I wake feeling way too refreshed. It is like I'd had too much sleep. Lazily, I sit up yawning one by one and slip my feet down to the floor making my way to the hall. I stretch before going down to the stairs. Usually dad would've come to wake me up for our Saturday cartoons on Netflix.

There's no smell of breakfast food or the sound of the TV or the twins. I reach the bottom foot of the stairs and peer over into the foyer, then the dining room. No one is there. I go from the dining into the living room and then the kitchen with the nook. Everything is silent and still.

I look at the microwave for the time. It is 11:34 AM? Dad is up way past this time. I head up the stairs again to dad's room, open the door knob to see an empty bed. I search the room finding his phone and then the bathroom. Nothing looks like it was touched. The shower head never ran and there is no evidence of shaving cream in or near the sink.

Something is wrong. I run into Miles' room and shake him to wake up. "Get up!" I force his blanket off and pull his feet.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Miles Screeches. "Dad!"

"Dad's not here. He's gone, now get up."

"What do you mean he's gone?" Miles asked getting out of his bed and joining me in the hallway.

"He's not here." I said opening the door to the twins room. They're already up playing with their toys in their pajamas. They don't look roused and have no idea what is going on.

"Are you serious Celeste? He could've gone grocery shopping or something. Chill out." Miles huffed behind me. "I'm going back to bed."

I turn and gripped his arm pulling him back into the twins room. "No, he always lets one of us know where he's going." When I let go of Miles, he swirls down into a rocking chair, his eyes wide looking up at me like I'm insane. "He left his phone, the twins aren't dressed and they don't look like they've eaten."

The twins both shook their heads. "Hungry." They said.

"Did you see dad this morning?" Miles asked the twins.

They both again shook their heads. "Daddy, not been here." Kelsey said.

Miles looks at me again and grunts. "Maybe he was in a hurry wherever he went and should be back later."

I ignore Miles leaving the room and go back into dads. I walk near his nightstand and pick up his phone. I take out the charger and enter his passcode. I'm the only one who knows it besides dad, just in case of emergency.

The screen pops up to the main page. I search through his appointments, notes, calendar for reminders, and etc. Nothing came up. I would've thought he would write something in his notes about it, just in case he did decide to go somewhere in short notice. I'd be able to see it. Something still isn't right.

I go downstairs and up into my room again to search for a note, anything. There is none. I'm sure I would've remembered if dad had come into my room earlier. He usually came in to check on all of us. He'd either caress my forehead or kiss it. I'd pretend to still be asleep for him, but this wasn't the case. I can't remember if that happened.

I walk back in the twins room and immediately wanted to take my eyes out. Both twins are wearing Sir Malaki shirts and capes. Their hair even looks like something out of a Dr. Suess book. "Miles!" I exclaim.

"What? They wanted to wear him and the capes." Miles said.

"Fine, but I'm fixing their hair."

While I fix their hair, Miles goes off to change out of his pajamas into today's clothes. When he's done I go and change myself. After all of that I was hoping dad would already be back. I have to feed the twins though.

I brought the twins some pop tarts for them to munch on while I try to cook a real breakfast. Maybe I can end up surprising dad as soon as he comes home. I cook some sausage, scrambled eggs and biscuits. I set the table and still no show of dad. I call everyone down to eat and gather dads phone. I call his work, the phone rings forever and no one picks up. While everyone eats, I wasn't hungry and I take a walk outside. His car he takes to work wasn't there but his truck is.

Maybe he is at work or out doing interviews. Still, why would he leave his phone? He needs it in his job too. I sit outside in the bench near the entry and must've waited thirty minutes before everyone came out to join me. I check my watch. It's been three hours and no phone call back, no one's seen him this morning and I am beginning to get worried.

Miles and I decided to take the transit train near our house and go to his work. We walk a few blocks with the twins that didn't want to go. Miles and I had to carry one of them. We get onto one of the trains heading downtown and the adults stood or sat their staring at us. I pay the driver and we go to sit near the back.

I hold onto the twins as the people kept looking back at us staring. Miles ignores them as I hand him dads' phone and he went at it on a game app. I tell the twins not to stare back at them, but neither they nor I can help it. We were on there for about fifteen minutes. I wake up the twins since they are easily bored with nothing to do. I had to carry one off the train. She is too tired to walk or resisting to get up.

Grownups still stared us down the aisles until we got off. I look to Miles and he is rolling his eyes per usual. He catches me and shrugs. "What?!"

Before I could say anything, Miles continues. "This is so awkward. I'm surprised no one has started to ask us questions. We should've just taken a cab here."

He did have a point, I thought. Though the train transit was the cheapest thing I could think of at the moment. "Give me the phone."

It takes him a while and hands me dad's phone. I forgot how to get to dads work so I put the twin down and pull up maps. We walk a few blocks and end up at the media station he works at. I knew it would be close to the transit we were dropped off at.

I believe I am the first inside hoping to at least get a glimpse of him, but he wasn't there. Inside, only a receptionist is at the front desk, and two security guards standing near a coffee pot to my left side. They come toward me and my siblings. "Do you in fact have an appointment with one of our clients? Aren't you all a bit young without an adult supervision?" The lady receptionist said.

"I was here a few months ago with my dad." I explain. "He's a reporter here. We just want to see if he came up here for work today is all."

The receptionist giggles. "Well I'm afraid that without an appointment I cannot let you wander the building."

I am almost ready at losing my patience. "Can you at least see if he is in for us? Before we leave."

"can I have a last name please?" The receptionist asked pulling her glasses down on her face in front of a computer.

"Dudley" I say.

She types the name into the computer and searches. "I don't see anything about him signing in today. Last day was on Thursday. I suggest you children go back home and wait for you daddy there. He isn't here."

I walk out with my siblings following from behind.

"I suggest getting a cab to go home this time and not taking a train or bus." Miles argued before I could say a word.

"Who said we were going back home? Dad is still missing Miles." I exclaimed.

"Technically he's not!" Miles exclaims back. "It's only been a few hours. You know dad, he's probably out activating against something and forgot to tell us."

That made me think where he would go if it was possible he did just that. Still it wasn't like dad to forget. "Alright. I think I might know."

A satisfied look crossed Miles' face. He knew what I was thinking, and no, there was no way I was going to stick around for too long around the circus. Especially around Malaki.

We wave for a taxi to stop and one did after a while. The taxi driver was the first in that day to question our ages when we slide into the back. I told him to get us to the circus and I'll pay extra if he kept quiet along the way.