The house was huge. It had seven reasonably sized bedrooms altogether, each with an attached bathroom, four on the first floor and three on the second floor. There was a dining/living room area a little way off from the kitchen. All of the walls in the bedrooms were white and the other rooms were done in a mixture of green, yellow, red and blue, with matching furniture. Out in the garden where the grass reached my waist there was a greenhouse covered in poison ivy rendering it almost unrecognizable. Turning away I decided to explore the upstairs.

I walked through the house with a sense of unease filling me. The houseā€¦ it seemed alive, following my every move. Tapping could be heard behind me as I ventured further through the hallway on the second floor. 'Like footsteps.' I thought to myself and ran into the first door on the left and slammed it shut behind me. The sound echoing through my head. The tapping stopped and for a minute nothing moved. Breathing shallowly, heartbeat pounding in my ears and blood rushing to my head I waited. Nothing.

Sighing with relief I took in my surroundings. The room had dark wooden flooring. A king sized bed pushed up against a wall in one corner. A desk, complete with a mirror and many drawers, sat next to it. In the opposite corner was a wardrobe, to the left of it was another door leading to the bathroom. Everything was also covered in a thick layer of dust. I like this one.

I left the room, memorizing the route, and walked back down the stairs and out the front door. I dragged my suitcase out the boot of the car and took it up to my new room. Setting it down in the doorway I rummaged through it pulling out a can of neon purple spray-paint. I covered the door in a patchy layer marking it as mine. Satisfied with my work I pushed my suitcase to a wall and headed into the room, ignoring the black cat sitting on the desk, hesitantly climbing into the dusty bed and falling asleep almost immediately.