*How it happened*

My name is Celeste Dubley, I'm the eldest of my brother who is a year younger and twin sisters who are five, me being thirteen. We all have rather dark hair and grey eyes. Seeing my brother Miles and the twins look in awe at this magician we were now watching in a gigantic tent was so pathetic. He just has one card in his hand and threw it up in the air with about five hundred landing back on the ground near his feet. I cross my arms rolling my eyes sinking deeper into my chair.

Real amazing you freak, I thought. I'd probably preferred a rabbit being taken out of a hat instead of flying cards coming from the top of the ceiling after you turned the lights off and back on. Fake!

Chelsea and Kelsey (The twins) gasp when this happens all bug eyed and amazing making squeal noises. I glance at them without turning my head. Miles just stares as if he's about to die. I just don't get Miles. He gets teased by some kids at school even one teacher because he admires this magician. He wants to be like him one day. The name I hear so often Sir Malaki. Annoying how that name is. I have to hear it over a hundred times each day.

The host claps his hands as the other audiences did. "That was Sir Malaki ladies and gentlemen." He announced. Don't push it mister. I thought. "This was quite an audience here tonight, as you know we still run tomorrow and next week. You don't have to leave just yet because we are-"

Sir Malaki steps onto the center stage blocking the host while he was at it.

"Announcing the new ride underground that is opening tonight. Be sure and be there, especially for the kids." Sir Malaki interrupted. That last sentence that he said didn't at all sound right to me.

The lights finally came on now I can get out. Yes! Before I get up Chelsea and Kelsey have already bumped to get out of the isle to the gate to meet Sir Malaki. The host who is standing there at the time blocked the gate with his leg as the twins got up there. "Now where are you two bouncing off to?"

The twins begin to chant "Malaki" over and over. I jump down the steps and take both of their hands into mine. I try to look where Miles once stood and he isn't there anymore. I look around for him cautiously and see that has made his way down onto the stage and is talking to Malaki.

"Excuse me," I ask the host politely to get around him. "My brother is over there."

"I'm sorry, but only ages ten and younger for the moment." He replied closing the gate in front of me.

This makes me wince, and I control myself from getting upset. "You let my brother go. He's only twelve."

The host ignores me and walks away. I bite my bottom lip infuriated. "Miles!" I scream across the room. He looks over and Malaki pats his back. Miles then looks back at Malaki shaking his hand and darts over to me and the twins.

"Hey, we really should wait a while and check out this sick ride." Miles said almost hyperventilating.

"No, we promised dad we'd be out front waiting for him at eight thirty. It's already after a quarter till. Let's go." If I had to drag my brother out embarrassing him in the process, I would. Instead my siblings just groan. Kelsey starts to cry and I carry her out the doors.

Dad honks his horn as soon as he saw us outside of the fair grounds. It made Chelsea and Miles jump. Miles looks irritated afterwards, he always did with dad. They haven't been getting along lately. He's an activist and he has been protesting against Malaki lately as well. A lot of adults have, it is because of his fascination with kids and only they have got everyone investigating that.

"Don't tell me you've just got out from seeing Malaki." Dad grunts.

"It was three against one, but I chaperoned." I say putting Kelsey down and open the car door for the twins. They hop into their usual seats.

Miles grumbles siding into the back as well. "She didn't even allow us to ride the elephant either. Your oldest daughter is seriously boring!"

"If you keep bombarding me about that I'll not bring you back tomorrow." I exclaim taking the passenger seat next to dad.

Miles kept his mouth shut on that. "Sir Malaki was amazing. He may be the best Magician that has ever lived and I'll soon follow in his footsteps."

I roll my eyes, way to be dramatic bro. "Maybe you should be an actor instead." Malaki is a creepy egotistical nut job. He makes hugging bunnies look creepy. I am not looking forward to going back tomorrow.

At least Miles never said another word about Malaki on the way home. He actually fell asleep. Dad carried him all the way up to his room. It looked silly, dad carrying a pre teen dressed in a magician's cape up the stairs and into his room.

It was the only laugh I had that night, and for a while…