On May 27th, 2021, the Many Worlds Hypothesis was proven true in a most spectacular fashion. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) had built a device that could tunnel into another Universe. This was an shocking discovery for the scientists involved, as the machine (called the Chicago device) had only been built to generate gravitational disturbances. With trial and error, they eventually learned how to send objects back and forth through these vortexs. This enabled them to discover over one hundred alternate Universes, each with their own version of Earth. All of these worlds were identical to our own, but temporally displaced. For some inexplicable reason, the Chicago device could only create vortexs within the gravity well of an 'alternate Earth.' The implications of this discovery were inconceivable... The scientists were so alarmed at the potential abuse of its power that they kept it a secret. None knew of the machines existence.

On October 30, 2022, two members of the team mysteriously vanished. No one knew how or why, and the incident was covered up by the scientists. In the midst of an economic recession, when MIT considered shutting down the laboratory, they began using the machine in unethical ways to play the stock market and reap huge windfalls of cash. Emboldened by their success, the researchers gradually began using the Chicago device less for science and more for personal gain. They even began fighting an information war against the government, in an attempt to expose their covert plots. This state of affairs continued for years, but things slowly began to unravel. In the autumn of 2025, one of the lab directors was suspected of insider trading in the stock market, and was investigated by the Securitys and Exchange Commission (SEC). This eventually led to the entire MIT laboratory being seized in July 10, 2026, and all of the researchers being arrested and prosecuted.

Soon after, the government took over the project and assigned a new team of scientists to use the Chicago device. Using the known catalogue of alternate Earths, they begin systematically exploring each. To their shock, they find that one of them has undergone a divergence. System 40, as it was called, had been in the midst of the Second World War. Due to some malign influence, Nazi Germany emerged as the victor, conquering the Soviet Union and defeating the Allies. The scientists quickly determine the source of this divergence... Four years earlier, on October 30, 2022, two researchers used the Chicago device to journey to this alternate Earth and corrupt the timeline. It turned out that both these men were German emigres with extreme right wing beliefs. They were deeply upset at the political events taking place in their country. During the European refugee crisis of 2015, numerous countries had opened the borders to millions of Muslim immigrants. More arrived every year in an unending stream.

Increasingly angry with Germanys ethnic transformation, the two men eventually left for the United States. Lukas Wilhelm and Theodor Luether later gained employment at the MIT laboratory, where they kept their political views a secret. After learning about the existence of System 40, the men found themselves with an awful temptation. They fantasized about traveling to this alternate Earth and changing the course of the war, stamping out the ideology they called 'Globalism.' Nothing came of these discussions, initially. But then, after an wave of terrorist attacks in Europe, Lukas and Theodore lost their last shred of restraint. They spent months gathering information and crafting a strategy that would help Germany emerge victorious from WW2. And then, one fateful night, they burned their bridges and made the transition to another world. An older world based on intolerance, hatred, ignorance, and something else: Hope.