Wielders, a classification of superhumans known for their abilities to affect and alter objects and organisms that they touch to the wielder's benefit in a myriad of ways depending on their inherent 'luck of the draw'.

This is a tale of one particular wielder, known as Grim Gideon, who at this moment, at the age of five, is about to discover the gift that will be provided by his luck of the draw.

Little Angels Nursery. A quiet building in a quiet neighborhood. Inside the building though, is another matter.

Kids until the age of five can be seen running around, reading books, and doing various things that kids normally do inside nurseries.

In one particular room we find the young grim, playing with his blocks when a figure approaches the unsuspecting lad from behind.

"Yo, little dude"

A tall shadowy figure about 7 feet tall looks down on the tiny lad.

"Turns out, you're about to be one of the unluckiest people alive"

Young Grim seems to be unaware of the presence of the apparition speaking before him, as he continues to play with his blocks of Jego.

"Seriously, though, If I were you, I'd blame your parents for giving you such a troublesome name. Grim Gideon, it's as if you were mocking such an amazingly dazzling guardian angel, why, I've always been sparkling with positivity ever since I was created!"

Grim seems to be putting on the finishing touch on his tall Jego tower.

"Well, that's enough outta me, just thinking about this whole arrangement is getting my hair all white, even though, they've been pretty much white in the first place, heh."

Grim was done, and was admiring his piece of work.

You don't have any clue about what's gonna happen later on, but I assure you, I'll be there to keep watch so don't hate fate too much, okay little Grim?"

The mysterious angel then starts to chant unworldly utterings as the room started glowing in a golden light, Little Grim seems to notice the sudden change in his surroundings and looks around with wonderment.

"There you go, and with that, I'm off to a place where I can watch over you until you're ready to face your destiny head on, sorry, but you're gonna have to figure most of this stuff on your own. But then again, won't be fun for both of us otherwise."

The tall, white figure fades away and the nursery's resident bully appears before Grim.

"Hey Grim! Instead of messing around with kiddie toys, why don't you come join us!?"

The bully seems to have plans for our little protagonist.

"But, last time, you guys just pushed me around until I fell and hurt my leg, so I don't wanna play with you guys anymore."

Grim shyly answers back.

"Is that so? Well, I have another game I can play with you right now, and you don't have to do a single thing…"


"Yeah, I call it, kick the loser kid's Jego tower across the room until he cries!"

"No, don't!"

Vin Latish then crouches and increases the power output of his battle shoes, which were an invention provided by his two super scientist parents in order for young Vin to be able to defend himself against muggers and kidnappers. The shoes actually weigh 10 kilograms apiece but thanks to small boosters located throughout the shoe, the wearer is able to walk normally, however, depending on the combination of activated boosters and boost strength, the shoes enable the user to move faster or in this particular case, kick harder.

Grim grabs a hold of his creation and tries to run but other kids suddenly appear and separate the boy and his toy while keeping Grim close enough to watch the events that are about to unfold.

In the few seconds that Vin spent to set up his foot weaponry to assault the innocent Jego tower, another kid manages to separate Grim and his toy but before the other boy could grab the piece, it fell hard and fast to the floor with a huge thud, as if it weighed as much as a normal sized bowling bowl. Grim didn't notice as he was trying to escape from the grasps of two other kids who saw the spectacle along with the boy standing near the tower. All this is happening in the middle of the room, right in the path of the revved-up bully, who seemed to also haven't noticed since he was too busy figuring out the complicated buttons on his shoe.

"Here I come!"

Vin Latish dashes straight toward the poor little tower and a second after the moment Vin Latish's shoe meets the tower, a loud cry was then heard all throughout the nursery.