Chapter 1

A figure stood in a small, mostly empty white room, paint peeling from the walls and mould creeping up from the tiny window and spreading halfway across the ceiling. On the other side of the room a door was falling off of its hinges and missing a handle. He wore a dark green tank top and black skinny jeans paired with black, knee length boots with silver buckles. Long black hair bound loosely in a braid reaching just below skinny hips. His face was round with a button nose, soft pink lips and deep black eyes.

He hovered near a half filled suitcase and continued to pack it. He worked in complete silence until light footsteps in the distance approached the room. The noise caught his attention, moving over to the door and slamming it in the face of a small boy as he came running round the corner. A loud thump was heard and the kid started crying before running back the way he came. Smiling, he turned away and began piling clothes into a small, electric green suitcase. It was soon followed by an art set; an assortment of jewellery; a bag of hair accessories; a pair of straighteners; make up; shoes and a non-descriptive black box.

Half an hour later, two knocks sounded against the closed door. A voice spoke up slightly muffed through the wood. "We're be leaving soon so hurry up and put your things in the car." The boy grunted in acknowledgement and the person on the other side of the door walked off. Quickly grabbing the green suitcase, a tattered backpack and a pair of headphones the boy left the empty room and headed outside.