I shot up in a cold sweat as I quickly looked around. I tried to get my bearings as I looked at shelves of the aisles I sat between. I felt something wet hit my arm and looked down at the German Shepard next to me. It nudged me again as its tail began to sway. That's when I remembered where I was.

"Sorry boy didn't mean to wake you," I said. The German Shepard I named Rex cocked its head before he got up and wandered out of the aisle. After losing my daughter in the forest, I ran to try and find shelter from the monsters that seemed to just appear in the city. I found Rex wondering the forest. He came up to me and nudged at my right hand. I patted it and the two of use raced to find shelter. That's when I found the Wal-Mart. Rex and I got into the Wal-Mart before they closed the metal sheet doors.

It's been three months since then. A week into being in here, the power went out. The generators then turned on. It's amazing how long the generators could last. According to one of the Wal-Mart employees, the generators can last for five months before they shut down.

I got up and walked out of the aisle and looked around. I saw Rex doing what he always did: visit everyone in the store to get petted and feed food. I shook my head and let out a small laugh before I went to the bathroom. As I relieved myself in one of the urinals I started to hear something. My heart skipped a beat as I thought one of the monsters got into the store. I stood still and listened to the sounds until I realized it was the unmistakable sound of moaning. I shook my head and I laughed internally at my panic.

I finished, shook, and then flushed. An, "Oh shit" came from one of the stalls. I went over to wash my hands and took a little bit longer just to tease whoever was inside. After I dried my hands I walked out to find Rex sitting outside the restrooms waiting for me. His tail wagged when he saw me and barked.

"Ready for some breakfast?" I asked him. He let out another bark and followed me as I went to the pet food aisle. I walked past Mary and her son Benny. Mary was still asleep and Benny was up and playing his handheld video game. Benny looked up and waved to me, I waved back as I passed. I've known Mary since High school. I was at her wedding to the fuck face Chad. The first time I met Chad, I wanted to punch him in his smug face. When he up and left Mary for a girl ten years younger than him. I was both relieved and worried since Mary was still pregnant at the time. However, her sister was there to help her out as well as me and the rest of her friends.

Once I reached the pet aisle, I grabbed a can of dog food and went back to the aisle I had woken up in. since we all were trapped inside the Wal-Mart. We all decided to take half an aisle to sleep in and call our home away from home. Many usually leave the aisle as is, but people like me. Will usually move the products and use the shelves as storage for items like canned goods for later, bottled water, and appliances. I stopped at the frozen goods aisle and took out a box of bacon, egg, and cheese Hot Pockets before heading back to the aisle. I chose half the appliance aisle near the middle of the store. A sheet separated me from my aisle mate, Terry Johnson. We worked together at the Movieplex and decided to share the aisle

When I returned to the aisle, the sheet was folded to the left of the aisle and Terry was staring at the microwave with his breakfast in it.

"Morning," he yawned. Rex trotted over to him and was pleased when he patted him on his head and added, "Morning to you too."

"What you got there?" I asked as I opened the Hot Pockets and placed them in my own microwave.

"Pizza bagels," Terry answered. I nodded as I placed the dog food can on the electrical can opener and started it. Rex turned to me and quickly trotted over to me before sitting there and waited for his food. I let the dog food slop into the dog bowl before I placed it on the floor. Rex went to town as he ate the slop before Terry's microwave dinged. He removed the paper plate filled with pizza bagels and asked, "What about you?"

"Hot pockets," I said.

"Again?" he asked me.

"Better than that crap," I argued. Terry was well known for bringing the junkiest of foods to work for his lunch or dinner (depending on his hours). He one time brought in a cheeseburger with onion rings, French fries, and jalapeno poppers on it. He smothered it with hot sauce and ketchup before devouring it. Terry isn't a big man, he's like me: well-built with a small gut. However, while I'm five eleven, Terry is a solid six foot six. I heard the microwave ding and look down to see a large wolf spider on top of the microwave.

I jumped back and yelled, "Jesus Christ!" Terry looked at me quizzically and I pointed to the microwave and said, "Fucking massive spider!"

He rolled his eyes and got up to inspect it. To me, the spider was as large as a human head since I have arachnophobia, but in reality, the spider was no bigger than a dime. He swatted the spider away and I watched as it hit the floor and scuttled off. I grimaced as I watch it disappear.

"Why didn't you kill it?" I asked.

"Why bother? They are smaller than you," Terry said.

"Yeah and so are grenades," I retorted.

"True that," a voice came from the aisle next to us.

"Thanks, Jason," I said. Jason Crane, another guy I work with at the Movieplex, the guy was built like a Tank. He only worked part time at the Movieplex since he worked full time as a fitness trainer at the local Planet Fitness.

"Don't encourage him," Terry said.

"Hey, Spiders a nasty creepy crawlies," Jason retorted before the sound of crunching came from his side of the aisle.

"This coming from a big looking brute who's afraid of Bees," Terry argued.

"Hey! I have a good reason to be scared of Bees," Jason said.

"It's called an Ipsy pen. You should have one at all times," Terry said.

The two continued to argue as I took my hot pockets from the microwave and began eating. I sat down next to Rex who was vigorously licking his bowl to get every molecule left at the bottom. I finished the first Hot Pocket and began into the second one when a loud bang came from the front. I stopped mid-bit as I looked towards the front. There was a scream and I feared I'd hear another scream before roars and monsters plowing through the aisles killing us all. There was another bang and another and another. Finally, the banging stopped. Terry, Jason, and I waited with bated breath when the intercom clicked on.

"All's good everyone, Steel sheets are still holding," a voice came from the intercom. Rex, through all of this, was still vigorously licking the bowl that was now anything more than his own saliva.

"Every damn day," Terry said before he continued, "they keep trying to get in. you'd think they'd just give up and find other people to terrorize."

"Yeah, would be nice to go home one of these days," Jason said.

I on the other hand really didn't want to go back home. While Terry and Jason were still single, I was married with a child. I had lost them the first day these creatures or monsters as I call them appeared. I had no intentions of going back to an empty home where everything would remind me of the two I lost. Hell, when I first got here I was contemplating suicide, but Rex, Terry, and Jason helped me out of it.

"Hey," a voice called out. I looked towards the exit of the aisle to see Matthew standing there. He waved to us and said, "Come on, some of us are coming up with a plan to leave." Matt was a pudgy looking trucker with a flannel shirt and a hat with the words "Truck Yeah" stitched into it.

"Why?" Jason said as he walked out of his own aisle and added, "We're safe here and have plenty of food and water."

"Yeah, but according to Eric: the generators aren't working properly. We have maybe two to three weeks left until they crap the bed," Matthew explained.