A.N: Hi Readers, so this is my first one shot and my first posting. Everything I write is based off random thoughts in my mind, they are in the moment, hence the name LOL! I hope you and enjoy – InTheMoment

As the sun began to peek through the window shining on my face, I begin to wake. As I open my eyes, I'm greeted by the sight of you, already awake looking at me. You smile and say "good morning" as I blush and try to hide my face. You pull me into your arms and kiss my forehead making my blush worse. The scent of you warms my heart and gives me a sense of serenity. You jump out of bed to brush your teeth as you walk towards the bathroom a million thoughts run through my mind, "how did I get here? " "how did I end up with you" "how can I be so blessed to have someone like you, someone who gets me" and "DAMN this man is fine!"

You hate it but I can't help but watch as you brush your teeth getting rid of your morning breath. I can't help but stare at your naked form, to memorize every inch of your body, etching it into my memory so I can never forget it. Your done now and turn to see me looking at you with a crazy smile on my face, you blush and ask "what am I looking at?" I told you "I can't help but stare at you, I want you". At that moment, your look change, your eyes darken filled with lust, and your lips change from a smile to this sexy smirk that I love so much. Like a predator hunting for his prey, you pounce on me, wrapping me in your arms causing me to laugh. You look down on me, looking in my eyes as I looked back into yours, eyes that I seem to always lose myself in, gone was the look of lust but now a look of love, a look of wanting this moment to last. You lean forward and kissed me, a kiss that explains every emotion on how you feel about me, you never being a man of words.

The kiss is slow but the desire is there, while one arm is preventing you from crushing me the other is everywhere, rubbing my breast, caressing my body, to squeezing my ass, igniting an inner fire in me. You begin to kiss my neck, the feeling of your tongue tracing the words "mine" on my sensitive spot eliciting a moan from me. I feel you smirk against my neck and you begin to trail kisses down to my breast. I always thought your mouth was magic as you incase my nipple into your mouth, not afraid of being rough giving it a little bite then twirling your tongue around it making me a bit crazier. After you paid such through attention to my chest you worked your way lower, kissing the lower inner part of my thighs, always teasing but never touching, you wait till I begin to beg that you bless the area I want you most. You hold me down by waist and slowly started licking my clit, I begin to beg again to calm the ache within me and you did. You let go of my hips and pushed my legs back exposing me more. You begin to lick and suck on my clit, driving me crazy, I grind myself into you more feeling a tightening in my core. Your name turns into a mantra as I say it more and more that seems to encourage you, as you begin to become to pick up speed doing my that one tongue trick that was bound to make me cum, I moan your name as my body goes stiff.

I try to catch my breath, but I begin to tremble as you place your hand on me, asking if I'm okay, I can't speak but I nod. You begin to kiss my neck again and I feel you rock hard against my thigh. Now with energy, I flip us over so I can be on top, I begin to grind against you rubbing my hands down your chest. I placed you near my entrance and I slowly sank down, both of gasping at the sensation. I pause for moment, getting use to the feeling, enjoying the feeling of you throbbing in me. I start to rise, then slamming down hard picking up speed as I go. Enjoying the look of pleasure all on your face, I lean forward to kiss you, changing from an up and down motion but to a whining motion, knowing that is your favorite you place your hands on my ass, giving it a hard slap, encouraging me to do more, moaning in my ear how much you love me and my wet pussy. I decide to give you a show so I spun around and started riding again but this time twerking at the same time, I hear you say "fuck" and felt another slap on my ass, you grab hold of my waist and started to push upward taking me by surprise . I turn back around and began to fight for dominance.

With one final hard push, you take my breath away and place me on my back, whispering in my ear "I won" while thrusting into me. Wrapping my legs around your waist and tightening my walls around the second you, we begin to get lost in the love we are making. I felt the tightening in my core again and somehow you know close I am. You pull out, causing me frustration, then tell me to turn around, causing me to get excited. Now in my favorite position, backshot, you rub and lick my clit and place yourself back in me. All that can be heard is the slapping of skin as I can't help but to fall into rhythm with you, and the sounds of our moans.

You give me one hard stroke causing me to lay flat on my stomach, I grow wetter knowing what is about to come. I feel your arm tuck under my waist and then your fingers rubbing my clit, causing the tightening to return. Your body on top of me, your moans filling my ear with the occasional dirty talk sends me crashing over the edge. As I am crashing you keep going making me fall deeper, my body began to tremble. When I land, you kiss my shoulder and turn me back around, run your hands over my body and I tremble in their wake. You enter me again, ready for your release, hooking one of my legs up while arching me up by my ass. You pound into me relentlessly, I begin to scream into your neck loving the feeling, scratching my nails down your back. I know you are close because your breathing turned irregular, your hold on my butt tightens and the speed picks up more, then I feel a warm sensation enter me and you lay flat against me trying to find oxygen in the air. I kiss your forehead and hold you close, not caring we are both covered in sweat. You exit me and lay next to me, pulling me close, whispering "I love you" for you have not yet regained your breath. I look up at you, smiled, cuddle into your chest, saying "I love you too"