While I was swimming back up to the surface I saw flashes. When I reached the surface I saw the brown walls and chains. This wasn't happening, this couldn't be happening.

"The bond is stronger than I thought." That chilling voice came from a doorway.

I stood there, frozen with fear as I watched him. This had to be a nightmare, I'd hit my head on the bottom of the falls and I was drowning.

"I'll always be with you Moon Child, nothing will change that. I'm not dead. For all the faults of my pack they never knew I retained the ability to keep my youth. Curse upon curse. I'll be with you till the day you die!"

I resurfaced out of breath and crawling out of the water. That wasn't possible, it wasn't true. The bond couldn't be there that wasn't possible.

"Luna?" Soryn asked holding out her hand to pull me up.

I grabbed her hand and took the towel from her to wash away what I'd seen. It had to of just been a small panic attack. Maybe I'd been under the water too long, lack of oxygen to the brain. That made more sense than the bond.

"Luna, may I pull you aside for a moment?" Oryn asked from behind holding out his hand.

"I'll let Rissa know you'll be out for the night." Soryn said with a smile and skipped away.

I took Oryn's hand and followed him as he lead me through to the forest and to a clearing where there was a cave and a small pond.

"Where are we?" I asked when he let go of my hand.

He smiled and lit a fire pit next to the water and looked at me with a fire in his eyes brighter than the flame of the pit. I felt like prey and he was hunting me. I liked it. A fire was ignited in my belly and I felt warm, the way he looked at me would set fire to a damp tree.

When he started towards me his gate was alluring, it had me hypnotized, i was a rabbit in his trap, and he was the hungry wolf who had been waiting for his meal for far too long.

His silence didn't scare me, the look in his eyes aroused me, I didn't know how but I knew that when he touched me I would be an inferno.

"Say something." I whispered looking up at him through my lashes.

"I've waited so long for you. I'm trying to savor these moments with you." He said in a deep mahogany tone, so deep but stern at the same time.

"Show me what it feels like to have a man touch me." I whispered holding my still scarred hand.

His gaze met mine and he held my hand and kissed my knuckles sending electricity through my veins. That was my undoing. I didn't know what he saw but when he looked into my eyes he kissed me. His lips were firm, but gentle, demanding access, yet asking for permission, I was at a loss for words I couldn't think. The way his lips moved against mine, the way his hands rested on my body. His lips traveled from my lips to my neck and sent chills down my spin. His hands rested on my back side and he picked me up as he sucked on my neck.

His lips rested on my chest where a multitude of scars were and he focused all his attention there. Before I could even think I felt cold stone against my back as he lay me down in the cave next to the pond. I racked my fingers down his back. When he nipped my neck I could hear laughter in my head. No, not now. I lost my breath and I saw a haze, my dress hanging by my arms. I was back in the eastern territory, my home. I saw a lone figure where my home once was.

As I walked up to the figure my gown changed to what it had been on that fateful day, but it went from the pure white gown to that of what I'd been found in. My gown bloody and torn, when I stood behind the black figure I could feel the weight of the chains as I waited to see the face. I could hear my name but I couldn't place it, it was a masculine voice, than it turned into a woman's voice calling my name in agony.

"Mama?" I called and ran down the hill.

I saw a blaze, I heard my mom but when I tried to go I felt a weight holding me back. I looked down and I saw the chains, no.

"Mama! No, Mama!" I called pulling at the chains as she screamed.

"Even in this realm you can't save your pack, you fail as the Great One. I will never die so long as the bond holds, I will make every happy moment a nightmare, you will never rest. You will seek peace and only death will bring that peace, than hell shall be your prison. The bond will never break."

I awoke to the elders chanting I didn't understand, they were words of the ancestors. It was a dead language I never understood but when I came through I saw Orion standing next to Rissa and the elders all standing around me chanting words I never understood I was too young to understand when my father spoke them.

I didn't know what was happening the others looked at me as if I had three heads. I could never fathom why they looked at me like that. Rissa told me that Oryn had relayed to her that my eyes had gone white and I was calling out to my mom. I pulled my knees to my chest and looked to the Elders.

"What's the bond?" I asked hoarsely.

The looks on their faces spoke volumes.

"The bond was a way that two people could stay connected. During the Great War among the packs, mates created a bond. That way they wouldn't miss their mates. To make the bond stronger a knife was crafted. This knife has engravings and these engravings were to symbol an eternal bond, forever connected even in death. But the knife was lost a few centuries back, the Great War brought many deaths. Though the bond brought solace, but it also brought pain. When the males started dying during the war, females said they could still feel their life. They went mad after a few weeks, claiming they heard the screams of their fallen mates, they could see the battlefield like their mates did in their last moments. They couldn't take the pain anymore so in their madness they took their lives. Others found different ways to end the suffering."

"What did the others do?" I asked hoping their was another way instead of going mad and taking my own lif e.

"They sought out what was left of their mates and destroyed the heart to silence the dead. Killing the only bond they had left." A new comer said as he removed his hood to reveal himself.

"Grand Elder." I whispered dropping to my knees with the others to greet and show respect to the Old One.

He walked into the room and you could feel the ancients. But his words.

"They would destroy the bodies of those they love?" I asked standing up.

"They had no other choice, very few did this. The strong were the only ones who could stomach cutting through the chest and removing the heart, it was a way to preserve what good memories they had left. But with your predicament I can assume you'll want nothing more than to removed his heart and burn it." He said holding out a dagger that had a burning heart carved into the handle.

He had so little emotion as he spoke, but I knew he meant well. I took the dagger and I could feel the beating as I thought of what I'd have to do.

"She is a healer. She cannot take a life let alone cut out a heart. She hasn't had the proper training." Rissa said as I stood silent looking at the dagger.

"I'll show her to fight, whatever it takes to have my mate's whole heart." Oryn said stepping forward.

"You present too big a distraction for Luna. I have already spoken with your Alpha, he will train her to kill the human and do what needs to be done." He said pulling his hood back on.

"What if..." I started holding the dagger.

"What if you can't kill the human and destroy his heart? Than you will be haunted by him every day of your life until you do what needs to be done to rid your subconscious of him. Whether it be by taking his life or your own. Choose." He said leaving.

I sat there staring at the doorway. I had two choices: wait until he drives me mad or train and end him where it all began. I didn't want to end my life, but it would take time to get the grit to take a life when my whole life I've been trained to help preserve and save lives. A new end of the spectrum for little old me. But I'll be damned if I didn't fight and end the wrong that had been done.

The weeks that followed were grueling and endless. Alpha had a non stop training regimen and it was hell on my body. Oryn was not allowed too be present during the training, too much of a distraction and he would feel the urge to protect me.

"Maybe going mad wouldn't be so bad after all." I said laying on the ground after our latest spar.

"Would you really condemn Oryn to a life without the real you?" Alpha asked sitting next to me handing me a canteen.

"He's done so for the last four years. What's a few hundred more?" I asked putting the cold metal against my head.

"It's worse watching your mate kill herself from the inside." He said softly.

I sat up and looked at him, his eyes were staring off into the pack, the children that play, the pregnant females that couldn't wait to meet their new pups.

"You're not talking about the bond, are you?" I asked as he watched a new mother gold and love her child.

"My mate was a high risk, the Elders and healer told her it would be her's and the child's life to carry. Well instead of listening to them, she ended up conceiving. I was furious, she was willing to risk two lives to bring a child into this world, to make herself happy. The Healer said to remove the child and choose a successor, that's what I told her. But she said she wanted a child of her own. We fought for hours; I didn't want to lose her, but she wanted a child of her own. I left, when I returned home that night I walked in and she was humming and holding her stomach. She told me to come to her and when I did she took my hand and placed it over our child. He moved with a vengeance, I couldn't believe that he was so strong, I risked my mate and told her we would go as far as we could until it started to affect her health and than we would deal with it.

I was hopeful because each night he would move and his heart beat was strong, I didn't have a doubt that she and the baby would live." His face dropped as he thought about what happened next.

"She was due in two weeks, they were both fine and healthy. I watched as her health declined quickly within a matter of days and my son stopped moving. She was rushed to the healer. My son was a still born and she died from blood loss. I buried them under the old oak that shades our pack, though my mate has been reborn I refuse to let her go through that pain again. I couldn't handle that loss again." He said looking up to the branches.

"Why put the both of you through anguish just to make sure she keeps breathing? I know Oryn went through a lot of pain and suffering while I was being tortured. I know she must be suffering too. She must call to you each year, dances for you. What pack is she from?"

"In her first life she was from the Eastern pack. Now she comes from the Southern pack, the daughter of a healer, she's delicate, sweet, calm. Everything in her last life, I met her the last time I was in her pack. She's everything I could want." He said holding the betrothal amulet.

Each one was different to accommodate the mate. Oryn hadn't given me mine yet, I wasn't sure when it even if he would.

"Enough of a break. Back to sparring, remember go for the neck that way you can see the light leave his eyes." Alpha said tossing the staff back at me.

"Goddess take me now." I mumbled as I stood.

"Frustration works best for this." I straightened as Oryn walked up running his fingers down my back.

"You were told not to teach her." Alpha said smiling.

"I'm not teaching. I assumed we were sparring." Oryn said holding his hand out for the staff.

"She has a mean swing." He said pointing to the small bruise forming on his arm.

"That's the only part of him I've been able to hit today." I said leaning on my staff.

"Let's see what you got Princess." Oryn said twirling his staff as he walked around me.

I watched him as he walked around me, as if waiting for me to make the first move. Alpha said to always take the final swing.

"You're very calm. That's good, keep a clear head." He said just before he took a swing at my legs.

I dropped to the ground and swept at his legs, he jumped and landed on my staff. Smiling he looked at me and when I lunged at him and to my dismay I couldn't use his size against him. I wrapped my legs around his neck and brought him down with me. On the way down I put my legs behind his back to hold him in place. I ran my fingers along his neck and I could feel him shiver against my thighs and I ran my hands onto his chest. His shiver aroused me and now I new what would cause shivers down HIS spine.

"You're playing with fire sweetness." He growled running his claws along the inside of my thighs.

I groaned slightly and pulled away and reached for my staff and held the end of it against his neck.

"I just doused the flame." I smiled and looked to Alpha.

"Even her distraction is her strength. She is ready." Alpha said as the Grand Elder walked over smiling.

I smiled as I walked to the Elder and he placed the dagger in my hand, it was time I take my fate and run with it. We returned to Rissa's hut and they walked me through how to contact him.

"Let's finish this fight where it all began. In the ring where our pack once was. You and me, winner lives." I sent out telepathically and heard his response for tonight under the full moon.

I took a spear to slit his throat.

"Luna be safe. Be smart. Expect the unexpected." Alpha said and watched as I left. I didn't see Oryn so I went with a heart full of hate.

I was scared, I was facing the man who almost killed me, who took my pack from me. He kept an animal chained and now he was facing the woman and beast he had kept changed for his safety. His heart was mine. I put my hand on the hidden dagger and called to the Great ones for strength in this moment of fear.

When I came to the start of the singed circle, I took a deep breath and stepped inside, the ring lit once I stepped inside, he was here.

"We meet one last time. Two people enter, one person leaves. Good choice. But we both know that I will finally end the last of this damned pack."

"These were your people too, they did what they thought was right."

"They condemned me."

"Than fight me and end your suffering."

I pulled my spear out and he pulled out the whip. The fight began, neither one could leave until the other was dead. I planned on letting him die slow. Swinging I felt my spear head make contact with flesh, looking I saw the blood and saw him holding his side. I put the metal head into the flame so as not to kill him yet, it was his turn to suffer. He than wrapped the whip around my legs, pulling me towards him. I screamed and cut the cord. I was bloody and tired he fell back when I'd cut the cord, I was ready to end this once and for all.

Calling upon the great ones he was held to the ground and I pulled the dagger from my belt.

"You think this will end me? I will continue on in your mind, your heart. Your mate will never replace me, I will be with you forever!"

"No, you will be gone and I will live my life like I was meant to." I said cutting his heart out and ripping it from his chest.

"May the great ones show you mercy." I muttered as I walked towards the ring with his beating heart in my hand in my hand.

I looked down at his heart and looked over to his body, surrounded by those of the past. I dropped the heart and once it turned to ash, it was done, the circle was gone. My body healed, though the wounds he gave me would be there for a while I was free. I fell to my knees as thunder cracked across the sky, the heavens opened up and washed away my past. It was over.


Two years later

The drums fueled my body as I danced with Yanna to entice the males. Oryn was up front and center with eyes filled with the same lust as when I'd returned home. I joined him once the dance was done and he pulled me away from the festivities. We didn't even make it to the cave, he pinned me against a tree and fought with his pants and my dress as he bit and sucked at my neck. I loved his passion and when he finally filled me I had to bite his neck to keep from calling out, each thrust was long and hard, slow and penetrating. The tree scrapping my back didn't bother me, Oryn was deep inside me and that's all I wanted, this beast of mine. Taking me in ways and places that made me hot for him and I was happy to have this life. In the morning I'd let Oryn know that I was carrying his twin sons. That will make him the happiest wolf in the universe, his mate and his pups. Thank Gods i was here today.