I cringe as the chains start their creaking and I'm pulled back into a world where pain and suffering smile and greet me like age long friends. I pull against my restraints as they tighten and pull me from the floor with hopes that the old chains will brake with what little restraint that I have left or if these chains will finally kill me. Three long years and I had yet to be saved by anyone. My pack was killed years ago by the bastard who kept me in chains that were meant as a punishment for my people. I had dealt out punishments like these for centuries and now I hang here in five chains meant to keep my wolf in a state where if she tried to come out to tear him to shreds it would electrocute me until I went back to the weak form that was bound to get me killed.

A chain on each wrist, each ankle, and the one that made me feel like a caged animal was the chain and collar around my neck that kept me back at a distance from him when he came down. I wanted so bad to escape whether it be through death or I find a way to remove the chains I wanted so bad to return to my home and lay my family to rest, whatever may be left of them. Each night I called out to the Gods in hopes that they would send help and each night all that greeted me was the past and the cries of my people as they were slaughtered before my eyes. I had been out hunting when we were ambushed when my group was drug back to the pack everyone was dead. Huts were blazing like a thousand suns I saw my childhood home up in flames and I saw my mother's lifeless body in front of the door. I blamed myself...

"How are we this evening Puppy?" He said coming down the stairs and today he had a spiked chain in his gloved hands.

I lifted my eyes to meet his gruesome smile, that smile I see in my nightmares, the smile that haunts me when he's not even around. The usual ritual: greets me by calling me 'Puppy', shows me his torture device of choice, rams his fist through my stomach and to finish me off using his device of choice to batter my body to where I'm left weak in a bloody heap on the cold cement floor. It was never any different.

"You like the chain, Puppy? Its laced with barbed wire something I'm sure you used many times when doling out this punishment in your pack. The gloves are just to make sure my hands do not get stained by the blood that will exit your body. I'm sad to say your gown will obviously never be the same again just barely hanging from your generous hips and your bare shoulders the skin that covers your back scarred and doesn't heal. So lovely." He said running his leather clad hands over my body.

I prayed to leave my body, that the gods would take me now and end any suffering that I know will follow the chain. I cringe when he touches my body, it's not the beatings that make me weak it's what he does to my poor body when I'm too weak to fight. I bowed my head and shut my eyes tight as I hear the rattle of the chains and my breathing picks up.


Lifting my head as the noise echoes through the small room and I tug on the chains making them rattle. He hears more noise, the patter of paws and feet and my spirits lift as I fight the urge to change. I'm saved. Finally! I tug and pull but soon realize its a poor choice. I feel the chains and wire ripe through my skin and he's gone again and running up the stairs taking two at a time and when the door shuts the chains release and I dig deep and howl what may be my last destress howl and it shakes the room and hopefully someone hears me.

Falling to the ground I hear silence and it kills what's left of me, I don't know what to do. Closing my eyes I feel the first tears fall in almost four years and i gasp when I hear the door open and I prepare myself to be suspended again but when the steps are lighter I look over and see a very familiar gown and bare feet in my line of sight. Looking up I see a young girl she looked no more than ten and I was grateful to my saving grace.

"Father, down here! Are you still alive?" She asked falling to her knees by my side, pulling my head into her lap.

I was too weak to say anything, but groans escaped me as she pulled my head to her bent knees. She was just given her place in the pack and she was now acting on it.

"Father! Alpha!" The girl cried as she pulled my gown over anything revealing that only my mate was permitted to see.

I heard more footsteps descend the stairs and I smiled looking to the timber wolf and the man that came to the child's side. She looked up at them and the man knelt down carefully picking up my broken body.

''Can you hold onto my Alpha so we can get you somewhere safe?" The man asked gently.

All I could do was nod as he lay my poor body onto the back of the wolf. I wrapped my weak arms around his neck and held on as tight as my arms would allow and as soon as I had a good grip we were gone with the other two following close behind us. I was free and my powers buzzed through me, I was slowly healing myself as the air whipped by my head. To be honest letting my powers take hold was a poor choice, I began blacking out from the force.

''Stay with me young one.' A deep voice said inside my head.

''I'm too weak to stay awake." I answered as my eyes began to shut again. I was too weak to use my powers to speak so my voice was no more than a whisper.

'If you're who I think you are. You will fight one last time.' He said in a rough tone.

"I can't fight anymore I just want to sleep and see my family again." I said feeling a wave of darkness fall over me.

"If you die, your mate will feel as though he has failed you.' He said in a mourning tone.

My spirits perked up at the sound, but I blacked out. I couldn't hold on, 'I'm sorry my love' I whispered into the air and I lost all consciousness.

After what felt like hours I opened my eyes and I saw lanterns that were made for the dead, and I saw a naked man carrying me towards a hut. The darkness took me again.

"See father, I told you I heard someone." A taunting voice filled the room as I finally awoke.

Looking over I saw the young girl standing with her hands on her hips as she grinned up at the man she called "Father", next to them was a small woman whom I assumed was their shaman; she was a short frail old woman with stark white hair and old eyes. I watched as they spoke but I couldn't hear much else. It wasn't long before they saw my eyes were open and I was watching them.

"Ah, the child awakens." The woman said as she walked over to me with her cane leading the way.

''Where...where am I?" I whispered looking around at the hut that looked so familiar.

"You are in the healing tent my sweet girl. My home." She explained.

I looked around the small space and prayed that is wasn't some twisted dream, but than my eyes landed on her staff. The carvings! They were so familiar to me, that was my father's wood working.

"My...father's...staff." I said not taking my eyes off the carvings I had seen my father do time and time again.

She looked from me to her staff, "My child the man who made this staff is long gone. You must be mistaken." She said pulling a damp cloth from the bucket by the bed.

"I never mistake my father's handy work. That particular staff is...is as old as I am. Made when I was born and they named me." I said lacking the breath that it took to expel those words.

"If that is true child than you are a ghost." She said looking at the full moon that was perfectly carved on the top.

I looked at her confused, I didn't understand. Thank the gods she understood my confusion because she explained.

"My dear child if you are indeed the child that is the reason for this staff than you are the last remaining member of the Eastern Pack. If you are indeed Luna than we must talk." She said pulling a chair over so as to look into my moon light eyes.

I looked her dead in the eye and took every ounce of energy I had and told her what our Alpha said to me each day.

"For with the moon came a great child. Powerful and bright, skilled like our ancestors before us, wanting to learn it all. Eyes that are bright like the sky and calm like the moon. Full of life, never giving up. Giving life always there to greet the great animals. This child is born of the full blue moon, as rare as that moon and all it brings so is this child that follows under the great goddess. Luna is born." I said and fell back onto the bed.

She looked at me and smiled. She knew I spoke the truth, my Alpha had uttered those words on the Night of the Great Blue Moon. On that night there were stories told that if a child was born on this night they would wield untold power. I was that child. The Elders raised me along side my parents and I was grateful to them.

"Is it truly Luna?" The child asked stepping forward.

"Indeed it is, back from the dead." The old woman said with a smile and placed the cloth on my forehand.

"So my family is gone? My pack? Everyone?" I asked as she poured a cup of tea.

"I'm afraid so. When we couldn't find your body and your mother was unsure we assumed...

"My mother's alive!?" I asked and got up a little too quick.

"She lived long enough to tell us all that happened." She said as put me back into the bed.

I broke so many times I could barely move but believing that my mother was alive was all I had left, I was truly alone once again. I could kill that man nothing would bring my family back but making the welp suffer would ease my pain. I refused to cry, but my tears came flooding down my face. My mother, my father, friends, everyone I knew and loved was gone and they weren't coming back. The healer took my hand and held me as the realization that I was truly alone washed over me and everything that I was had been taken had come crashing to the front.

"With great power comes great tragedy, this child will know pain and loss before she can know love." Those words ran through my head.

A prophecy foretold by the elders when I was no more than a pup. They had spoken the truth but my mate would not want me now. I was ruined, disgraced by a human who mutilated my body for no more than the sadistic pleasure it brought him. I wanted his head on a pike!

"Rest Luna, you need your strength so you may heal." She said giving me a tea that smelled of the great Moon Blossom, it put me into a darkness so I could heal. I would be safe in my slumber, letting the Moon Blossom heal my mind and do what it can for my body