They had moved Allegra onto the bed, her heartbeat even and strong, her eyes moving beneath their lids. He had let out a sigh of relief when he spotted her breathing nice and even.

"What happened?" Theo beseeched, his voice belying his shock.

"She...unlocked some of my memories. Genny's birth...They wiped me right in the middle of it. Then it was like meeting her all over again, only she knew who I was and didn't tell me." He ran a hand through his hair, "It progressed and showed me, us I suppose since she was with me during it, the following year or so."

"And? What went on then?"

He sighed, walking over and sitting in one of the righted chairs. Theo brought over the chair that had toppled over to sit next to him, the old crib sitting between them like a ghost. Asher sent a pointed look toward the crib, "She got pregnant again, we were happy, I was even with her until a week after the birth of Mona when they wiped me next."

He leaned back, exhaustion coming off of him in waves. He needed to sleep, but he feared that if he did, he would just relive another bad memory that left him feeling cold,

"There was a man, she knew him, his name was Russ. Something was off about him, it was like his very presence was poison in the base. It reached out to everyone except for Allegra, Beau, and Genny. It affected even me, but I held it back. It appealed to the darkest parts of everyone, making everything worse and rising the tensions. I managed to keep us out of it, but it all seemed to get worse when they cornered me for another wipe." Asher described, revealing the situation to his cousin.

"I remember the pain, it was all consuming and I tried to push back against it. The next thing I know, I'm in the apartment and Allegra is screaming from her room, begging me to stop, but I wasn't in there and I didn't know what she wanted me to stop. I tried getting into the room, but something was holding me back. I tried the bathroom, and I'm swept into another memory, this one I'm sure is mine."

He paused, "Something about being ordered to be with her."

"Then I'm back, and I see the girls in the living room. Genny and Mona are playing with blocks, and Mona notices me. She's the only one that does and begins to tell me that I'm not supposed to be there. I asked her about the screaming, but it was as if I was the only one who could hear it. The twins came into the room, but they didn't notice me either. A younger girl enters the room, Lenore. She's the smallest and sick, but says she's getting better. Theo, I think I was in Allegra's head. I think I was in a memory of her's."

Allegra gave a soft gasp from the bed, but she was still asleep, moving absently beneath one of the quilts. Her curls were tumbling in and around her face and she was silently mumbling, her lips giving only the slightest hint of speech. Blood was still steadily streaming from her nose, but it was beginning to slow its pace.

The sound of an explosion resounded through the air, coming from outside of the base.

Asher and Theo stood from their chairs, much faster than humans would have been able to and both seats hit the walls with a resounding crack. They looked at one another briefly, not noticing Allegra come to and appear at the door in one sudden movement. The sound of the door slamming open garnered their attention and they quickly followed when they spotted the rosy curls fly from the room.

Out the apartment and down several halls and up too many flights of stairs, they made their way to the entrance of the base. They were almost to the door when Allegra opened it and stepped outside into the sunny forest surrounding. She inhaled, looking around in every direction till she appeared to trace the explosion back to the place of impact.

She ran forward for a few minutes, till she rapidly cut to the side and stayed downwind of the site. They followed her, Asher never failing to catch how… predatory she looked.

Mate. Mate. Mate. Mate. Mate. Mate. Release me! Mate. Mate. Mate.

Her movements were incredibly graceful, smooth and precise. Her feet made little to no sound on the forest floor, careful not to scare any of her… prey away. Her eyes were narrowed in the direction of her will, calculating and deadly, but still warm. If he was honest, it made even him feel clumsy in compare, him, the trained assassin.

You'd think the lycan would be the loudest being in the forest, but no, that would by far be the vampire beside him who seemed to almost thrive off the fear that his own prey would feel when they heard him coming.

Though to be fair, Theo was clearly more of a city hunter when it came to hunting grounds.

She stayed yards ahead of them however, separating herself from their louder motions.

Allegra remained in their sights, though if he had to guess, it was more of a happy coincidence than an actual decision she made.

A new sort of wind was picked up, and it was heading towards them from the side, and it was not what Allegra still had her sights set on. She completely disregarded the new threat and didn't even look sideways when a blue blur flashed through and collided with Theo, sending the blond male flying.

Asher turned away from her and appeared at Theo's side faster than humanly possible.

Theo popped back up and they turned back to back and waited for the blur to make a reappearance.

Sure enough, the blur manifested in front of them in the branches of an overhanging tree.

"What? Don't tell me you're alone? That isn't exactly your style, Milana." Asher remarked, flippant.

"Disappointed? The rest are just running a little late, I'm afraid."

"Milana, what do you want?" Theo called.

"A grand many things, but with you two… I want only one thing."

"What? Our deaths? Aren't you cliche?" Theo smirked and Milana narrowed her grey eyes on him.

She sighed, "No, but I guess that will have to do."

Another blur manifested on the opposite branch.

"Rorik? I thought you retired in your old age." Theo kept smirking and even Asher wanted to wipe that expression off his face.

Rorik narrowed his eyes on his brother, "Dick! I am not that old!"

"You're right. You're only sixteen thousand years old- not that old compared to everyone else. Maybe you shouldn't retire."

Asher cocked his head to the side, "Can't we move this along? We got somewhere to be."

Milana sighed and pulled out her throwing daggers, "I guess if we have to."

Another explosion was heard from the direction Allegra had disappeared to and it drew the eyes of all those present in the clearing.

Cassandra and Talon stepped into the clearing.

Cassandra let out a sigh, "Milana, Rorik, just what are you doing here for?"

Milana shrugged, "Kicks."

Rorik sighed, "Markus' heir wants any allied lycan killed- no 'buts' about it. The pay is good, so here we are."

"I'm sure your sister is happy to hear."

They all shuddered at the idea of Katia's anger. A furious Katia was one that no one wanted to face. And when you faced her- you faced Leah- another creature no one wanted to face.

Rorik sighed, "She can't stay angry for lon-"

"Have you met your sister?"

Cassandra waved to Theo and Asher, "Go on, we'll handle these two."

With a nod from Asher, they disappeared in a blur of their own toward the destination, not caring for any discrete pussy footing as they bolted into another clearing within a few moments. They slowed to a stop to take in the situation around them and took a moment to take in where they actually were. It was another clearing, but the tree's canopies hung over their heads so densely that the sky could not be seen in anything other than patches. This clearing was larger too, but the heavy underbrush and thick tree roots spread out across the forest floor were tricky to move around.

Allegra stood beside a tree ten yards to the right of where they were against the treeline, observing the fight in the center of the clearing between an imposing man and two… beasts.

The creatures could not be named by any mortal words, of that Asher was sure. Primarily because they most certainly had come from Hell itself. The larger was a sticky looking absolute black thing that moved on three thin spider-like legs, dancing in and out of the fight between the second and the man.

The man, slightly taller than he or Theo, was well muscled and had a dark olive complected skin that was littered with paler white stripes; most likely scars. His skin was dark- but without tan- like he had never stepped foot in the sun in his life. It looked rather strange, but it seemed to be natural. He wore ornately carved leather armour that must have been light for him to almost dance in his movements. He bore two short curved swords that he used with incredible precision to lay hit after hit on his deadly enemy.

The first beast disappeared in an explosion of sorts before Asher could take a close look at it.

The explosion was like the beast had burst into glass shards, but before the shards rained down anywhere, the turned inward into a… void and disappeared cleanly. It made Asher wish that everyone he fought disappeared like that. It would certainly be cleaner, anyway.

And so the man turned his full attention onto the sticky spider… thing and within moments, the beast was gone in the same fashion.

For a minute or two the man stayed alone in the center of the clearing, clearly taking time to regain his breath.

He combed a hand through his black hair, brushing it out of his face. It reached a little past his jawline, hanging over his shoulders.

Allegra stepped away from her tree and walked into the center, ghosting over and through the bramble to get to the man. They followed her, staying slightly behind her.

She stopped two feet away from the man, and he turned his attention her way, his eyes scanning them and dismissing them immediately.

His eyes were a pale green like Allegra's had been, but his were rimmed with a pitch black that seemed to desire to consume his entire eye, reaching out towards his pupils. He couldn't figure out why, but he reminded Asher of Russ.

He was as imposing as Russ had been, but unlike Russ, he didn't seem malevolent or even innately dangerous, despite the fight they had just seen.

"Érevos, o gios mou." Allegra spoke up, her voice smooth, but weighed down heavily by emotion.

He didn't know who the man was, so Asher could only guess that she knew him well- as her almost bittersweet tone gave her away.

"Mitéra," The man uttered softly, looking down to meet her gaze.

The moment seemed almost private between the two of them.

She spoke again in more greek. It must've been, because of how similar it sounded in his head to how she spoke with Russ.

Theo met Asher's gaze briefly, hazel eyes meeting blue in question.

Theo nodded and they looked back at the two.

"Who are you, Erevos?"

The man narrowed his eyes on Theo as he looked away from Allegra, he was clearly annoyed at being interrupted, but shook it off after a moment. His voice was lacking a heavy accent when he switched to english to speak to Theo.

"I am whom mortals call Erebus. Who are you, mor- well, you are not mortal, are you? You are like Mitéra or perhaps you are not? She is under my wife's curse, but you are not." He sounded flippant towards the end, giving a very small shrug.

Allegra sighed, "You did not answer my question, O gios mou."

He looked back down at her, "Can I not visit, Mitéra?"

"You never have before, not in this life. Why have you left tártaros?"

A beam of light shot into the clearing and cut down one of the ancient trees to the left. A blast of violet soon followed and both he and Theo turned to face the fight that was coming their way. Erebus, whoever he was, pushed himself in front of Allegra, but she quietly chided him and stood even beside him, her eyes the color of rubies as they scanned the tree line.

The blue of Milana's leather armor flew into the clearing and crashed into the underbrush, driving up dirt and roots and all that lay on the forest floor. Milana flew back up onto her feet quickly enough, but she was definitely having trouble with her legs as she swayed back and forth for a moment before steadying herself. Milana angled her eyes toward the tree line as well, as if she hadn't spotted them.

"Milana, stop this." Asher commanded and she turned to her side, keeping her back away from both her main fight and their small group.

"Why can't things ever be simple in the Family? For a bunch of relics, we seem to attract complication like nobody's business." Milana remarked.

Theo shrugged, "What do you expect? We are immortal, which certainly gives us the time to attract trouble."

"Who's Barbie Fatale and the Achilles behind you? And why do you both and Barbie behind you look like you can do a stint on a CW TV show? I mean, have either of you heard about these wonderful things called shirts?"

"I do not like this mortal, Mitéra. May I put an end to her for you?" Erebus beseeched Allegra and she made to shrug when Theo rapidly denied him.

"No, unfortunately they're Family. Even if their loyalties can be bought and sold on QVC."

"Some family if they would seek to attack you without all the information." Allegra stated cooly, her eyes narrowed on Milana.

"And you Barbie, do you have all the information?"

Allegra smirked, "As soon as you stepped foot in my territory I did."

She tapped a finger up against her temple, "For someone who thinks herself a genius, you need to learn to keep up a mental barrier up if you wish to be of any threat to any… higher being."

"Higher being? Is she for real?"

Jaron came out from behind the tree line, looking like he wanted to pinch the bridge of his nose, but held himself back. Asher and Theo relaxed, their eyes trained on the tree line again as another violet blast reached out into the air briefly before receding. In his peripheral, he analyzed Milana like the humanoid shifter was prey.

She wasn't, Asher reminded himself.

No, she was Family, and that guaranteed her a position a step above that.

Well, maybe now she was prey- did her trying to kill him allow him fair rebuttal?

Erebus snorted, "Mortal."

Milana sneered, "Who you callin' mortal?"

Allegra rubbed his arm for a moment before releasing him.

Another violet blast shot out into the clearing and Rorik collided with the ground, leaving a trail a few feet from where Milana had landed.

Cassandra appeared at the treeline, her black leather jacket zipped up to cover her tattered shirt from view.

Rorik stood up from the dirt, his plain t-shirt ripped and covered in untrenched soil. He, unlike Milana, noticed them immediately, and if the vampire actually cared enough to, he would have sighed.

Cassandra approached the two parties, standing between Milana and Rorik and across from them. Asher's gaze travelled back to the treeline where a bird landed on a tree branch before a bright flash of light, leaving Talon perched on a branch.

"When did you get to be so…" Milana trailed off as she looked at Cassandra.

"Powerful?" Rorik supplied and the shifter nodded.

"Erev." Allegra began and the… god nodded.

In a moment they reappeared in one of the lower levels of the base where the only light they received was from the horrendous fluorescents flickering on the low hanging ceilings. Most of them took a step back at being… transported suddenly, a crash being heard from the hall. An annoyed Talon appeared in the doorway, eyes narrowed on the group.

"Let's never do that again. Deal?"

Milana and Rorik looked like they wanted to fight, but chose not to, probably due to the close quarters they were in. Allegra walked around Asher and Theo, her loose top swaying with her movements as she stepped even with the enemy shifter and vampire.

"No fighting within or anywhere close to the base, have I made myself clear?"

Her voice was low and threatening, and even Milana realized it would be stupid to cross her when it came to her decree.

But that didn't keep her quiet however.

"What? Afraid the neighborhood ghosts will get pissed off?"

Allegra sighed and the furious pattering of two sets of feet were heard as a high pitched calling came from down the hall.

"Momma? Momma? Where are you?" Genny could be heard well enough through the thick concrete walls, her childish voice worried and searching.

Allegra brightened, but still appeared tired, the dried blood above her lip still present from her nosebleed.

"In here, baby girl."

The approaching feet grew louder and faster as two of her daughters began to run toward the group.

Erebus turned distressed, the expression on his face helpless and worried as he whispered in greek to Allegra.

She replied softly, as if she were consoling him- not that they would know, given that it sounded almost like gibberish.

Well, maybe not Milana, what with her innate talent for linguistics to annoy all sorts of people with, but she had chosen to keep silent.

Talon stepped away from the door, sparing a moment to greet the small girls with a smile.

"Hey Genny, hey Mona. In here."

Genny ran through the doorway first, immediately launching herself into Allegra's arms and hugging her mother tight. Mona trailed in behind, slowing to a walk as she approached, her almond eyes scanning each of them slowly until they arrived on Erebus.

She tugged on Allegra's shorts with her right hand, quiet as she analyzed him.

Her eyes widened after a moment of silence passed over them all, her lips widening into an 'o'.

"You're big, baby brother."

Erebus gave a nervous chuckle, kneeling down on a knee to look her closer in the eyes.

"You too, are also different than I can remember." Erebus admitted and Mona smiled lightly, her eyes lighter with happiness and excitement.

It was the closest she ever came to jumping for joy.

Allegra turned to glance over her shoulder at them and Genny pulled her head away from her mother's chest and looked widely at the two of them. The little eldest child seemed shocked for words, not anything she was used to.

Mona held her arms out and Erebus picked her up, rising from his knee and wrapping his arms around the small girl. Mona closed her eyes and leaned her head against his chest, listening to his heart beat slowly and rhythmically in his chest.

"Little brother?" Genny muttered and Erebus smiled at her.

Her eyebrows scrunched together in thought and her lips were downturned in a frown as she looked at him.

Milana had been watching the scene with a critical eye as they all had. After a moment she relaxed and slid her freed daggers back into their sheaths against her thighs. Rorik followed suit, forcing himself to relax from his tense stance.

"If you wouldn't mind, I think I'll take an explanation." Rorik stated, his voice flat.

Allegra nodded, her eyes stilling on his face for a moment.

"Perhaps you should invite the rest of your team, so that they may know where you are. Just tell them that no fighting is to take place within or around the base." Allegra allowed, pushing a locke of Genny's hair out of her face, garnering her daughter's attention.

Genny nodded, as if deciding for him, and Allegra led them through the halls and up several flights of stairs to the level where the antechamber was kept. The glass had been cleaned from the floors, which had clearly been mopped and swept recently, though a slightly musky scent remained, which Beau appeared to be trying to circumvent by using a lavish amount of incense.

Annka was sitting perched on Beau's desk in conversation with the doctor, flirting with him animatedly, though Beau didn't appear to catch on too well.

Allegra rolled her eyes and they all filed into the room with a large wave of the girls pooling in after them to surround their 'big baby brother'. Lenore was noticeably missing until she appeared a few minutes later with three others coming in behind her.

The three newcomers were familiar to Asher- though he hadn't seem them for almost two thousand years.

The first was a tall male witch that was decked out in light leather armor with a long staff hanging off his back. The staff was almost as tall as he was and was made of silver with a red orb hanging out on the top while a blade was embedded in the opposite end. The witch's hood was pulled up, but he pulled it down as he entered, revealing his bronzed skin and blond hair that was a trademark of his bloodline.

He was one of the rare witches that had made it through their transition from mortal to immortal, Asher knew.

His features were regal and handsome, outlined by the white tattoos that seemed to be changing their shapes and designs again and again almost like he hadn't been able to pick which one he wanted- so he took them all.

His name was Adanlen.

The woman that came in behind him had fair delicate features and dark violet hair with a pair of electric blue eyes that showed no judgment even on the worst of days. She was tall, almost as tall as Adanlen, and like him, wore leather armor that clung to her in pants and a chestplate, leaving her arms free to easily move. She also bore a staff on her back, hers like a silver branch that extended up above her head and extended below her knees in another blade similar to Adanlen's.

She smiled at Theo when she spotted him.


"We're all cousins," Milana interrupted.

"I haven't seen you in what? Three hundred years? It's nice to see you again!" The woman declared.

The woman's name was Thomasin.

She was another witch that had been able to survive to and through her transition.

Thomasin squealed when she spotted Cassandra, clapping her hands, "You must be one of my new little sisters! Adanlen! We have a new sister! Isn't that marvellous?!"

Adanlen scrunched up his forehead at the squealing before nodding in response. "Marvellous, truly."

Thomasin ran up to Cassandra and caught her in a bear hug, before pulling away after a moment.

"What's your name? We must do something together, you know, it's not often that we see our siblings! Gods! It's so nice to meet you-"

"Cassandra," Cassandra supplied and Thomasin smiled.

"Cassandra." Thomasin said softly, "I'm Thomasin! And that's Adanlen! Oh, and behind him is Concordia- but we call her Cordy because it's such a mouthful- yours is too- can I call you Cass? No, you look like a Cassie- we'll go with Cassie." Thomasin pestered as the last woman stepped into the room.

The last woman, Concordia, was a vampire if her eyes were anything to go by- the kind of exploding supernova look to them behind the flash of bright blue surrounding her pupil. Her wavy blonde hair fell to her waist when free, but for now it was tied back in an elaborate braid that fell against her spine. She was shorter than the other two, but taller than Milana. She had an athletic build with long limbs that made the skirt of her armor appear shorter than it was in truth. She had fair, princess-like features and cute dimples that Asher could remember making her face appear carefree when she laughed.

He cast his eyes at Allegra who cast the group a small welcoming smile but her eyes quickly caught the blonde vampire's blue ones staring at Asher. She frowned.

Oh, fuck.

What were his chances of escaping if Allegra figured out they had a relationship before. Granted, it was over a thousand years ago, but still. He had never seen Allegra jealous before, but he wasn't looking forward to it any time soon.

His Beast was mindlessly prattling on and on in his mind, wanting desperately to be next to Allegra, to remain by her side throughout the whole of this.

Cordy stepped further into the room, her eyes rolling over Asher briefly before analyzing the others. They flashed over each of them briefly until they stopped on Allegra, burrowing holes into her neck where his bite had been left, already healed with a fresh set of white scars. Cordy sniffed the air and approached Allegra and he was at a loss at what he should do.

Should he stop her? Should he make an escape? Should he-

Cordy pushed back Allegra's hair from her neck and scanned the markings before smelling the air around her.

"Congrats, Asher. I never thought you would find your mate, I must admit, it is surprising."

Shit, he hadn't told Allegra.

Allegra stilled up in shock but quickly relaxed almost as if she hadn't stilled in the first place. Genny had stilled in her mother's arms, pulling back to look back and forth from Allegra to Cordy.


Allegra turned away from the blonde vampiress to look at her daughter, "Everything's fine."

Genny nodded and kicked her heels against Allegra's hips to be let down. Allegra bent over and released Genny to the floor where she went to burrow into the crowd of her sisters to get to Erebus who had moved to sit with his back against the dais, the remains of the tube having been dismantled. Mona sat quietly in his lap, playing with his hair absently.

"Who are you?" Allegra asked Cordy, who had turned back to scan the strawberry blonde.

"Concordia, as you heard. Your mate and I were… friends."

He spotted Theo cringe beside him a look of sympathy in his eyes.

Allegra barely blinked, but some unidentifiable emotion flickered in her eyes. He sincerely hoped it wasn't anger- getting on her nerves before he really showed her who he was with his memory, was not on his to-do list.

Allegra smiled, "Then welcome. Please, I am Allegra."

Oh, no.

Theo cringed beside him again. Perhaps recalling the last time he had fucked up as bad.

Erebus looked up from the girls to take in the scene.

Cordy smiled, it wasn't quite malicious, but it wasn't all that pleasant, either.

"Mitera. If that is all of them, why don't we sit and begin."

Bless him.

He doubted Erebus was his son purely due to the lack of similar features- but bless him all the same.

Erebus' lips quirked and he nodded, as if he heard him offer his thanks.

Allegra looked away from Cordy after a moment and they all found places to sit; the girls and Erebus on the floor, Rorik and Jaron on either side of them, and Milana's group filing in beside Rorik till they ended with Annka who sat beside Beau, clearly still flirting with him out of amusement.

Poor guy.

Allegra sat on his other side with Cassie beside her, leaving Talon to perch himself beside her and then leave the two open chairs to Theo and Asher, who was not too pleased with the situation.

His Beast grumbled within him and he could sympathize. For once, they were in accord.

"So!" Theo clapped his hands together and leaned forward onto his knees, "Why don't we establish why everyone's here! I know I'm here not so willingly- is anyone else?"

His group all raised their hands except for Asher, who was definitely not willing to alienate his mate. Thomasin raised her hand and Adanlen struck it down with a swipe of his own.

"Ok, so now that's out of the way- what the f-" Allegra's quirked brow put an end to the expletive and Theo changed tactics, "-hell are ya'll doing out of the Homelands?"

Thomasin beamed, "We were looking for an adventure!"

Rorik sighed.

Milana rolled her eyes, "We already told you- but for the overall benefit- Mikah, Markus' heir, demanded that we hunt down any allied lycan that had strayed. For a hefty sum of course, and out of the Homelands because even we're not brave-"

"-stupid-" Talon clipped, interrupting.

Milana narrowed her eyes on him, "enough to go against Katia's rule."

Theo sighed and rubbed his eyes, "You are hunting allied lycan for money of all things? What? Did you fall on hard times? Don't even lie like that- we all know that in the Homeland, things like that don't happen."

"You and I both know that isn't true. It happens in only one way and only for one reason." Milana frowned.

"No, I don't believe it." Theo shook his head, "They aren't due to return for…"

"Idiot," Milana scolded, "They've been due to return for almost a thousand years."

Beau let out a grumble, "Who's 'they'?"

Annka replied, "Why, the Ancients of course. Not that it would really concern you since this isn't the Homelands and you haven't interacted with any of the first gen really. The fact that so many of us are here today is mostly happenstance- well, now that your sister is mated to one us that might change, I suppose."

Erebus glanced at Allegra and rattled off something in greek.

Milana shrugged, "It has been known to happen. As in heaven as on earth can be applied to everything to a certain point. Whatever happens in the Homelands tends to trigger an uprising in parts of th1e Primalverse. Could be the same here."

Erebus nodded, "That would make sense then. The seals here are breaking."

Jaron cocked a brow, "What seals? In my world when seals broke it helped hasten the end of my homeland and my people's culture."

Allegra sighed, "The twelve seal bearers have been dying off. Viscera killed three within the past century alone. I am the thirteenth."

Erebus' eyes widened and he burst into frazzled greek.

Milana translated to the rest as he argued with Allegra.

"He was supposed to be the thirteenth. Tartarus is angry because of that. She had inadvertently placed herself at odds with a being called Zaeus. His… older brother."

Asher stared at his mate who was trying to calm her worried son.

"Why don't we ask an oracle?" He suggested and they all turned to look at him.

Allegra sighed and they turned to stare at her.

"The only oracle available in this time period is the Belarian Doppelganger. The only problem is that she went missing a quarter century before I took mortal form."

Asher wisely shoved off the conversation they would have to have for later.

She clearly wasn't mortal- no one there was.

Theo shrugged, "I could find her."

Milana scoffed, "You?"

Theo turned to glare at his cousin, "Yes, me. I've run across three Belarian doppelgangers within the past two centuries of my life. Granted, one of them I stumbled across by chance. One found me intentionally- the last I tracked down as a favor. Should be easy work."

Allegra shook her head, "The Belarian Doppelgangers of this world descend from a witch named Lilliani. She was blessed by Hermes to go unnoticed should one seek to use her. I assume the rule would apply to her descendents as well."

Theo stood and cracked his neck.

"That's not too bad. I've worked against witches before. They're tricky, but certainly not indestructible."

Asher frowned, "We want her alive and here, Theo. We're not looking to destroy the poor woman."

Thomasin nodded but then spoke up, "I could help you narrow down the search zone, cousin. Perhaps Talon would be of help as well."

Theo glanced at Talon, who was picking at his teeth.

Talon dropped his hand and leaned back in his seat, "I don't see why not."

Theo nodded, "That would be helpful and much appreciated, Tommy."

Thomasin smiled gently, "I will remain here then. Adanlen is a better tracker of lycan than I am anyway."

Milana grumbled, "Who said we ain't killin' the lycan in the room?"

Allegra turned to look at her through narrowed eyes.

"Try it, shifter. I dare you. There is nothing that would stand in my way of killing your sorry-"

Erebus coughed over the expletive.

"...if you cross me or mine."

His Beast damn near purred while Asher focused on not smiling at his mate's words.

A tense silence stretched on for a few moments before Milana relaxed.

Milana rolled her eyes and sighed, "'Kay Momma-bear, I get you."

Allegra leaned back and slowly rolled her gaze to Annka.

"What plans do you have?"

Annka sneered, "You kept me waiting so long I forgot."

Allegra rolled her eyes at the vampiress.

She turned to Rorik.

"I take it you all are moving on?"

Rorik glanced at his team members.

"Unless anyone would like to stay?"

"I will." Concordia replied and all went silent until Milana leapt to her feet.

"Alright, then. Let's get out and about far away from here."

Rorik and Adanlen stood.

They made for the door but Thomasin stopped them, muttering in a soft voice to Adanlen for a few moments.

She squeezed his hand and the males and the female shifter left, Adanlen glancing back at her with concern as they departed.

"Are you sure your team can operate with so few people?" Allegra asked Concordia and the blonde vampiress nodded.

"We are among the Descendents, a single one of us could destroy a kingdom given the right skill set. Milana is 'tricky' when she isn't so talkative and Rorik is skilled in close bladed combat. Together they are difficult to fight. I wonder how your witch and shifter managed to hold them off, Asher."

He glanced to Cassandra.

"I have an active telekinetic ability." She clipped, leaving out the telepathy in her wariness.

Concordia grudgingly nodded, "I suppose if you are strong enough, a witch could handle the pair of them, though I imagine Talon certainly had a hand as well."

Talon smirked from his seat.

"And how will Adanlen fair?" Allegra asked and Concordia glanced back at her and waved off her inquiry.

"Adanlen is a first generation descendent of the Ancientess Hecate. While Rorik and Milana are second and third generation of their respective Ancients. Adanlen has the experience and talent to pick up where those two err."
Allegra nodded and they all went silent except for some of the girls chattering voices from where they surrounded their brother.

He needed to know how badly Viscera had screwed them all over.

He needed to know more about his relationship with Allegra.

He needed to know more about what went on here.

He needed to know more about his past, if only to know how to help save them all from what was coming- whatever it was.