It was such a beautiful Sunday. A cool breeze signified the start of spring and carried the smell of various foods from the food trucks parked on the edge of the park. My wife and I had found a great spot near the tree line. So we set up shop and sat on our large blanket with our daughter Sarah who was drawing in her sketch book. Even at the age of nine, she showed great promise as an artist. This is saying something since I and my wife can barely draw stick figures.

Before we got comfortable, we found a food truck that made personal pizzas in a brick wood oven that was built into the truck. I got a buffalo chicken pizza and had to listen to my wife complain since I got an Ulster two years ago. That was because I decided to eat nothing but buffalo chicken for two weeks and ended up in the hospital. She got a vegetarian pizza; she's going through her vegetarian stage again. She'll go weeks without eating meat until she gives up and makes herself a plate of bacon. I find it funny when this happens because I always make bets with Sarah to see how long it would take before she went back to eating meat. Sara got her favorite: Garlic pizza with chicken, bacon, mushrooms, and spinach.

I had eaten the second piece of my pizza when it happened. The day was going so well, until the scream. It was a blood curtailing scream from a woman who was running from something. I looked to see her running from a monster. The creature lunged and slammed into the woman. I quickly got up and grabbed my wife and daughter's hand and began to pull her towards our car. However, I felt my wife suddenly stop. I looked and my eyes widened as I saw the monster's tail protruding from her chest. She looked down at the tail and then to me before she whispered, "Run" she was suddenly pulled backward.

I quickly grabbed Sarah and continued to the car. I heard one of the creatures roars and quickened my pace, but felt something slam into my body. I fell to the ground and heard Sarah screaming. I looked up and screamed my daughter's name as one of the creatures dragged her into the forest. I got up and chased after her and as I did: the world became blacker and blacker until I couldn't see anything.