Foreword from the Author

The story you about to read is fictional. The people, countries, iconography, belief systems, and sundry other details are, as such, also fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental and I would frankly be astonished to learn of any such coincidences.

I have never been much of a historian, but the distant past of the Jin-Mei people have fascinated me for some time. My experiences with the Jin-Mei culture and people have been limited to my interactions with capsuleers of Jin-Mei descent, and the several instructional classes I took in the use of the ancient painblade during a vacation I took to Lirsautton. This does not make me an expert and I will not pretend to that lofty position.

As such, this story is a vast dramatization meant for the entertainment of the reader and myself based on a fictional recreation of the Jin-Mei dark ages. I take certain liberties with the setting, the histories, and the characters involved. These are entirely for the purpose of telling an exciting story and are not meant to be an accurate representation of the Jin-Mei people, or their history.

Please do enjoy.

Dr. Ninavask Revan

July 17th, YC 119