliette/Katia~The eldest descendant of any Ancient, she was born of the union between Darla and Markus. Her relationship with her father was ill, and she became his Bane. She is known for her reliability and her astute mind and knowledge of all things. She is the heir to the Vampire Races, but has shown no desire for rising above her current station. She rules over some of the Allied Races in the Ancient's steads, Vampires, Shifters, and Demons.

Kakasbos~ The Anatolian God of Strength and War, he faded a thousand years after he handed down his son Alcaeus' punishment.

Lycan~A species of werewolves, they are prized by their Ancient creator, Markus. When spotted, they have been compared to the world wolf, Fenrir, in size and ferocity. Cursed by Hecate, many have been bound to one form, whether it be human or wolf.

Mearkles, The~ A demonarchy led by the son of Aria, Amos. They are a major player among the demonarchies and are known for their cunning in battle as well as their prowess in all things.

Mason~ A blooded son of Markus, he is a werewolf, quickly disregarded by his father for being such. He is known to stay out of conflicts.

Markus~ The second Ancient to fall, he was first mated to Darla. When he forsaked Katia, Darla absconded with her daughter. In the days just after his fall, he took control over dominion over the Werewolves, but after the creations of many of their races, he grew bored of them all, only to create his favored Lycan.

Mermaids~Feminine sea creatures with the upper body of a beautiful woman and the lower body of a fish. Their voices commonly lure sailors to their deaths, though when that fails they snatch their victims from land or ship by force. When on land, they are called Sirens, though many sirens become land bound.

Naia~ A female selkie, she only takes human form for two nights a year, Midsummer's Eve and All Hallow's Eve.

Narcissa~ A land bound Siren, she was once commander of an army of mermaidens. She is knowledgeable of most sea creatures, and has been known to eat the flesh of her mortal lovers.

Nellie~ A child vampire, Nellie was created by a vampire named Reyna. After her sire was killed, she was taken in by Juliet as one of the Family.

Nightmares (Mara)~ The personification of Nightmares, Mara could be compared to a primordial deity in power. She is the blooded daughter of Darla alone, but blessed by Hecate, giving her power over sleep and visionary magicks.

Life (Olivia)~ The embodiment of Life, Olivia is the twin sister to Deathedora, the embodiment of Death. Known to be cruel and selfish to immortals, the mortals she hides among typically try to protect her for her perceived 'goodness'. When she is killed by her sister, mass death in that world is sure to follow.

Ora~ The Mate to Aeron, she is a daughter of Titania, though she takes after her vampiric father.

Planes~ A term used to describe a particular level of existence within a given realm.

Poppy~ An exiled nature spirit, she became a beansidhe (banshee) when her female sidhe lover died.

Primalverse~ A term referring to the overall Multiverse. When used as a lesser term, it refers to the worlds either in an earlier state of being or less inhabitable.

Ravena~ A historian, she alone knows the true history of the Ancients. She guards a grove segregated away from the societies of the Homeland. She is a close advisor to Katia, but no one has seen her in several hundred years.

Reality~ The state of things as they actually exist. This term is used in reference to that which encompasses one given universe, and by relation, one given world.

Sage~ A witch crone, she is skilled as an herbalist. In her youth she was known to be merciless, and rarely forgiving. It is said that she has mellowed considerably with age.

Selkies~Shapeshifting faeries, they take the form of seals when travelling in the sea. Some have been known to shapeshift at will, but a few may only appear on Midsummer's Eve and All Hallow's Eve. When encountering humans, they are known to at times to take them as a mate.

Seven, The~ A term used to refer to the Seven Deadly Sins. They are forbidden to travel together unless bidden to do so by the Ancients, for humans cannot be in their presence without coming under the power of their auras.

Sickness, The~ Term used to refer to the process of transitioning to full immortality. Less than half of the people to undergo this process survive. It tends to occur somewhere between two hundred and fifty to five hundred years after birth.

Sirens~ A mermaid, taken human form. They have the ability to shift into their other form, though most sirens are land bound. Their songs entrance mortals, and lure their victims to their death. Cannibalistic, they feed off mortal flesh to preserve their strength in preparation for the Sickness that awaits them.

Succubae~ A female creature of carnal desires, they shift between a male and feminine forms to lure in prey. Known to feed off sex and the life force of their victims, they are also known to turn their prey cannibalistic.

Theresa~ A vampire, she was unexpectedly gifted with the abilities of a pyromancer. Unlike most pyromancers, she did not die due to her gift but due to her demonic lover, Zakariah.

Titania~ The Queen of the Fae, she rules over all the courts with her mate, Trenton. Individually, she is the Queen of the Seelie. When not present, the Seelie are governed by Ava. Since the Ancients disappearance, both the Seelie and the Unseelie have been at war.

Trenton~ The King of the Fae, he rules over all the courts with Titania at his side. Individually he rules over the Unseelie. When not present, the Unseelie are governed over by his son, Storm. Since his and Titania's disappearance, the Seelie and the Unseelie have been at war.

Vampiric Races~ The children of Darla, they number in the thousands, though those native to the Homeland typically appear more human then most races. However it should be repeated that they are not human, and outside of looks bear little resemblance. It should also be noted that those that survive the Sickness are immortal in the truest sense of the word and may only be killed by an Ancient. After a few millennia, many lose the need to drink blood and only continue to do out of enjoyment as compared to other races.

Watchers, The~ A group of individuals created to watch and progress history when needed. Gifted from an early age, they are often killed in their youth before immortality sets in.

Werewolves~ Separate from Lycan, they are smaller and faster. They are the original children of Markus, but he found them to be a disappointment and exiled them whereupon the Family took them in and Dante raised them up as his own.

Willow~ Twin sister to Aeron, she is the daughter of the Lycan Jade, though she has exhibited no Lycan ability. She was taken under Hecate's care for education and has become a talented seeker of secrets.

Witches~ Children of the Ancientess Hecate, all at the very least carry the ability to start their own line, but many witches are sworn maidens, or have a difficult time bearing children. Many of those turn to fertility rites, and have great success in that area. Witches guide the races typically with their gifts and are therefore prized allies. Many witches are human, but most native to the Homelands are not.

Xander- A demon barkeep, owner of The Bar of Bath.

Zakariah~ The demonic lover of the vampiric pyromancer, Theresa. Little is known about him other than he is thought to be half human as he bears little resemblance to any known demonic race.